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Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: First Stop At The Heavenly Devil Sect

Qi Huan had always thought that the sects in Devil Sect should be located at poor mountains and rivers, or at deserted mountains at least. However, in the next few days, she realized that her understanding had been wrong.

Mo Ye took her flying for several days, and finally they arrived at the Heavenly Devil Sect, and she saw that it was built on an island, and there were 16 large islands around it, with ordinary people living all year round, fishing as a living.

Cultivators and mortals were actually living in peace? And those cultivators were devil cultivators?! This really opened Qi Huan's eyes.

The island where the Heavenly Devil Sect was located was the largest compared to the surrounding islands. When Mo Ye and Qi Huan pa.s.sed by other small islands on the flying sword, the fishermen didn't show any reaction at all. They were all used to it already. Qi Huan thought she would be admired by others, she even tidied her hair, who knew no one cared at all.

The Heavenly Devil Sect did not give out any eerie horror that Qi Huan had imagined. There were no ghosts, zombies, mummies, etc., except for those people dressed in non-mainstream clothes, the place generally was still within her acceptance range. In fact, these people didn't even dress as weird as Chi Yi.

When they approached the realm of the Heavenly Devil Sect, Mo Ye had already brought the mask back to his face. Although Qi Huan was a little puzzled by his actions, she did not ask him. After all, everyone had their own privacy, or perhaps it was some kind of hidden illness…

After entering the Heavenly Devil Sect, those people who saw Mo Ye all kneeled down and worshiped him. Qi Huan could feel that wherever he walked past was basically silent, these people were obviously very afraid of him.

When Qi Huan followed Mo Ye out of the protection formation, she saw a ball-shaped object moving fast moving towards her. She was stunned at the time, but fortunately, the ball also stopped about five meters away from her.

When she took a closer look, it turned out that the ball had a head and limbs, but it looked a little tiny against that huge body, like it could be completely ignored.

“Little Master, you are back!” Originally, the man was going to bow to Mo Ye, but due to his bulging belly, he attempted bowing for a long time but he just couldn't do it, and in the end, he became all sweaty. Mo Ye just waved his hand to excuse him.

Although Mo Ye's expression could not be seen, Qi Huan felt that he must be quite dumbfounded by the man.

“Are Chi Yi and Yan Gui back?”

“Yes, the two guardians arrived a few days earlier and have been waiting for you.” The man replied while taking side glances at Qi Huan. Although Qi Huan's cultivation level was not high, she did not deliberately conceal her aura so it was obvious that she was a n.o.ble cultivator. Although the man felt strange why his Master brought a n.o.ble cultivator back, and she was even a woman, he did not dare to ask about it.

The man was only in his yuanying cultivation level, and yet he had a managerial position in the inner sect of the Heavenly Devil Sect. Not everyone had this ability so he knew what to ask and what not to ask, and he also knew what he should do when his Master was happy, and what he should do when his Master was unhappy.

“Call them to come see me in a while. What has Ming Du Tian been doing these days?” Mo Ye's tone was completely different from when he was with Qi Huan. Just looking at him like this, Qi Huan felt very depressed. She felt that this side of him gave a more coercion vibe from the upper ranks, or like perhaps a kind of arrogance att.i.tude? Qi Huan mumbled silently.

“That old blood cultivator has been guarding at the ice coffin recently. He sent away two groups of careless people, and he also grabbed an elder from the Kun Lun Sect.” The man looked at Qi Huan while talking. He wanted to see which sect she was from her clothing, but unfortunately, he did not find any signs or logos of n.o.ble sects.

Qi Huan's clothes had long been replaced with an ordinary woman's light silk dress. At first, Xu Kong Zi disagreed with her choice of clothes, saying that a girl who wore this kind of clothes was not a proper girl. The old folks would think that women who didn't wear proper robes were not proper… And from that, Qi Huan finally understood why her shifu had been single for thousands of years.

