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Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: I Have Friends In High Places

“Let's go. Chi Yi is waiting in front.” Mo Ye took Qi Huan's hand and continued to walk forward. In their journey later, there were no more evil spirits, because they were so frightened of Qi Huan that they didn't dare to get close to her at all, instead they all stopped far away from her.

“What did you do to them?” Although evil spirits were only resentful spirits, they were still quite powerful. After all, they were also resentful spirits condensed after the death of a cultivator. They could still think, but most of them were dominated by resentment so they were reborn to be bloodthirsty.

Qi Huan was really curious about what Mo Ye had just done for her to be able to keep those creatures away.

“That's a secret.” Mo Ye stretched out his index finger and shook it in front of Qi Huan's eyes. The corners of his mouth rose. He really liked to see her cheeks flushed red with irritation.

“Hmph, fine, I don't really want to know anyway.” Qi Huan shook his hand that was holding hers, but not shaking it away.

It seemed that the road ahead was safer because the number of evil spirits gradually reduced even though the ground was still stained with blood. The temperature from Mo Ye's palm also made Qi Huan a little calmer.

“You are such a scaredy cat, and yet you dare to run around outside on your own.” Seeing Qi Huan was so scared by the nine-headed golden horned python that had just died, hanging from a tree branch, that she almost sat on the ground, Mo Ye couldn't help but sighed.

“You think I want to be here! I'm here to find the Fire Spirit, who knows that the thing is not here at all.” Qi Huan mumbled angrily, using extremely vicious words to curse Jue Jian, who had left this celestial abode and soared, countless times. If you want to ascend, just do it, what for you show off your celestial abode. Nevermind showing off, you didn't even leave anything useful here! Why do you want to give away such a rare Fire Spirit? You think you're too generous, is it!

“You're here just for the Fire Spirit?” Mo Ye's tone contained a little laughing trace. I don't think so. It isn't really Qi Huan's character to not take everything in this celestial abode away.

“If there are celestial devices or something else, then of course I will take it, it's a waste to leave it here anyway.” Qi Huan answered softly.

“The Splitting Sword is useful for me.” After a long silence, Mo Ye suddenly said.

“So…” Qi Huan looked up questioningly, wondering what he meant by this sentence.

“After using it, I can give it to you, but the premise is that you have to go to the Heavenly Devil Sect with me to get it.” Mo Ye suddenly stopped and looked at Qi Huan with a smile.

Qi Huan was frightened by the look in his eyes. Why did she suddenly feel that the temperature around her suddenly dropped, and she seemed to be a sheep going to be slaughtered now.

“Yo-you… dream on!!” Is there anyone so stupid to send themselves to their death? Definitely not me! Even if Mo Ye had no intentions against her, it didn't mean that others had no intentions against her. Besides, she didn't believe that he would give her things for free.

“I can also give the Wood Spirit to you.” Mo Ye acted like he was fishing, constantly adding attractive bait to the hook.

“Um… How about…” Qi Huan looked around in deep thoughts. “The Heaven Pathway” was located in the Devil Sects. Although she didn't know which sect had the book, if Mo Ye could give it to her, then she really didn't mind going to his place, but she really didn't know what he planned to do.

“What?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows, waiting for Qi Huan to bite the bait.

“Why don't you bring another thing to me as well.”


“A book.” Qi Huan looked at Mo Ye with a smile.

“The Heaven Pathway?” Mo Ye said the t.i.tle of the book. When he left the Monster Sect last time, he had vaguely guessed what Qi Huan had stolen from the sacrificial hall. However, this woman was really courageous. She had just stolen the book from the Monster Sect, and now she had the idea to steal from the Devil Sect.

Mo Ye sighed. Should I be thankful that she asked from me directly this time, instead of going to someone else's place to steal it like last time?!

“What do you think?”

“Sure.” Mo Ye did not hesitate.

“Then it's settled. I'll go with you after I leave this celestial abode.” Even abductors wouldn't be able to kidnap people this easily. Poor Qi Huan. If she knew why Mo Ye wanted her to follow him to the Heavenly Devil Sect, she probably would refuse to go even if he gave her all four spirits.

After following Mo Ye for another four or five hours, Qi Huan finally knew that Mo Ye had sent Chi Yi to the front to clear their path, no wonder she didn't see any lethal monsters along the way, they were all dealt by Chi Yi.

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Chi Yi usually had a good temper. He was always smiling happily every time Qi Huan saw him. She thought he was just playing around and having fun. She didn't expect that he was also a powerful warrior.

“What about the celestial abode?” Nevermind the building, it was just a small part anyway, but what about the entire celestial abode, it can't be that it has also disappeared, right? It took her so much effort to walk into the celestial abode, she hadn't seen anything yet, how could she leave just like that? Just thinking about it made her feel unhappy.

“What celestial abode? That entire thing was made by the Splitting Sword, it's not real. That sword is a good thing, it's a pity that it's useless to us devil cultivators.” Chi Yi shook his head regretfully.

“There are no other treasures?” Qi Huan still asked unwillingly.

“How could there be? Jue Jian was a famous poor man in the cultivation world when he soared that time. What kind of treasure can he have?” Chi Yi grinned, his tone was full of mockery.

“How did you know?” Soar? How did Chi Yi know what happened after Jue Jian's ascension? Qi Huan looked at him strangely.

As if he sensed that he had said something wrong, Chi Yi smiled, then, mysteriously leaned to Qi Huan's ear and whispered, “I have friends in high places, (TLN: i.e., he knows people who are powerful and in an important position and are able to help him).”

“Tch!” Qi Huan snorted and turned her head away, thinking that Chi Yi was just trying to make a fool out of her. She didn't notice, however, Chi Yi, who was in cold sweat behind her, let out a long sigh of relief.

It didn't take long for Chi Yi to bring Qi Huan to the entrance of Yin Mountain. There were still some people walking in and out of the entrance of Yin Mountain a few days ago, but there were only a few people left now. Chi Yi lowered his flying sword in a corner, “My boss let you talk to your shifu first. He will pick you up later.”

She didn't know when Mo Ye told Chi Yi about these things. She obviously didn't see the two of them talking along the way. After instructing Qi Huan, Chi Yi turned and left, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

Qi Huan glanced at the direction where Chi Yi left, then turned and walked towards the little house that Kua Xu built. After entering the room, she realized that not only Uncle Kua Xu was inside, but even her shifu was also there.

“Shifu, how did you come back soon?” Qi Huan thought that Xu Kong Zi would come back later than her since he was also aftering the Splitting Sword. She didn't expect him to be back faster than her.

“You stupid girl, I told you not to run around, you almost scared me to death.” Seeing Qi Huan skipping happily to him, Xu Kong Zi let out a long sigh of relief.

It turned out that after Xu Kong Zi separated from Qi Huan, he immediately gave up looking for the sword, instead he turned back to look for Qi Huan. Who knew that after turning back, he was inexplicably trapped at the bottom of a volcano. If it weren't for his cultivation strength, that let him find the exit in the end, Qi Huan would be seeing the mummy of Xu Kong Zi now.

When he went out to continue looking for Qi Huan, the entrance to the celestial abode had been closed, and he had to go out of the pa.s.sage and wait for her outside. Luckily, Qi Huan came back alive.

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