Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 7

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Chapter 7




Qi Huan looks left and right upon entering the hall.  There are already so many people around and judging from their ugly uniforms, they are not Qing Yun’s disciples.


Qi Huan has no problem with Qing Yuan’s uniforms.  It is the same for both genders, green long robes and white belt.  If the man that wears them looks good, like Ling Yun Zi, no matter how ugly the uniforms are, they will still be pleasing to the eyes.  But if Qi Huan wears them, it will be something straight out of a horror movie.  Especially if she strolls around at night!


After dragging Qi Huan into the hall, Ling Yun Zi exchange pleasantries with people who are waiting for Xu Kong.  After that, he stands at the back along with her.  Qi Huan didn’t think it was inappropriate or something.  Even though her position in Qing Yun is very high and her two Junior Nephews have been very patient with her, others might not.


After all, there are more esteemed and strong cultivators in the circle.  If she, this person at the lowest zhuji (foundation) level goes around sitting next to Xu Kong, others may not find it fitting.


After Qi Huan settles at her place, her eyes start to wander around.  Seeing Ling Feng Zi chatting eloquently with a couple of sect leaders, Qi Huan glares at him in disdain.  He treats his words like gold when with her, why is he so amiable to everyone else!  This is gender discrimination!


“Is your Senior Brother usually friendly to other people?” Qi Huan can’t bear but to poke Ling Yun Zi who is next to her.


“……” Ling Yun Zi looks up to Ling Feng Zi who is smiling on the outside but not on the inside.  He glances at Qi Huan and turns away to ignore her.  He looks friendly in her eyes, but the truth is not what it seems.


“Wei, who is that old guy who is dressing like a peac.o.c.k?”


“He is from Mount Shu.  The elder of the law, Yuan Xin Zi.  He is in mid-yuanying.”  He has no other choice but to reply her.  If he didn’t, she will continue babbling and by then, the one implicated will be him.  “By the way, that thing he is wearing is Cang Lan celestial outfit.  A low-grade Celestial Device.”


Magical tools are divided into three ranks in the cultivation world, Treasure Device, Spirit Device and Celestial Device.  Each rank is further divided into three.  Celestial Devices are considered a rarity, most of them are the belongings that celestials left in their celestial abode.  Even Mount Qing Yun only has three Celestial-level Devices.


“Tsk, impressive!  He actually bears to wear that Celestial Device!” Qi Huan’s tone is a little sour upon thinking about that cheap shifu of hers.  He didn’t give her a single magical tool.


If you want to practice ascetical cultivation, then so be it!  Why are you dragging me along with you?


Qi Huan currently has two high-grade Spiritual Devices, but they are all plundered from her shifu’s Senior Brother and Junior Brother.  Do you think time-travelling is easy?  She even has to rob old men ah!


“Who is that one who looks like a lady—-“ Before Qi Huan even gets to finish what she is about to say, Ling Yun Zi covers her mouth.  Even though the people who are waiting for Xu Kong blocks their senses out of respect, but the ears of a cultivator is very alert.  If they have the desire to listen to what Qi Hua

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n is saying, accomplishing that desire will not be hard.


When Qi Huan was talking about Yuan Xin Zi just now, the other party actually heard her. But Yuan Xin Zi’s temperament is really nice, so he only laughed it off.


But Qi Huan is actually poking on a person’s pain.  What Qing Xiao, the sect leader of Kunlun hates most is when people tells him he looks like a girl.  Before Ling Feng Zi became the sect leader of Qing Yuan, he mistook Qing Xiao as a girl and called him Junior Sister.  Qing Xiao held a grudge on him for 400 long years.  If Ling Feng Zi hadn’t tried so hard to placate him, his life probably would have fly by now.


For the ceremony this time, he brings five exquisite and talented disciples of this generation from Kunlun.  He is undoubtedly doing that to intimidate Ling Feng Zi. What Qi Huan said just now may be pouring oil on a fire.


However, a rare light diabolical smile appears on Ling Yun Zi’s face.  If Qing Xiao pretends he didn’t hear anything, then fine.  But if he choose to create trouble with Qi Huan, the trouble this time will be really big.


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His Senior Granduncle, Xu Kong Zi practises ascetical cultivation his whole life.  His position in the cultivation world is probably on the top five at the moment.  He never took a disciple before, and now that he did, he naturally dotes on her and treats her really well.  Like that time when Qi Huan cut off his ten thousand year old white jade magnolia, he didn’t even scold Qi Huan.  He scolded Ling Feng Zi instead.   Naturally, one only dotes on one’s disciple, not another’s.


“Good!  Good!  Shifu-ah, after your transition, you ought to go to a retreat.  Don’t you think you should leave this disciple a little equipment to help me improve?”


“Equipment?” Xu Kong cannot understand what she is trying to say.


“Your Qi Huan is asking for magical tools!”


“Oh, magical tools ah.  Why don’t you take this low-grade Celestial Device,” Xu Kong ransacks his storage ring and takes out a small gla.s.s paG.o.da.


“Shifu, I am not capable enough to use that!” Qi Huan grits her teeth.  Being capable enough to use that Celestial Device is one thing, but if others finds out that she possess that thing, she will be robbed and killed the moment she step out of Mount Qing Yun.


She is greedy but she still values her life.


“Na, use this Air Cutting Silk,” seeing his Junior Brother ransacking his storage ring and still cannot find anything suitable for Qi Huan, Xu Ling Zi takes out an article of fabric from his own storage ring.


“Senior Uncle, this is so small I can’t even use it as a handkerchief.”  Staring at that red fabric, Qi Huan secretly thinks his Senior Uncle is being stingy.


“Even though I don’t know what this thing does, I got this from a celestial’s abode!  It shouldn’t be too bad.  Just hurry and accepts it!” Xu Ling Zi harrumphs in displeasure.


“What Senior Uncle said is right!  This disciple was wrong!”  Upon hearing the origin of that fabric, the irritation within Qi Huan disappears almost immediately.  She accepts that fabric with a large charming smile.

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