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Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: They Are Here!

Qi Huan thought that the news of her return would not spread too quickly. Who knew that as soon as she set foot on w.a.n.g You Peak, she saw her Senior Celestial Brother1 waiting for her in the house with an anxious expression on his face.

“Hey, Senior Brother, how did you know that I'm back?” Except for the two disciples guarding the entrance gate, Qi Huan didn't meet anyone on her way to her house at all. Even if the gatekeepers reported, Hua Xian Zi couldn't possibly find out so soon.

“Junior Sister, what did you steal from the sacrificial hall? Why did the elder of the sacrificial hall issue a monster lore order to kill you?” Hua Xian Zi sat on the only chair in Qi Huan's room, with a wry smile. He had known that she would cause trouble, but he didn't expect that she would actually offend the elders of the sacrificial hall this time. He also didn't know what Xu Kong Zi was thinking to even send her to the Monster Sect to steal things from them.

Hua Xian Zi received the news soon after Qi Huan left Nine Floors Monster Mountain, but the information about the sacrificial hall was very tightly secretive, no one knew what Qi Huan had stolen, they only knew that the sacrificial hall clearly wanted to PK with the Qing Yun Sect no matter what.

The news of the lore order had just spread in the past few days, and there were already a group of Monster Sect killers lurking at Qing Yun Mountain. Fortunately, Xu Kong Zi left for cultivation early in the morning. He seemed to know that his apprentice was in serious trouble, so he had been standing guard at Zuo w.a.n.g Peak. So far, no killer had been able to get out of Qing Yun Mountain alive.

“It's nothing.” Qi Huan laughed dryly, and the little fox in her arms poked its head out and waved at Hua Xian Zi.

Upon seeing the nine-tailed celestial fox crawling out of Qi Huan's clothes, Hua Xian Zi was instantly stunned on the spot. He pointed at Qi Huan and opened his mouth for a long time without saying a word.

“Senior Brother, calm down, calm down. You can't blame me. It insisted on coming out with me!” The little fox immediately shook its head in denial when it heard Qi Huan pushing the blame on itself, which led to Qi Huan slapping it back inside her shirt. She also threatened it softly, “I won't give you meat if you don't obey me.”

With that, the little fox rubbed its little head with two small furry paws and retreated back into Qi Huan's shirt.

“Hey… you'd better talk to your Senior Uncle about this.” Hua Xian Zi lost his temper completely after seeing the nine-tailed celestial fox. The Monster Sect's hierarchy was very strict, even though the little fox was not yet an adult, it was borned with nine tails after all. Hua Xian Zi was a half-monster so he was born with only five tails. He could scold Qi Huan but not the little fox, that would be a taboo.

“Alright, I'll go see my shifu.”

Qi Huan hugged the little fox and followed Hua Xian Zi to Zuo w.a.n.g Peak. Along the way, she listened to him telling her about recent events. After hearing that the sacrificial hall had issued a lore order, Xu Ling Zi and Xu Yang Zi both came out of nowhere and swore that they were going to defend Qing Yun Mountain with their lives, but Qi Huan felt that they were just too bored so they came out to have some fun.

And she was right. After seeing Qi Huan, the two old men smiled widely, they even praised her. As for Xu Kong Zi, that old man almost smiled off his teeth after learning that his apprentice not only stole “The Earth Pathway”, but also abducted the Monster King, the future of Monster Sect, the nine-tailed celestial fox!

Originally, Monster Sect and n.o.ble cultivators were incompatible. Their relationship had never been good all these years. Although Qi Huan's actions were a bit too much, if something really happened, the other n.o.ble sects would never sit back and watch Qing Yun Mountain fall. After all, Qi Huan had made a big contribution this time.

She had weakened the Monster Sect's strength, and increased the n.o.ble's strength. Everyone knew this well, but everyone was just waiting and observing the situation now. The sects at Kun Lun and Mount Shu were just waiting for Qing Yun Sect to be hit first. Only then, they would take action. Everyone had their own little plan.

