Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Bone Armour

Seeing Mo Ye walking forward, the snake seemed to be ready to follow him, but this small s.p.a.ce was too crowded for it to move around, so under Qi Huan's gaze, the snake unexpectedly shrunk like a deflated balloon, into a small silver snake with the thickness of a thumb.

The flying snake didn't seem to like to be with the little fox very much, so it crawled upwards directly to Qi Huan's shoulders. Qi Huan, who was initially already uncomfortable with squiggly creatures, was completely frightened this time.

She wanted to reason with the snake, but that had to depend on whether it would listen to her or not. If she really irritated this big snake, who knew if it would directly swallow her in one mouth. Therefore, after thinking about it, Qi Huan decided better not to mess with it.

“Are there no traps here?” After walking for a long time, Qi Huan still didn't encounter any danger, which was very different from what she had imagined, walking inside a deep tomb cave that was guarded by a giant flying snake. She's not saying that ancient monks would set several b.o.o.by traps at their tombs after death but at least there should be some kind of trap that could kill people with one touch, right?

“You want to encounter traps?” Mo Ye asked, raising his hand to break an invisible trap in front. It is not that there are no traps here. In fact, there are usually several traps in the tombs of ancient monks, that they spent their whole life researching and setting them up. No one knew how to solve them except for the monks who were already lying in their coffin.

This is why they would place their tomb in such an obvious place, but almost no one dared to break in. Although there are definitely a lot of treasures inside, no one can escape safely with the treasures in the tomb. One's life isn't worth this risk. 

“I just want to see.” Of course it was better not to take risks, but Qi Huan was really curious about how powerful those ancient traps that were highly respected by her shifu.

Mo Ye did not speak, instead, he took out a spiritual stone from his storage ring and threw it forward. The spiritual stone flew not far away, and seemed to encounter some obstacle in the air, and then waves of water patterns appeared surrounding the spiritual stone, and the perfect spiritual stone disappeared instantly in front of Qi Huan's eyes.

“Why is it gone? Where did it go?” Qi Huan was surprised, she didn't even see how the spirit stone disappeared.

“Turned to gas, disappeared.” Mo Ye answered simply but his reply made Qi Huan immediately sweat profusely, it vaporized?! Oh my G.o.d, that's so exaggerating! “Do you still want to see?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows and asked deliberately.

“Nope, no need. You just keep walking.” Qi Huan slowed down as she spoke. What a joke, of course she must walk behind in such a dangerous place! G.o.d knows how many more dangerous traps were there here! At the same time, Qi Huan was also very curious, how Mo Ye knew that there was a trap there, she had not seen him do anything.

The two of them walked through the narrow tomb pa.s.sage, the walls were painted with some colourful paintings. Surprisingly, the colour had not faded even though this place had existed for who knew how many years. Qi Huan curiously looked at the pattern depicted on it.

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The protagonist on the wall was a man with an unrecognizable face. He wore a blood-red mysterious mask on his face. This mask looks very familiar, Qi Huan thought. She remembered seeing another man wearing it not long ago. The patterns on the wall were basically that man fighting other people. The fights were cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y, but the winner was always the masked man. The last one was a scene of him splitting the sky and soaring from the ground.

But it was not the crystals that attracted her attention, but the thing inside the huge and complete crystal in the center of the cave. There was a skeleton inside the blue transparent crystal, a blood-red skeleton. The red colour was too coquettish, with a faint black colour, like dried up blood.

“This is……”

“Bone armour.” Mo Ye looked at the skeleton with a look of nostalgia in his eyes. Bone armour only appeared in the era when the ancient monks existed, and its refining procedure had long been lost, but it is said that the strength of the bone armour is determined by the strength of its original owner.

“You came for this?” Bone armour, although Qi Huan hadn't heard of it, it looked weird, and it didn't look like a n.o.ble person would use it. This colour was very similar to the blood-red armor worn by the man on the mural just now. It shouldn't be the same thing, right? She thought of wearing it but she couldn't help shivering in fear.

“Yeah.” Mo Ye still stood on the spot. Although this was what he wanted, this was the reason he had come here for, he didn't go forward to pick it immediately.

“Why don't you get it?”

“It's not the time yet.” Mo Ye raised his head and glanced at the top of the cave. This cave was not completely enclosed. Although the cave was completely covered by blue crystals, there was still light coming in. Mo Ye wondered what Qi Huan's expression would be if he told her that above this place was where the devil killer tribulation refination compet.i.tion would be held.

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