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Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Blood Sacrifice

Fifty kilometers westward of Qian Li Town was the place where the devil killer tribulation refination compet.i.tion would take place. On the second day when Liu Mo Yuan and Liu Mo Yi came to Qian Li Town, the compet.i.tion finally began.

Before it began, a sacrifice was needed. This sacrifice method was pa.s.sed down for generations, the major leaders of the devil cultivators had never violated it for thousands of years. The sacrifice was a blood sacrifice made with the blood of a living person.

At the beginning, Liu Mo Yuan brought Qi Huan over because he wanted to use her as a sacrifice to make a good impression on the organizer of the compet.i.tion, but he never thought that he would end up making things worse for himself in the end.

Hundreds of devil cultivators who partic.i.p.ated in the devil killer tribulation refination compet.i.tion watched as the living people were tied up in the blood trough, watching their blood drain bit by bit, and the blood slowly flowed into a bottomless hole in the center of the altar.

Because Mo Ye said that the time was not right yet, so Qi Huan could only sit in the cave and wait for the right time. Suddenly, she discovered that there were some red droplets coming out from the crystal rocks, but just as she was about to walk over to have a look, she was pulled back by Mo Ye.

“What's that?” Although she was blocked, she still poked her head over his shoulders to have a better look.


“How can there be blood?”

“The sacrifice is going on from above.” Mo Ye's explanation was simple, and Qi Huan also nodded, calmly accepting his answer because she thought that the sacrifice was nothing more than the blood of a cattle or a sheep, she never thought that it was a human.

The blood slowly flowed into the bone armour along the crystal stones, and the colour of the bone armour became more vivid, and a faint red gas was diffused from the entire skeleton. Qi Huan's gaze was horrified as she watched the bone armour slowly turn into a blood-red armour, exactly like the armour worn by the masked man on the mural.

Complicated black textures flowed slowly on the armour at a speed visible to the naked eye, forming a magical circle that Qi Huan had never seen before. In a short period of time, the magical circle was complete. The pattern of the magical circle changed thousands of times, never once did the pattern repeat.

Let's not talk about the defensive power of the bone armour first, just the look of those magical circles on it was enough to make people panic. Qi Huan turned her head to look at Mo Ye's still calm face, why would he know that there was a bone armour here? Who is this man?

She felt more and more doubtful but before she could speak, a horrible aura, that could make people break down, burst out from the bone armour. Qi Huan unfortunately did not manage to escape from this erotive breath. Her bright eyes instantly turned blood red, and her brain seemed to be out of control, all she could think of was to kill people.

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Mo Ye, who had been by her side, calmly hit the back of her neck, letting her fall silently in his arms. Except for Qi Huan, the other two creatures seemed to adapt well. The little fox squatted curiously on Mo Ye's shoulders and licked its paws, while the little silver snake was sleeping peacefully on Qi Huan's arm.

Of course, no one dared to question even though they were puzzled. Don't be fooled by that smile on Chi Yi's face. This man is definitely a smiling tiger who could cannibalize people without blinking. There were countless people who had died in his hands. Even the hidden old devils were afraid of him.

Besides, Yan Gui, who had the same strength as him, was always by his side. This person is said to be the Heavenly Devil Sect's Young Master's personal guard. The combination of those two mid-level huashen devil cultivators could definitely kill a cultivator in his mid-level dujie, especially since these two people did not really care about their lives when they fought. To them, there was nothing to be afraid in fights, the only thing to be afraid of was that the other party also did not fear death.

“Yes, do you all have any thoughts?” Chi Yi turned around and asked the old devils who were also the judges. Of course he knew something was wrong with the compet.i.tion, but it had nothing to do with him since the people who were dying were not from the Heavenly Devil Sect.

“It's better to pause the compet.i.tion for a while, don't you think so? Let's ask the great elder of Jiang Sect to investigate the matter and then only we continue the compet.i.tion.” The person who spoke was Yin Ying, the head of the He Huan Sect. The Heavenly Devil Sect disciples were not in the compet.i.tion, but the two elites of the He Huan Sect were among the partic.i.p.ants, Yin Ying surely didn't want his disciples to end their lives just like that.

The others also nodded in agreement. They were all the elders or heads of the major sects in the devil cultivation world. Naturally, they didn't want their disciples to die here inexplicably.

“Since all of you have agreed, let's bring them out first.” Chi Yi nodded and agreed with their opinions, but he didn't move, and had no intention of doing anything. The few people exchanged glances, and then they all dashed out to save their disciples first. As for the disciples of other sects, well, one could only blame that own their unfortunate fate. Why didn't their shifu come here to spectate? Well, this is the harsh reality of the devil cultivation world.

Little did they know that behind them, a strange smile had appeared on the faces of Chi Yi and Yan Gui at the same time. This field was covered by the murderous aura, it was not a place anyone would want to enter at this time. With just these few people, how could they escape the real devil's field?

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