Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Life Is In Danger

If this place was right, Qi Huan would twist her head off and let Hua Gan Zi kick it as a ball, even if she was not a ghost buster, she could also see how spooky and wrong this inn was!

Before she could defend herself, her body had begun to faintly emit silver light. She hurriedly stopped the thunder nets from forming all over body.

There's a saying in the cultivation world, gang thunder can break through all evils in the world. Now it had lived up to its reputation, it had already begun to attack actively without needing Qi Huan to initiate it. Too bad that she was not a perpetual motion machine. She had a.n.a.lyzed and practiced in Qing Yun Mountain for more than half a year before she figured out the thunder in her body: There are three kinds of thunder, the rarest one is the silver thunder, called Gang Thunder, it is definitely a rare species, the kind of species that can only be used once.

The silver-purple and black-purple ones are Jie Thunder, but according to the handwritten notes left by some random boring elder on Qing Yun Mountain, these two kinds of thunders are extremely rare. Of course, things that are scarce are always good. This is a widely known principle.

Those two kinds of thunder can be generated in the Taiji pattern, which until today, Qi Huan still had two Jie clouds floating in her dantian. She guessed that if she were to achieve the yuanying stage, she didn't have to risk her life to face the thunder in the sky, she could already supply her own thunder. (TLN: To transition to higher cultivation stage/level, n.o.ble/celestial cultivators have to go through a kind of test where they will be struck by thunders, just like what Xu Kong Zi experienced in the early chapters.)

“Cough cough cough, here's your room.” The old lady didn't even say a word to greet the guests, she led Qi Huan and Hua Gan Zi to a dusty room, whether they wanted it or not, then she left with a candle lamp held in her hand.

Hua Gan Zi and his Junior Sister glanced at each other, and nodded in desperation. We have to share a room? Fine. Anyway, this way was also good, Qi Huan could sleep peacefully to have her Senior Brother as her bodyguard in such a dangerous place. Besides, they were all acquaintances, it was not like they were strangers. In fact, if one of them were to turn into a wolf in the middle of the night, Qi Huan was definitely going to be the one, but it was a pity that she was not interested in this old man who was more than a thousand years old.

No one had probably stayed in this room for numbers of years. No matter what, Qi Huan didn't want to be the first to go in and suffer, so amidst desperation, Hua Gan Zi took the first step.

Fortunately, his years of celestial practice had not been learned in vain. Unlike Qi Huan, who only specialized in a discipline, Hua Gan Zi's five-element spells were extremely accurate. With a wave of his hand, a mist of water appeared, washing away all the dust in the room instantly. Then, after using the wind spells, fire spells and others, finally, the room looked like it could be inhabitable.

Qi Huan stood at the door and hesitated for a long time, then threw a thunderstone inside, and the entire ground was instantly filled with small silver lightings. Her body could provide thunder and lightning, so she selectively guided all the Gang thunders into the thunderstone, so that at least it could be a large-scale killing weapon. Now she just wanted to sleep peacefully.

Seeing the grounding mats again, Hua Gan Zi almost jumped up. Fortunately, after Qi Huan repeatedly promised that it would not hurt him, he finally calmed down. There was only one bed in the room. As a senior, he let Qi Huan use the bed. Looking around, Hua Gan Zi then took a rope from his sleeve and hung it on both ends of the beam in the room.

When Qi Huan saw this, she thought to herself, ah, so I was not the only one who had received this bittersweet teachings from her shifu. Even her Senior Brothers and Sisters were taught the same thing, they all suffered the same as her. Qi Huan still remembered that rope but she didn't expect that Hua Gan Zi would even keep it as a souvenir.

The night was quiet. Qi Huan hugged the little fox and slept peacefully. Hua Gan Zi was also snoring. The two of them were indeed brothers and sisters, they had the same ugly look when they slept. Qi Huan's sleeping posture, from her head to her toes, was spread out awkwardly on the narrow and small bed. Hua Gan Zi looked like a dried fish hanging on the rope. If someone accidentally came into the room, he would definitely think that he was some kind of ghost.

