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Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Make Pill

In a blink of an eye, Qi Huan stayed at the Heavenly Devil Sect for more than half a month. Fortunately, she was quite adaptable, and Mo Ye's subordinates' service was really too good. They fed her good food and gave her the best comfort, even G.o.d didn't live as good as her.

Moreover, as soon as they arrived at the Heavenly Devil Sect, Mo Ye gave Qi Huan the promised Innate Wood Spirit. These days he had been busy refining alchemy. After having the Wood Spirit, Qi Huan finally had something to do, and she no longer felt her days were boring.

According to the practice method written in the book, after Qi Huan absorbed the pure wood ling qi from the Wood Spirit, a strange object appeared on her Taiji pattern in her dantian, but she couldn't make out its shape. After watching it for several days, she still couldn't understand what kind of creature it was, she just felt that it looked a little like Little Yin.

Anyway, there were a lot of strange things in her body, so she wouldn't make a fuss if anything weird appeared, she would just accept it calmly.

On this day, when the sun had just come out, Qi Huan stretched her waist and got up slowly from her bed. Last night, she practiced all night until dawn. No, it's not that she suddenly became diligent, but the ling qi in the water island where she lived was so abundant that if she didn't absorb it as soon as possible every night, those ling qi would turn into liquid, she was almost drowned the last time, so she had to practice diligently.

Of course, one of the benefits of her practice was that she had completely filled up the insufficient ling qi in her body after achieving the jiedan stage. And after absorbing the ling qi from the Wood Spirit, Qi Huan vaguely felt that her cultivation level had improved a lot. She was about to reach the middle stage of jiedan.

Although Xu Kong Zi kept reminding her that she shouldn't improve her cultivation level too quickly, otherwise her mental state would not be able to keep up with her cultivation level during tianjie, and she would easily fail in crossing tianjie, Qi Huan still felt that the improvement of her cultivation level was simply beyond her control. Besides, she also didn't feel stressed, her mental state was improving bit by bit. She just simply didn't know how to control herself.

In the end, Qi Huan could only attribute this “uncontrollability” problem to her cultivation method. After all, when she first started practicing “The Human Pathway”, her improvement speed was very fast. So, there shouldn't be any major problems right now.

Soon, Qi Huan left Xu Kong Zi's teachings behind.

“Miss, are you up?” After getting out of bed to freshen up, Qi Huan did some radio gymnastics to ease some stiff muscles. She was about to go out to search for food when she heard the manager's overly cautious voice.

“Yeah? What's the matter?” What did he come to do early in the morning? Qi Huan walked over to open the door a little strangely. A behemoth blocked her door. Usually, she would be able to remain calm but to see such a huge person early in the morning, no one could control their heart to remain calm.

“Miss, the Young Master invites you to visit the Pill Room.” The manager held his bulge belly with both hands and smiled like a Maitreya Buddha.

“Let's go.” After eating for free for more than half a month, finally, she was of some use. Qi Huan was quite looking forward to it. She had always wanted to know what Mo Ye was going to do, but it was a pity that he had a bag of gold in his mouth, either he would refuse to say it, or he would switch the topic every time she asked him, making her want to knock his head.

The Pill Room of the Heavenly Devil Sect was quite different from that of the Qing Yun Sect. Usually when Qi Huan went to watch her Senior Uncle Xu Ling Zi refine pills, they were both in the Pill Room of a few square meters in size. But the Pill Room in the Heavenly Devil Sect was huge! How many pills do they plan to make? The place was literally an exaggeration! Standing at the door of the Pill Room, Qi Huan mumbled to herself.

The manager was a real coward. After sending her, he quickly ran away, saying that he couldn't enter the room according to the rules of the Heavenly Devil Sect. As a result, Qi Huan was left alone to find the place where Mo Ye had been refining alchemy.

