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Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Failed To Negotiate

“Little beast, give me back my granddaughter's life!” A harsh and stern scream exploded in front of Qi Huan with thick green smoke. Qi Huan was so frightened that she threw out the piece of jade that she accidentally crushed. The old ghost cultivator opened her mouth and danced her claws in the green smoke. Her originally human-like face was now almost as dry as a skull. The green in her eyes seemed to be mixed with a little black. It was obvious that she had not been recovering well after being injured by Qi Huan.

Qi Huan nodded secretly and spoke to herself, I am relieved, knowing that you are not doing well.

“Don't get excited, my heart is not very good, I might accidentally cut your little granddaughter and feed her to my pet.” She was shocked by the image of the old woman, who looked like she had just come out from a horror movie, but she sat on the ground and spoke to the old woman in the green smoke with a smile.

“You dare.” The old woman really couldn't stand being irritated. Just after Qi Huan said this, the old woman's white hair stood upright.

“Why not?” Qi Huan said casually, and looked up at the old woman. “How about I cut off that little girl's arm to prove that I dare?”

“If you dare to touch her, I promise to make your life worse than your death.”

“Why are you so angry, Ghost Granny? Don't accidentally kill yourself in anger.” Qi Huan had so many things to say but before she could say it, Chi Yi suddenly somehow broke free from her Air Cutting Silk and interrupted. From the way he spoke, it seemed that he knew this old woman, too. After all, they belonged to crooked evil ways, so generally speaking, they were all not really good people, and it was not a surprise that they knew each other.

“Chi Yi, hmph, this matter involves my only relative. Even if you're from the Heavenly Devil Sect, don't blame me for treating you impolitely.” Ghost Granny had been a ghost cultivator for nearly a thousand years so of course, she knew who she could provoke. Although Chi Yi was a member of the Heavenly Devil Sect, she definitely couldn't afford to provoke him, so even though she had difficulty swallowing this breath, she sounded more respectful now.

“Aiya, Ghost Granny, anything can be discussed properly, why do you want to get angry at this airhead girl? Let's all sit down and talk properly. Hey beauty, don't get too angry yourself.” Seeing Qi Huan almost jumped up, Chi Yi quickly pushed her down.

Qi Huan spread her hands, “As long as she restores my Senior Brother to his original state, I will return her to her granddaughter.” Qi Huan put on an expression as if she was willing to negotiate, but of course she was thinking in her heart, if she found where the old woman lived, she would definitely bring her shifu to her and teach her a good lesson.

“This is impossible, he has become a living corpse, and there is absolutely no possibility of recovery.” The old woman's face sank, directly rejecting Qi Huan's proposal.

It was indeed impossible to turn a living corpse back into a human being, but because of Kua Xu, Hua Gan Zi had not completely transformed into a living corpse yet at the moment, but the old woman had never seen such high-quality material like Hua Gan Zi all these years, she certainly refused to give him up.

In fact, in terms of cultivation level, Hua Gan Zi was equivalent to the old woman, but there weren't many ghost cultivators in this world, so he rarely dealt with ghost cultivators, that was why he was easily caught by the evil trick. One must know that a cultivator in his huashen stage is likely to become a Yaksha after being poisoned into a living corpse, and may even become a flying Yaksha. Zombies at the Yaksha level already possess semi-celestial strength. No ghost cultivator would give up such a catch.

Chi Yi frowned, glanced at Mo Ye, who was holding an Air Cutting Silk while lowering his head in thought, and sighed helplessly. If Ghost Granny was physically here, there was no need to negotiate at all, he would just use his fist. Such an old woman was not his opponent, but because she was not here physically, he really didn't know what to say. He couldn't just tell her that his boss fancied this beauty, and if the Ghost Granny still didn't want to give in, then he would destroy her family!

“Since there is no possibility of recovery, then there is no need to negotiate anymore. You just wait to collect your granddaughter's dead body. By the way, just so you know, my shifu is going to find you and teach you a lesson personally for attacking my Senior Brother.” Upon hearing that there was no way to rescue Hua Gan Zi, Qi Huan's only hope was also shattered. She sat on the ground calmly, looking at the thick green smoke, without a trace of fluctuation in her tone.

“Hold on, as long as you let my granddaughter go, I can give you a middle-grade celestial device, Shura suit.” After Qi Huan suddenly calmed down, the Ghost Granny's heart also skipped a beat. She had killed countless people in her life, and when she finally had a daughter, her only daughter was killed by her opponent, and now she only had one granddaughter left. Although she was extremely bloodthirsty in the eyes of outsiders, she was extremely fond of her only relative.

But she didn't expect that this time her little granddaughter would sneak out and seek revenge for her after seeing her being injured. At the beginning, Ghost Granny thought she was lucky because although she was severely injured by Qi Huan, Qi Huan was only in the jiedan stage after all. And even though her granddaughter was not as good as Qi Huan, she had mastered her skills about 70% to 80%, so she wouldn't have a problem dealing with Qi Huan.

But Ghost Granny didn't expect her granddaughter to be captured by accident. On the one hand, she didn't want to let go of Hua Gan Zi. On the other hand, she wanted to keep her granddaughter alive. In the end, she actually took out the middle-grade celestial device that she had used her life to exchange for it a hundred years ago as a negotiation.

She believed that any cultivators surely couldn't resist such a celestial device, not to mention that Qi Huan was only in her jiedan stage, and might have never seen a battle armor of such level.

“Celestial device?” Qi Huan sneered, “When I first entered the mountain gate, I asked for a gift from my shifu, and he gave me a low-grade celestial device, Liuli PaG.o.da. Do you think I lack that thing?” Of course, Qi Huan didn't tell her that she hadn't dared to take the Liuli PaG.o.da from her shifu because she was afraid of death. Now thinking about it, she was really so naive at that time. It was a celestial device after all!

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When Qi Huan first entered the cultivation world, Xu Kong Zi told her that although there were not many celestial devices in the entire Qing Yun Sect, he and his three Senior Brothers each had three or four pieces. He only had her as an apprentice, and he had already survived tianjie, and he would soar in about one or two hundred years. When that happened, he could give everything he had to Qi Huan. Qi Huan's original intention was not to strive for dominance in this cultivation world, she just wanted to live a few more years and enjoy life. Although having more celestial devices was a good thing, it was not a necessity to her.

“Oh, then what are you looking for here?” As Qi Huan was still focusing on untying the Air Cutting Silk, Mo Ye took the initiative and easily changed the subject.

“I heard that Jue Jian got an Innate Fire Spirit hundreds of years ago?”


“Where is that thing?”

“Do you think I know?” Mo Ye paused, then continued in a steady tone.

“Well, you have been a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect for such a long time, right? What have you been doing at the Heavenly Sword Sect if you don't even know this.” Qi Huan said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“You want the Fire Spirit?” In order to prevent being stimulated by Qi Huan's argument, Mo Ye continued to change the subject.

“There's definitely more than one of that, right?” Qi Huan was like a frustrated ball, talking about spiritual creatures, she felt her future was a blur, anyway there was still a chance to be a deity in this life!

“The Water Spirit is in Jiyuan, and the Earth Spirit is hidden in the pavilion of troubled worlds. The Fire Spirit was given to the Buddhist monk Cang Tian by Jue Jian three hundred years ago.” Mo Ye pointed out the locations of the congenital spirits for Qi Huan one by one.

“What about the Wood Spirit?” Qi Huan was overjoyed and asked quickly.

“At the Heavenly Devil Sect.”

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