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Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Unknown Origin, Unknown Destination

Qi Huan just told Xu Kong Zi about the things she had experienced, but she did not mention anything that was related to Mo Ye. After all, Kua Xu was also listening. Xu Kong Zi didn't care whether the people Qi Huan knew were righteous or evil, but that didn't mean that others didn't care.

Kua Xu seemed to realize that Qi Huan had something to say to her shifu alone, so he got up and nodded towards Xu Kong Zi, and walked out of the house.

“What's the little secret, come, tell me about it.” After watching Kua Xu leave, Qi Huan smiled, sat beside Xu Kong Zi, and told him about Mo Ye inviting her to the Devil Sect.

Sure enough, after listening to Qi Huan's explanation, Xu Kong Zi was not furious, but his expression wasn't too happy either, “Huan Zi, how did you know the Young Master of the Heavenly Devil Sect?”

After listening to Qi Huan, he knew that she had obviously known this Young Master for a long time. Xu Kong Zi still remembered that person. Even Ming Du Tian called him Young Master, obviously his background was not small, and he might even be related with some people from Mount Shu and Kun Lun who came from heaven. However, these were just Xu Kong Zi's guesses. He had not ascended to the deity world, so even if he had a vague clue, it was difficult to determine the truth.

“Uh… I met him when I was in Mount Shu, and he brought me out of Monster Sect last time.” Qi Huan tilted her head and thought for a while, and realized that she had only encountered Mo Ye a few times, she could count it with one hand. It was hard to imagine that she had only met him a few times, and yet, she could trust him so much.

“I can't decide for you about this matter, but you still have to consider it carefully. You have to know the worthiness of your contribution, make sure it is equivalent to your gain. He can't possibly promise you those things for no reason.” Even Xu Kong Zi couldn't help being surprised, any one of the things that Qi Huan asked for was very powerful and rare, and yet, the Young Master of the Heavenly Devil Sect had promised to give all three to Qi Huan, at the cost of having her to go to the Heavenly Devil Sect with him.

Even Xu Kong Zi couldn't tell whether this was a temptation or a trick.

“Don't worry, shifu, when have you seen me suffer a loss!” The little fox under Qi Huan's clothes poked its head out, looked around, and then nodded vigorously at Xu Kong Zi, as if it had heard what she said just now.

Kua Xu kept casting spells to remove the poison from Hua Gan Zi's body. Seeing her Senior Brother lying in bed, unconscious, and his body still faintly smelling rancid, Qi Huan suddenly thought of that old woman's granddaughter that she had directly kept in her storage ring that Xu Kong Zi gave her last time. She didn't even know if that girl was alive or dead now.

With a faint shaking of her hand, Qi Huan opened her storage ring, and a curled up body of a girl was thrown out from the ring. Although the little girl was pale and unconscious, there was no danger to her life. This ring was surely a celestial level storage ring. It was able to store a living thing in it! Qi Huan touched the ring softly, completely treating it as her own private property.

Xu Kong Zi saw his precious ring still on his apprentice's finger, and he quickly looked at Qi Huan pitifully. Qi Huan looked around, and finally turned away, completely ignoring Xu Kong Zi's eyes. The ring was already on her hand, whoever dared to s.n.a.t.c.h it away from her, she would fight that person.

Qi Huan didn't have time to care about that old woman anymore. She wanted to believe that as long as the little girl was in Xu Kong Zi's hands, he must have countless ways to find that woman. As for whether that old woman would detoxify the poison in Hua Gan Zi's body, that would depend on her shifu's methods of dealing with that woman.

Xu Kong Zi was different from Qi Huan. Qi Huan had no strength, so she can only talk with her mouth. But if Xu Kong Zi was really annoyed, the consequences would definitely not be pleasant.

As the sky darkened, a gloomy cold wind began to blow at the entrance of Yin Mountain. It would be an extremely cold night. Ordinary people could not resist this kind of coldness here.

Qi Huan hugged the little fox into a small fur ball under her neck, squinting her eyes and lying on the roof to watch the stars. A pile of chicken bones that had just been gnawed clean lay by her side.