The two of them failed to negotiate, so Qi Huan set the torch and burned all the robes in her cupboard, and almost burned the entire w.a.n.g You Peak.

For fear that the entire Qing Yun Sect would be lit by Qi Huan's fire, Qi Huan's Junior Nephew, Ling Feng Zi, went to intercede, and then asked his disciples to go down the mountain to buy a bunch of beautiful clothes. This made her very happy.

After receiving the clothes, Qi Huan regretfully told Ling Feng Zi that she was actually planning to burn his house too, but it was a pity that she couldn't find much firewood that day. That made Ling Feng Zi so scared that he moved to his Junior Brother's place to sleep that night. He did not dare to return to his house for nearly half a month.

“OK.” Mo Ye nodded and did not speak anymore. He continued to walk forward. Qi Huan followed him, but she kept glancing left and right. The structure of the Heavenly Devil Sect was much different from that of the Qing Yun Sect. There was actually a courtyard in here. There were countless courtyards of different sizes. The strange thing was that there were even floating islands floating on many of the larger courtyards. Although the courtyards were only that big, like they were big but they were still smaller than the entire sect itself, but it was enough to crush the people underneath.

There were also several stones. Did they make so many stones to remind themselves to work hard? This was really similar to the allusion that Qi Huan had heard about, but instead of hanging hairs on the roof beam, these people put stones on their head.

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“Hey, can people live there?” After watching for a long time, Qi Huan couldn't bear her curiosity anymore, and finally pulled on Mo Ye's sleeves. The inner door manager saw this and was almost scared for his life. According to the rules of the Heavenly Devil Sect, Qi Huan's action was considered very disrespectful, and it was enough for her to be sentenced to death several times!

“I want to live there.” A young lady is indeed very picky. She won't be able to sleep well at night if she doesn't live in a place she likes. Of course, Qi Huan also admits that she has a problem sleeping if it's not on her own bed, so she had brought along her bed from Qing Yun Mountain, kept it in her storage ring, so she was well-prepared.

“Who says I brought you here so that you can live here?”

“Can you tell me how that thing is made? When I return home, I'll let my shifu make one for me too.” Seeing the floating water island getting closer and closer, Qi Huan excitedly grabbed Mo Ye's clothes, unwilling to let go.

“It's not like your style.” Mo Ye joked. According to Qi Huan's usual style, she would just take the entire water island away. This time she actually changed her temper and prepared to go home and make it herself?

Qi Huan heard what Mo Ye meant, and snorted disdainfully, “Tch, the Heavenly Devil Sect cannot be compared with the Qing Yun Sect, okay? Our water is much more beautiful than the water here.”

The manager was stunned by Qi Huan's words. He had lived for hundreds of years, and never once had he heard that the water in one place was better than the water in another place. How could this even be compared? This isn't choosing between two beautiful women.

In fact, Qi Huan guessed that there must be some kind of special technique that allowed the water island to float in the air, or maybe there was a special formation supporting it, otherwise how could the water island float in the air, and not be scattered around. If she didn't have to worry about special techniques or formations, she would definitely take the entire water island away when she left the Heavenly Devil Sect. Her storage ring was a celestial device anyway, s it wouldn't have any problem to store the entire island.

Qi Huan continued to argue against Mo Ye, trying to trick him to reveal the secret in making a water island, while following him walking forward. When the manager noticed that they were walking into the courtyard shrouded in water mist, he stopped in his steps.

This place was where Mo Ye lived. Everyone in the Devil Sect was forbidden to enter. Intruders were considered a capital offense, even the manager himself had only gone in twice.

He watched his Master talk to the woman without even ordering him a word, and slowly raised his impression on Qi Huan's status by a bit.

He stood outside for a long time but didn't receive any instructions so he could only inform Chi Yi and Yan Gui that the Young Master had returned, and hoped to find out the ident.i.ty of this woman from Chi Yi. The manager secretly made up his mind, and then slowly moved his short legs, turned and walked back.

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