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Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Treat You The Way You Treated Me

“Hey, where are you taking me?” Qi Huan kept screaming all the way until the mountain towering above the clouds stood in front of her, then she closed her mouth in surprise.

Mo Ye actually sent her back to Qing Yun Mountain! Not long after she and Mo Ye left Qian Li Town that day, they ran into some people sent by the elders from the Monster Sect Sacrificial Hall. They had heard that Qi Huan was leaving Qian Li Town, so they wanted to intercept her halfway, but they didn't expect Mo Ye to be with her.

Mo Ye, who no longer concealed his strength, sent away those poor monster cultivators with little effort. In fact, if Qi Huan hadn't stopped him, he would have broken their monster dan into fragments. It was at this moment that Qi Huan truly understood how cruel this man next to her was. He was merciless when dealing with enemies, and he would definitely cut off their lives. No matter how tolerant he was to her, and how bright the smile on his face was when facing her, he was still a man of the devil cultivation world, and the fact that he would always be covered in other people's blood was a fact that could never be changed.

“I don't want to go back.” Since the elders of the Sacrificial Hall had sent someone to look for her, they would naturally not let go of Qing Yun Sect. If she had gone back now, it would undoubtedly cause trouble to the sect. However, apart from the sect, Qi Huan really didn't know where else she could go.

“Don't be capricious, it's safe here.” Mo Ye didn't wear his mask again. He was dressed in a white Confucian robe, with a wide belt of the same colour embroidered with blue patterns around his waist, and two black braids tied behind his head. A strand of un.o.bedient hair hUNG down his forehead, and a gentle smile on his face made him look harmless. But Qi Huan knew how bad he really was under that smiling face. What a rascal! And she actually let him take such a big advantage of her that day! Although she still wore a lace undergarment that day, what difference was it compared to not wearing anything! 

“You killed the elder of the Monster Sect Sacrificial Hall, how could they let me go so easily.” Qi Huan pursed her red lips. It was clear that he was the one who killed the person, and she was the one being dragged into the problem even though she was the one who stole their things…

“They don't have the guts to come to Qing Yun Mountain, don't worry.” Knowing what Qi Huan was worried about, Mo Ye smiled lightly, dispelling her worry. The only person in the sacrificial hall that worried him was the great elder. He had also cultivated the dacheng stage, and could soar at any time. But even so, he wouldn't dare to make trouble at Qing Yun Mountain. After all, this sect was not so easy to mess with, and there were definitely many people who wanted his life in the n.o.ble cultivation world, as long as he got out of the Nine Floors Monster Mountain, many people would definitely have their eyes on him.

Therefore, he only dared to send people out to capture Qi Huan instead of doing it himself. As for Mo Ye, even if the great elder knew that Mo Ye had killed the elder of the sacrificial hall, he had no time to deal with him for the time being. Moreover, the forces behind Mo Ye were even more terrifying than Qi Huan, and he would never do anything without any certainty.

“That's good. If I had known things would turn out so bad, I would have not listened to that old man and stolen the things. Look at me now, I am in a lot of trouble.” Qi Huan really doubted whether her old man was too bored recently, so he deliberately let her cause trouble so that he could stretch his arms a bit to deal with the troubles.

Mo Ye just smiled but kept quiet. He knew that Qi Huan stole more than just a nine-tailed celestial fox from the sacrificial hall, just looking at how nervous she was now, he knew that the value of that thing she stole was definitely not lower than that of the nine-tailed celestial fox.

The flying sword under Mo Ye's feet slowed down gradually, Qi Huan still hugged his neck, unable to relax.

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“You have reached the foot of Qing Yun Mountain. You can go back by yourself.” The flying sword landed, and Mo Ye put Qi Huan on the ground who still refused to let go of himself no matter what he said.

Mo Ye didn't stop her, but at the moment Qi Huan's lips pressed against his, his gloomy black eyes immediately turned back to blood red.

Mo Ye's lips seemed to be more alluring because of the blood stains. Qi Huan looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction, and then she pushed Mo Ye away, “Alright, see you next time.” Then, like a little mouse, she disappeared, leaving Mo Ye alone, still reminiscing the breath she left behind.

After standing still for a long time, Mo Ye lowered his head and stretched out his slender index finger to wipe the blood from his lips, a creepy smile spread across his face, “I have planned to let you go, but you forced me…” His soft deep voice was charming and s.e.xy. His initial plan was completely overthrown because of Qi Huan's action.

He wanted to stay away from Qi Huan's life completely after this. When two people who shouldn't meet, come together, he would only bring her fatal disasters, but this woman didn't seem to care about the consequences at all. Since she took the initiative, how could he let her effort go to waste?

A deep laughter echoed back in the mountains, startling countless birds and beasts.

If Qi Huan knew that her little “prank” would bring such a big change to him, perhaps she would cry in regret.

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