Although this small thatched house did not look very st.u.r.dy, fortunately, the person who built it was thoughtful enough to conveniently set up enchantments around the house to withstand the wind and rain, so Qi Huan could only hear the wind but did not feel its biting cold, lying on the roof.

“Time to get up.” Just when Qi Huan almost fell asleep counting the stars, Mo Ye's voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

Qi Huan was taken aback. She opened her eyes abruptly, and then swiped a punch in the direction of the source of the sound without hesitation. However, she missed the punch, making her feel a little regretful.

“Hehe, reflex action.” Looking at Mo Ye who still had a smile on his face, Qi Huan said shamelessly. She would never admit that she consciously wanted to punch his face, but she was not successful because of her poor strength.

“It's okay.” Mo Ye didn't mind at all. He stretched out to pull Qi Huan up, and added conveniently, “Remember to use both hands next time, maybe you'll have a chance to hit me then.”

“You wouldn't mind if I use my feet too!” Qi Huan gritted her teeth. He was obviously mocking her!

“Hey, you use your feet to walk, you'd better not have them broken.”

Seeing Qi Huan's face getting darker and darker, Mo Ye stopped smiling and teasing her, “Have you talked to your shifu?” Although he wouldn't keep her for too long, if she suddenly disappeared, he dared say that Xu Kong Zi might show up at the Devil Sect and cause trouble, so he had better make sure that she had talked to her shifu about it first.

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“Yea~~~ before we leave though, can you tell me why you want me to go to the Heavenly Devil Sect with you?” Qi Huan understood that there is no free lunch in the world. Since he had promised to give those things to her, she was willing to do her best to help him as long as it wasn't a threat to her life.

“Are you not curious about her life experience?” Since his hexagram predicted Qi Huan's origin as unknown, then she must not have come from an ordinary place. Kua Xu was very curious about her, but it was a pity that she was not around now, so he could only ask Xu Kong Zi.

“I am curious. But are you saying that, if I knew her origin then I wouldn't accept her as my apprentice anymore?” Xu Kong Zi's right hand lightly tapped on the chessboard, and all the chess pieces suddenly turned into powder, and the old man grinned, “Hehe, it's a draw. “

“Shameless old man.” Kua Xu cursed, swiping his sleeves to clean the powder on the chessboard, and then continued to play with the chess pieces.

“The deity world's introduction book has arrived, right? When will you ascend?” Throwing Kua Xu's chess piece back, Xu Kong Zi took the first move.

“You are not in a hurry, so why should I be in a hurry? There is plenty of excitement to watch recently. It is not too late to leave after the excitement.” Kua Xu stretched, pointed his finger at the black chess piece, and it suddenly turned white.

“Hey, Qing Yun Great Tribulation (a.k.a. dajie), what kind of Tribulation is it, can you explain it to me, you old ancestor?”

“Tsk, you layman, don't you know that heaven's secrets must not be revealed?”

The conversation between the two old folks echoed in the room. The light from the night continued to shine, the wind was rustling outside the window, and whatever unpeacefulness was shut out of the door. A big movement was about to begin soon, those who could not see it, just had to wait for it to happen.

Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Mo Ye took Qi Huan flying for fifty, sixty miles. Qi Huan looked around and vaguely saw the endless mountain range, not knowing where she was right now. At first she was quite energetic, but she gradually became more and more sleepy. She leaned on Mo Ye and yawned, “Aren't you going to sleep?”

She turned her head and looked at him, and noticed that his blood-red eyes were really similar to searchlights, which looked especially strange at night.

“Aren't you going to cultivate?” Qi Huan's body had already begun to absorb ling qi on its own. Mo Ye had already noticed it. He was a little surprised that this woman was actually the legendary Night Spirit.

“Um…Call me up before dawn.” Qi Huan sat down on the large flying sword and pulled Mo Ye over conveniently, then hugged the little fox into a ball and threw it into his arms, and lay down very comfortably.

“You trust me this much?” After a long time, Qi Huan's breathing calmed down, and Mo Ye looked down at her quiet sleeping face. His lips curled into a smile.

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