Outside the room, the old woman who had been shriveled like a dried sausage still held the candle lamp tremblingly, but in front of her stood a row of expressionless zombies. The old woman raised her candle and leaned her feet close to one of the zombies. After looking at it intently for a long time, she nodded in satisfaction. “The two inside are also good materials.” Having said that, she turned her head and glanced at the closed door. If you look closely, her eyes were actually green in colour!

“Go, go in and bring the two good materials here.” The old woman pointed her finger at the two zombies in front of her, and the two zombies nodded, just like humans, then, walked to the door.

Fortunately, Qi Huan set up a trap. The two zombies had only stepped a foot into the room, and their whole body was covered by silver light, and then instantly turned into ashes silently.

The old lady watched the zombies that she had worked so hard to refine for hundreds of years disappear into thin air, and the green light in her eyes suddenly glowed even fiercer, “I really underestimated you, hehe, since you came to my territory, I will not let you escape alive!” The old lady's right hand moved a little, and a green flame suddenly replaced the light yellow flame in the oil lamp. The green flame jumped more than half a meter high, pulling the shadows of the zombies and the old lady. The whole scene looked very terrifying in the middle of the night.

Qi Huan was still sleeping with her head covered at that time. The little fox opened its eyes slightly when the zombie entered the door, tilted his head, and then touched the snake on Qi Huan's wrist with its paw.

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The flying snake unrolled from Qi Huan's wrist and fell softly to the ground, crawled around the edge of the bed, and then returned to its old spot to continue sleeping. Seeing this, the little fox calmed down and slowly closed its eyes.

“Hey, Senior Brother, I'm sorry.” Qi Huan gathered all the thunder in her body into her dantian, thunder and lightning immediately began to flash inside of her. Even Qi Huan could hear the rumbling sounds. And the old woman also stared at Qi Huan's stomach, in shock.

Her Senior Brother was caught, so she certainly wouldn't be able to escape, but right now she would become a hairy zombie if she didn't at least try to escape. If she had to choose one, she would rather commit suicide than becoming a hairy zombie.

Qi Huan opened her seven orifices wildly, absorbing all the ling qi frantically. The tightly closed windows were blown open by the wind, and Qi Huan's belly grew bigger and bigger. Before the old woman had time to run, Qi Huan suddenly spat a ball of light from her mouth, charging straight towards the old woman.

The old woman dodged the first one with agility, but she missed the second one that came immediately after the first. Her face sank, she threw away the candlestick in her right hand to block it. She thought she could catch it with her hand, but who knew that the ball of light jumped over the candlestick and hit her directly.

How did it feel to be hit by a ball of light composed of nine-tier purple lightning? Only Xu Kong Zi knew how powerful it was. Seeing her zombies did not protect her, the anger in her heart also rose.

After more than 20 thunderb.a.l.l.s kept blasting out of Qi Huan, the entire inn was gone into ashes in an instant. Although the power of the thunderb.a.l.l.s was much worse than that of Thunder Tribulation, it was still quite serious. If a person was. .h.i.t, even if he doesn't die, he is at least half a life dead.

Qi Huan didn't know if the old lady was dead or not, but she knew that if no one came to save her, she would definitely die. This was the first time she controlled the thunder and lightning in her body, but she accidentally used all of it. Although two of the thunders were rechargeable, if there was no thunder net to protect herself, her meridians would definitely be broken.

She regretted it very much now. Why on earth did you inhale so much ling qi just now? Do you think your life is very long? After reflecting on herself, Qi Huan rolled her eyes and pa.s.sed out in pain.

After a long time, Hua Gan Zi, who was also unaware of the green light all over his body, was dragged out by the flying snake of more than two meters in length. The snake placed the two brothers and sisters side by side, coiled around them and fell asleep.

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