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Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Go To Yin Mountain

Regarding the Senior Brother who came out of nowhere and tried to “hara.s.s” her, before she could determine his ident.i.ty, Qi Huan directly took out the grounding mats that had not yet been repaired, and tied up that person.

Since the three old folks who could prove his ident.i.ty had disappeared, the only fellow in Qing Yun Mountain who might know who this person was, was Senior Brother Xian Zi. Ling Yun Zi and Ling Feng Zi didn't even know that they had such a Senior Uncle. Therefore, under uncertain circ.u.mstances, Hua Gan Zi, who originally prepared to surprise his Junior Sister, was unfortunately hung on a fruit tree at w.a.n.g You Peak for several days.

When Hua Gan Zi was just hung up, he was actually still snickering to himself. He was a cultivator at the huashen stage, how could he be tied up so easily, but only when he got up the tree did he find out that he indeed had no problem to deal with the person who tied him up, but the mat was a different case.

He wasn't familiar with the grounding mats, but he had seen thunder before, knowing that the thunder pattern on it contained a considerable amount of thunder, as long as he moved rashly, his skin would most probably be burnt.

So when Xu Kong Zi returned, the first thing he saw when he returned to w.a.n.g You Peak was not his precious apprentice, but the Junior Nephew who had been hanged upside down.

“Senior Brother, tea.” Although it was a misunderstanding, Qi Huan was ultimately disrespectful to her fellow senior. If they really wanted to punish her, she would have to at least face the wall at Ku Shou Peak for several years. Fortunately, Hua Gan Zi did not hold grudges. After drinking the tea, he didn't bother Qi Huan anymore.

“Gan Zi, didn't you say that you were cultivating in Gui Xu some time ago, why are you here?” Xu Kong Zi was holding a teacup that was filled with not tea, but juice. No one wanted to eat the fruits here, and there were only a few people on w.a.n.g You Peak, even the other disciples in the Qing Yun Sect dared not eat them at all. Nevermind what kind of things Qi Huan grew, just the mention of Qi Huan's name would make everyone stay away from her, let alone eating the fruits she grew.

Last time Qi Huan took a basket of pears to give to those disciples outside to eat, as a result, she almost made the girl cry. Qi Huan had been pondering for a long time when she came back, because she wasn't a monster who eats people, but why were people trembling in fear when they saw her?

Therefore, instead of letting the fruits rot, it was better to squeeze them into juice, so recently the drinking water on Qing Yun Mountain had turned into a variety of juices. With the order from the Head, no one dared to not support the juice. Well, at least the juice tasted great, and it hadn't killed anyone who drank it.

“Senior Uncle, that's like a hundred years ago.” Hua Gan Zi frowned. Whenever his Senior Uncle started practicing cultivation, he would lose contact with the outside world, not knowing how much time had pa.s.sed.

“Ah, more than a hundred years have pa.s.sed since you last returned to the mountain. No wonder I feel like you look a bit old.” Xu Kong Zi nodded in understanding.

“…” Hua Gan Zi accidentally pinched the edge of the porcelain teacup off. He admitted that he was over a thousand years old, indeed he was not too young anymore. However, hearing his Senior Uncle calling him old was too much, especially since his Senior Uncle was older than him!

“Senior Uncle, actually I came back this time because I have something to tell you.” Hua Gan Zi barely controlled his emotions, cleared his throat and his face became a little serious.

“Huh? What's the matter?” Xu Kong Zi asked in surprise.

Although Hua Gan Zi's cultivation was not too advanced, compared to himself, of course, Hua Gan Zi had always been bold and careful in doing things. If it wasn't a big event, he would never return to the sect.

In fact, Qi Huan never knew it that there was another reason why Xu Yang Zi and Xu Ling Zi both drove their disciples out of the mountain gate. Most of the disciples they received had ident.i.ty problems, such as Hua Gan Zi. His father was a devil cultivator but his father had a good relationship with Xu Ling Zi before his death, so Hua Gan Zi worshipped Xu Ling Zi as his shifu after his father died.

These things were extremely secretive. If others knew about this, it would not be good for Qing Yun Sect, so these disciples left Qing Yun Mountain one after another after reaching the yuanying stage. For one, they had the ability to protect themselves, and secondly, they didn't want to bring trouble to their teachers. Therefore, only a few people on Qing Yun Mountain knew Hua Gan Zi. In fact, as long as they didn't expose themselves or Xu Kong Zi and the others kept quiet, no one would know that they were actually disciples of Qing Yun Sect.

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As for why Hua Xian Zi stayed, Qi Huan didn't know until the day Master Qi left. It turned out that this Senior Brother had also been given a lore order, but as long as he did not leave Qing Yun Mountain, his life would not be in danger. If he was alone, he would certainly not be afraid, but he had a girl that he liked, and Hua Xian Zi didn't want her to worry, so he continued to live on Qing Yun Mountain all these years.

Tonight, Qi Huan really couldn't stand sitting in the gourd anymore because they had been sitting in there for several days, so she strongly urged the others to find an inn so that she could get a good night's sleep. In the past two days, she slept in Xu Kong Zi's gourd, although it was quite s.p.a.cious, it was open-air after all, so Qi Huan had been worried about nonsense such as, if anything bad happened to her, how was she going to get married in the future?

Xu Kong Zi couldn't persuade his apprentice, so he could only put Qi Huan and Hua Gan Zi in a small town while the sky was still dark, so that the two of them could have some good rest, while he was going to visit an old friend living nearby Yin Mountain, and he said that he would meet Hua Gan Zi and Qi Huan at the entrance of Yin Mountain the next day.

After Xu Kong Zi left, Qi Huan and Hua Gan Zi entered the town. They said it was a small town, but it was actually a small mountain village. This mountain village is only a hundred miles away from Yin Mountain. Perhaps because there are often people resting here, there is actually a small inn in the village. But when Hua Gan Zi knocked on the door, no one responded. After knocking for a long time, still no one answered. At this time, the sky was gradually darkening, although it was not to the point where he could not see his fingers, perhaps because there was no moon, Qi Huan felt the town was a little gloomy.

After a while, there was still no response from the inn. Hua Gan Zi had no choice but to complain to his Junior Sister, “It's not our luck tonight.”

“Senior Brother, don't you think it's too quiet here?” Qi Huan swallowed her saliva and whispered to Hua Gan Zi. They were surrounded by thatched houses, which were making strange noises because of the wind. Qi Huan suddenly felt that, although she had a lot of courage, she was still a woman after all, and she was still afraid of ghosts.

Hearing what Qi Huan said, Hua Gan Zi's expression also became a bit strange. His cultivation level was higher than Qi Huan's, so his night vision ability was better than her. He didn't notice when he first entered the village, but now he discovered that the surrounding houses seemed to have been unoccupied for a long time, and there were many spider webs on the door frames, except for this inn.

“Let's go into the inn to take a look.” Hua Gan Zi took a breath, and just as he was about to kick the door open, the door of the inn suddenly opened.

The one who came to open the door was a shriveled walnut-like old lady. The old lady tremblingly held an oil lamp. Seeing her walking unsteadily, Qi Huan understood why it took so long for her to open the door. But the image of this old lady really matched the character in horror stories.

“Junior Sister, something is wrong here, be careful.” Seeing Qi Huan raising her leg to enter the inn, Hua Gan Zi hurriedly grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear.

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