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Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Adding Some Benefits

“Hey, can you tell me secretly, why do you want to be a spy in the Heavenly Sword Sect?” The fight with the Mount Shu disciples was just an episode on their journey. Qi Huan and Mo Ye sat on the flying sword and continued flying for a long time. Although the speed of the sword was very fast, the base camp of the Heavenly Devil Sect was really too far away. According to Mo Ye, it would take at least two days for them to arrive. It was really boring to sit on the flying sword silently, so Qi Huan couldn't help wanting to gossip.

“To take something.” Mo Ye sat cross-legged on the very s.p.a.cious flying sword, holding a fresh raw rabbit meat in his hand, barbecuing it in a complicated fire formation. This formation was originally an extremely powerful fire-type attacking formation, but now it was actually used for roasting meat. Well, at least it was performing its basic functions. If the person who created this formation was still alive, he probably would be mad to death.

Mo Ye's flying sword was really very useful. It could become big or small, and it could also produce fire formation, so they could barbecue without making a real fire. For a refiner nowadays, the top flying swords could also depict a formation, but it was no more than a few hundred at most. And prior to that, the strength of the refiner must be more than the dujie stage.

However, Mo Ye's flying sword was engraved with five element formations, containing many extremely miniature killing formations that had been lost in the ancient times. Looking at those lore formations, Qi Huan couldn't help sighing. Nevermind the value of the sword first, just one of its killing formations was enough to have people beating each other to death.

It was a pity that Qi Huan didn't know anything about formation. She didn't even understand the five elements and eight divinatory trigrams. She once tried to understand it. Xu Kong Zi, who specialized in the formation method, also tried to teach his apprentices for a long time, but the cloud formation that Qi Huan managed to produce, only created loud thunder strikes, even a drop of water did not fall out from the cloud. Finally, Xu Kong Zi gave up and left, shouting that a dead wood cannot be carved.

“What is worth so much for you to personally come forward to take it?” As the smell of barbecue spread, the little fox who had been sleeping on Mo Ye's shoulder rubbed its eyes with its furry paws, then got up and sat down obediently, waiting to eat the meat.

Qi Huan was also sitting righteously, staring at the rabbit meat with glowing eyes. Only Little Yin was still sleeping on a water-based formation. A snake is a cold-blooded animal afterall. Even if it was a flying snake, it likes to stay in shady places. Fortunately, the flying sword was s.p.a.cious enough and had various functions to meet Little Yin's needs completely.

Such a useful flying sword, no wonder the elders of the Monster Sect Sacrificial Hall were tempted. What Qi Huan didn't know was that if Mo Ye didn't intentionally allow her to use this sword, no one could actually drive it. Those elders also heard that there was a strange ancient formation on this flying sword. Too bad, they investigated it for so long but they couldn't even see a single formation, and in the end they even sacrificed two lives for the sword.

“A pill.” Pa.s.sing the roasted rabbit meat to Qi Huan, Mo Ye took another rabbit meat, and continued to roast it on the fire. It was hard to imagine that a woman could be such a big eater. Qi Huan had eaten four of the seven rabbits alone. He really didn't know where all the things she ate went to. Anyway, it didn't go to her head, that's for sure.

“Oh, you blackmailed those Mount Shu and Kun Lun disciples for their elixir to make pills?” Qi Huan finally understood his actions earlier, but she could also guess that the elixir that he was going to make was absolutely top-notch. It was probably going to be at least the tianjie stage. One could know his skill just by looking at the elixir he collected.


“Can you ascend after taking those pills?” A bunch of small stars flashed in Qi Huan's eyes, proving that she was daydreaming.

Mo Ye raised his head and glanced at her, silently continuing to barbecue.

“Okay, then can you increase your cultivation level for thousands of years with that pill?” Anyway it is a tianjie stage pill, right? It must have some practical value, right? If it can't even increase cultivation levels, why do you spend so much effort to refine it?

“It can bring the dead to life.” Finally couldn't bear Qi Huan's wild guesses, Mo Ye directly answered her. This woman's tormenting skills were getting worse every day. He finally understood why the Qing Yun Sect disciples would all turn around and leave when they heard Qi Huan's name.

“Oh, then that's not really useful. My shifu can also resurrect the dead.” After the cultivation level reached the dacheng stage, if a person's soul was not taken away by a ghost, he could be forced to continue his life. Of course, doing so was extremely dangerous. It was against the law of heavens, it might cause unbalance of the world.

Qi Huan curled her lips, holding a contemptuous att.i.tude towards the pill that Mo Ye wanted to refine.

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“This kind of pill can only be used on cultivators, and it's the kind of cultivators who have lost their jindan.” Mo Ye tore off a rabbit leg for the little fox, and then handed the rest to Qi Huan, causing the little fox in Mo Ye's arms to feel very dissatisfied. It rolled around holding the rabbit's legs, and after a while, Mo Ye's white shirt was stained with oil.

“Then…” Qi Huan leaned her head in front of Mo Ye, intending to fascinate him with her “beauty”, but the real question is, who was the one to be fascinated in the end?

After staring at each other for a while, the atmosphere between the two became more and more ambiguous, and finally Qi Huan turned her head away, blushing. Although Mo Ye still kept a smile on his face, he felt quite pity in his heart, so close, we almost had…

The little fox lying in Mo Ye's arms watched the two of them, scratching its ears with its small paws, then crawled to Little Yin's side and slapped it with a paw.

Little Yin looked up at the little fox lazily. The little fox learned what the two had just done, and also leaned forward to stare at Little Yin. Little Yin took the initiative, stretching out its red forked tongue, and licking the little fox's small mouth, then nodded in satisfaction, rested its head under its body and continued to sleep.

Poor little fox, its first kiss was taken by a snake of the same s.e.x. Fortunately, it was still innocent, but in a certain period of time in the future, Little Yin paid a great price for this first kiss. It turned out that one shouldn't take advantage of a Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox!

Seeing the two pets, Qi Huan blushed and kicked the little fox far away. Her angry look unexpectedly had Mo Ye couldn't help laughing secretly.

“I can give you the rest of the pills.” Knowing that Qi Huan had taken a fancy to those pills. To Mo Ye, those pills were precious, but they were of little use. Besides, the value of the things he was giving Qi Huan was above the pill, so giving her one more thing wasn't much difference.

Qi Huan was so happy that she almost wanted to embrace him, but due to what happened just now, she did not express her excitement too greatly. She had heard of falling in love with someone after spending time with the person, but she had never thought it would happen to her. She also knew that her relationship with Mo Ye had long since become ambiguous. In fact, since she began to rely on Mo Ye unconsciously, the relationship between the two began to change.

But no one spoke about it. Although Qi Huan had a thick-skinned face, she was still a girl after all, so she wouldn't take the initiative to talk about it. And Mo Ye seemed to be going with the flow, he also didn't say anything, so the both of them only continued to be so ambiguous in the end.

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