After she walked in, she realized that Mo Ye was not alone, there were eight people sitting around the ten-meter-high bronze pill furnace. Among the eight people, apart from Mo Ye, she only knew Chi Yi, and Yan Gui who was as usual wrapped like a mummy. She didn't know the other five people. But this time Mo Ye didn't wear his mask, so it seemed that these seven people should be his trusted subordinates.

After seeing Qi Huan walk in, Mo Ye waved to her. She hesitated for a while before walking over. Then she saw him standing up from his position, and then, he pointed to the place where he had sat, and said, “Sit here.”

“You want me to make pills?” Qi Huan was shocked, even Xu Ling Zi didn't have the courage to let her do it but Mo Ye was actually letting her do it now?

“You know?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows, he thought she would only cause trouble.

“Of course I know.” Mo Ye's tone aroused Qi Huan's reluctance to admit defeat, but after a while, she calmed down. If it was an ordinary pill, she would really dare to try it, but this pill was so precious that she really didn't know how she was going to compensate if she accidentally ruined it, so she said, “However, I think your pill furnace is not really my style…”

“Tch.” An undisguised snicker came from Chi Yi's mouth on the side, and Qi Huan gave him an angry look.

Mo Ye reluctantly controlled the corners of his mouth to curve upwardly, and then patted her shoulder, “Relax, we just need to use a little of your thunder power.”

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Mo Ye uses a primordial eight divinatory trigrams formation to refine the pill. So he needed someone who had the power to control thunder and lightning. Unfortunately, they were all devil cultivators, and no one could cultivate the power of thunder and lightning. That kind of power is the nemesis of devil cultivators, so Qi Huan's name was the first to come into Mo Ye's thought.

“Why are you asking so much!” Chi Yi glared at the white-haired man.

“I'm curious!” The white-haired man didn't understand what he said wrong, looking at Chi Yi with an aggrieved expression.

“Don't ask me, go ask Yan Gui.” After kicking the trouble to Yan Gui, Chi Yi turned his head away from the white-haired man.

After a while, the white-haired man poked Yan Gui, “Do you know?”

Yan Gui looked at the white-haired man inexplicably for a while, then glanced at Mo Ye, who was closing his eyes and resting, then he mouthed the words to the white-haired man, “Eat tofu.” (TLN: Eat tofu in chinese is basically mean men taking advantage of women.)

“But she doesn't have any tofu!” What an innocent man! Yan Gui almost slammed his head into the pill furnace in front of him upon hearing the white-haired man's words. How am I friends with this man!

Originally it was just a whisper, but after the white-haired man made such a fuss, the other seven people actually gathered into a small circle, and discussed the significance of Mo Ye's actions just now. Listening to them, some of them saying “eat tofu”, while others were saying “taking advantage”, Qi Huan's face changed from red to black, and then she threw a thunderstone to the middle of the circle.

Half an hour later, seven men with scorched whole bodies, scattered hair and dull eyes, and a woman with a smile on her face were sitting around the rotating pill furnace, casting spells into the pill furnace one after another. At first glance, the spells used by everyone were different, but if looked closely, the spells they played were determined according to their sitting positions.

At first, Qi Huan's speed was relatively slow because there were not many Gang Thunder in her body. She had to run the Taiji pattern  to deliberately create more Gang Thunder, but later, probably due to long practice, the speed of the Taiji pattern became faster and faster, producing more Gang Thunder.

The only trouble was that a pure silver thunder cloud also floated out of her belly but before she could deal with it, another one appeared!

As Qi Huan sped up, the seven men around her were all suffering. They were not perpetual motion machines. They had been living desperately for more than half a month to make the pills, even if they had a high level of cultivation, they were still really tired. And yet, this woman didn't even show mercy at all. She actually increased their workload.

However, everyone could only complain silently because they had all tasted the power of grounding mats just now. It was definitely not an ordinary experience so it was better that they held back their complaints in their heart, so as to avoid being attacked again.

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