Everyone played well in their plan. But no one thought that the Great Elder of the sacrificial hall would directly show up to Qing Yun Mountain.

Before Qi Huan sat down in the chair, a disciple came running to inform that an old man claiming that he was the Great Elder of the Monster Sect Sacrificial Hall was outside and he wanted to see Xu Kong Zi and his apprentice.

The Great Elder himself had come all the way to their sect and even requested to see her and her shifu. Even if Qi Huan was reluctant to see him, she would have to go anyway, she only hoped that the Great Elder would not immediately take action on her.

Qi Huan followed Xu Kong Zi to the mountain gate, then she realized that there was only a st.u.r.dy old man standing there alone, with his hands behind his back, and his dark robe just reaching his ankles. He wasn't wearing any shoes, but his soles were clean without any dust. Although he looked 70% similar to Qing Se, there was no smile on his face, and he looked very cold. After seeing Qi Huan and the others, the old man's eyes flashed sharply.

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“Ah, Master Qi, long time no see, you look like you've not changed a bit.” After seeing the old man, Xu Kong Zi smiled, but his steps slowed down to a stop, and he even pulled Qi Huan behind him.

Qi Huan looked at Hua Xian Zi in surprise. Her gentle and elegant Senior Brother was so angry that his body trembled when facing Master Qi. From the gossips she heard at the Monster Clan, Qi Huan knew that the relationship between her Senior Celestial Brother and Master Qi was absolutely extraordinary, but their att.i.tudes seemed very strange now.

“Hmph, you're just a betrayer.” Master Qi did not deny Hua Xian Zi's words. With a sneer on his face, turning to Qi Huan, he warned, “I advise you to hand over the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox, otherwise even Xu Kong Zi will not be able to protect you, he can't stay by your side every day.”

Although Master Qi was threatening, she must admit that what he said was right, even if Xu Kong Zi's protection was tight, it was impossible to have no omissions. The people of the Monster Sect could do anything to her anytime, anywhere. Did she really want to follow her shifu forever? And what would happen after Xu Kong Zi soars?

“Since I would be killed with or without handing over the fox, why should I be so obedient?” Although Qi Huan was afraid of death, she didn't want to die just like that. Since the Monster Sect was not reasonable anymore, why would she still reason with him? Anyway, now the little fox only listened to her, she would not let the little fox go back, it would never follow Master Qi.

In fact, ever since Master Qi's appearance, the little fox in Qi Huan's arms began to tremble slightly, it seemed to be afraid of him. Of course, there were others who were not afraid of him, such as the silver snake around Qi Huan's wrist, like a bracelet.

When Mo Ye left, he didn't take the flying snake with him, he left it to Qi Huan. It seemed to like Qi Huan's wrist very much, wrapping around her wrist to sleep every day. Although the flying snake was a reptile, Qi Huan could barely accept it after it became smaller. Anyway, it was not like she could reject it, the snake wouldn't listen to her. Who knew what if it suddenly decided to swallow Qi Huan in one bite if she irritated it. Anyway for such a scary creature, it was better to let it do whatever it wanted.

If it weren't for Qi Huan to pull its tail with one hand, it would definitely be ready to compete with Master Qi. However, before there was truly a life and death critical moment, Qi Huan shall keep this flying snake as a secret weapon, she was not ready to release it now.

“Master Qi, how could you threaten the juniors? What fun is it to threaten my apprentice? Come, let me, this old man play with you.” Although Master Qi was at least hundreds of years earlier than Xu Kong Zi to enter the dacheng stage, Xu Kong Zi was an ascetical cultivator. If the two of them really fought, it was quite impossible to determine the winner and loser.

Seeing that the two of them were about to fight, Qi Huan stepped back knowingly. The fight between two dacheng stage cultivators was not a simple thing that she could get involved in. If they fought a little bit fiercely, they would be able to bring down the entire Qing Yun Mountain. Qi Huan was not going to stay there and wait for death.

Who knew that just as Qi Huan took a step back, Master Qi, who had been heading towards Xu Kong Zi, suddenly turned his head and flew towards her, arriving in front of her in an instant.

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