Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


“In front of the gate and under the bridge, a raft of ducks swims freely…..” a loud beast-like voice hollers from w.a.n.g You Peak, early in the morning.  After the volume is amplified, it pa.s.ses through the mountain and can be heard from even the entrance.


The disciples of Qing Yun Mountain get up from their respective beds and head to their cla.s.ses with green faces.   With that song, every single person in Mount Qing Yun starts their day. If you look carefully, no matter how far their cla.s.ses are, no disciples dare to fly through w.a.n.g You Peak, they are more willing to circle around it instead.


This is Qi Huan’s fourth month in Mount Qing Yuan.  Everytime she reminisces about her past life, she will feel as though everything is just a dream.


The days of cultivation are free and unfettered.  All she needs to do is to get up before dawn everyday, mobilize the lingqi within her body and completely even out all the heaven and earth lingqi she absorbed in the previous nights.  Now that her spiritual power has increased, Qi Huan can now sense them flowing inside her even in broad daylight.  But, what surprise her even more is her dantian is actually different than Xu Kong’s.


Xu Kong once said that in the early stage of foundation, the lingqi will be distributed around the dantian area in gaseous form.  It will also enters your flesh, bones and pulses.  But, when Qi Huan views her inner self, she finds out that even though the lingqi is in gaseous from, it is not simply in gaseous form; it is actually forming a vague pattern of taiji.



After a few days of observation, Qi Huan finds out that the taiji pattern will absorb the heaven and earth’s lingqi on it’s own.  Even though it isn’t very fast, it is still very efficient!  The only downside is the taiji pattern didn’t leave a single heaven and earth’s lingqi for Qi Huan.  Half of the lingqi she absorbed every night is taken by the taiji pattern.  If it weren’t for that, Qi Huan would’ve breeze through the building foundation phase.  To make up for that, she has to sleep a couple of hours earlier at night.  You have to know, Qi Huan was a total otaku before she time-travelled; she would never sleep if the clock hasn’t pa.s.s 12 am.  Every day, before the sky is dark, she will play chess with Duke of Zhou, that old man.  Aiya~ all for the sake of cultivating!


(TN: Duke Zhao is the son of King Wen of Zhou.  Below are couple of depictions of him)


Even though she is that diligent, every time she strolls around the sect in broad daylight, she will receives resentful eyes, sweeping her up and down like X-ray.  Since the rest of them have no night-spirit abilities, they have to cultivate for around 20 hours a day and still cannot reach the point Qi Huan gets after three hours of sleep.  Who can openheartedly accepts that?  Had Qi Huan’s position been low, she would’ve gotten into fights long ago.


In the beginning, she had a hard time adapting to those unfriendly eyes, but Xu Kong once told her that a cultivator that didn’t receive another’s envy isn&rsqu

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o;t a successful cultivator.  Since then on, Qi Huan walks in Qing Yun with her back straight.  Since she is already a successful cultivator, she can walk her own way; others can be jealous as they want!


After absorbing lingqi today, her taiji pattern feels a little unstable.  But it is a lot better than in the past.  From how she sees it, this is the sign of an impending breakthrough.  According to Xu Kong, what sets cultivators different from the mortals happens in the foundation stage.  A cultivator at the foundation stage is an innate master amongst the mortals.  From their physical strength to their meridian development, they are above mortals.  But in the eyes of celestials, they lack a lot.


Once you reach the middle of foundation (zhuji), you can start learning the five most basic magical techniques.  You can also start using low-grade magical tools.  But, in order to fly, you need to reach the beginning of Ningqi.  In order to fulfil their dreams of flying, mankind struggled for hundreds of years, she is only following the footsteps of her predecessors!


“Senior Uncle, Senior Granduncle invites you to Tai Qing Palace.”  Just as she walks out of her chamber, she b.u.mps into another Junior Nephew of hers, Ling Yun Zi.  He is standing respectfully outside the door.  His hair is meticulously arranged into a style.  The big robe he wears is having difficulties hiding his robust frame.


This Ling Yun Zi is a capable person.  He isn’t even 500 years old yet and he already reaches Yuanying.  He is a little stronger than his Senior Brother, Ling Feng Zi despite the two hundred years of difference between them.  The only downside is, he can a little boring.  Everytime Qi Huan says a bunch of things, he will only reply her with a syllable.


She has no idea which Senior Brother of hers took those two as disciples but whoever he is, Qi Huan is very thankful.  They are both so handsome!  Even though they are a little old, they are very pleasing to the eyes.


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“Senior Uncle?”  Seeing her staring at him in a daze, he can’t help but speaks out.

“Junior Nephew, I need to go.  My stomach hurts.”  Qi Huan’s expression changes, she turns around to run.


“Just hold it in.”  As though he has long antic.i.p.ated that move from Qi Huan, he outstretches his right hand without even looking at her.  Red thread-like light flies out from him and envelop Qi Huan like a dumpling.


“You good-for-nothing thing that bullies your elders!  You will get retribution from the heaven one day!” Qi Huan curses him in grief.

“I still have one thousand years before transition, no rush.” Ling Yun Zi drags Qi Huan in a brisk pace.


Qi Huan howls like a ghost, “Just let me go, Junior Nephew.  My fragile body cannot take being tossed around like this.”


“Life is not that fragile.”  Ling Yun Zi pauses.  Thinking about the upcoming ceremony, his face darkens.  If possible, he too does not want to attend them.


The reason Qi Huan is so triggered is because Ling Feng Zi brought her to Mount Shu to observe a transition two months ago.  She originally thought it would end in 2 hours at most.  In the end, after entering the viewing platform, Qi Huan was stuck there for four days.  All that without eating, drinking or sleeping.


In the end, after that guy succeeded, Qi Huan already became a mummy because of the lack of water.  Ling Feng ZI had to search for people to carry her home.


She has no idea who proposed that stupid rule; once one enters the viewing platform, they are not allowed to eat, drink, speak or sleep when the transitioning process is still going on.  Everything is forbidden.  To put it simple, you have to act dead.

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