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Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: The Owner Of The Tomb Is Mo Ye

Walking a little deeper into the cave, Qi Huan suddenly discovered that there was a huge jade monument standing in front, which looked like a tombstone, but the tombstone looked really luxurious. After looking at it for a long time, she finally discovered that the words on the tombstone seemed to be written using Antarctic Crystal Sands.

These things were so ancient that even those old elders in Qing Yun Sect had only heard of it before. Qi Huan knew about it because her Senior Uncle Xu Yang Zi would mention it occasionally when he taught her refining skills. She still remembered his eyes gleaming like a beast seeing a beautiful woman whenever he talked about it.

She only knew that this kind of thing was a top-level refining material in the ancient times. It was said that it could refine magical tools of Celestial Devices level and above. Unfortunately, with the demise of the ancient monks, many geniuses and treasures also disappeared. Antarctic Crystal Sands was one of the legends.

The reason why Qi Huan was certain that the words were written using Antarctic Crystal Sands was completely because Xu Yang Zi had described to her that the Antarctic Crystal Sands had extremely cold properties and could not be touched with bare hands, otherwise even the monks who crossed the dujie stage would be caught frozen. In fact, around the purest Antarctic Crystal Sands, there would be another kind of refining material, called Ice Soul.

The Ice Soul did not disappear with the Antarctic Crystal Sands, but that thing had only grown an inch long after a thousand years, so it was still very rare. When Qi Huan saw the Ice Soul all over the ground, she was immediately sure.

A tombstone designed to be so ostentatious. Hmm, what is the story behind this… Qi Huan couldn't help developing a little curiosity about the tomb owner, so she inched her head closer, ready to study the words on the tombstone.

Unfortunately, after looking at it for a long time, she finally gave up helplessly. There was a fact that she had to face, and that was she was indeed illiterate.

“How do you p.r.o.nounce this word?” Qi Huan pointed her finger at the first strange symbol on the tombstone.

“Mo.” Mo Ye's eyes became increasingly strange.

“What about this one?”


“Mo Ye…Oh, so the owner of the tomb is Mo Ye… Wait, what?!?! How come it has the same name as you?” After reciting the name several times, Qi Huan finally realized something was wrong. Is there such a coincidence in this world?

Qi Huan looked surprised, her questioning eyes were so big, staring into Mo Ye, but he only smiled.

“Is this person your ancestor?”


“Then, do you know him?”


“Oh…then would you mind if I take this tombstone away?” Since they didn't know each other, then it was much easier to do things. Although the name on the tombstone was a little weird, Qi Huan cared more about the Antarctic Crystal Sands on it.

However, her words stunned Mo Ye for a while, and then he smiled and shook his head quite helplessly. Although this place was just a burial mound, it felt a bit strange after all that his tombstone was carried away just like that. But then again, a cultivator of Qi Huan's level was really rare, she wouldn't even let go of a tombstone.

After keeping the tombstone and the surrounding Ice Soul into her storage ring, Qi Huan finally showed a smile on her face. Although she was forced to come here, the journey was rewarding in the end.

Sure enough, when the tombstone was taken away, the coldness in the cave disappeared instantly. After a long walk, they finally arrived at the destination of this trip.

After entering the main tomb area, Qi Huan finally knew why the tombstone, engraved with Antarctic Crystal Sands, was placed outside. It was because anything inside the main tomb area was a hundred times more valuable than that tombstone outside!

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The floor of the main tomb area was covered with chalcedony, even the beads used for lighting the place were made of most precious heterochromatic materials. The pavilions on the walls were actually carved from a whole piece of Qilian Yunfeng Stone. Looking from a distance, there was an artistic conception.

“Can it eat people?”

“Maybe not.” Mo Ye turned his head and thought about it. He remembered feeding it radishes last time, although he didn't know that snakes actually didn't eat radishes.

“Hiss” The snake's blood-red forked tongue hissed. Perhaps the snake was irritated because it  actually protruded a small half of its body from the pond, and the entire pond was suddenly covered by its body. The snake stretched its head out towards Mo Ye, getting really close to him, as if it wanted to touch him. It only needed to open its mouth, and then Mo Ye would be swallowed completely.

After a long pause, the snake seemed to show no signs of cannibalism. It just looked at Mo Ye back and forth with those lantern-like eyes, totally ignoring Qi Huan.

Although being ignored by a snake made her very upset, she would rather be so.

“It seems to like you very much.” Qi Huan was not sure if her eyes had mistaken or not, but from the looks of the snake, it looked kind of flattered… Can a snake even show this kind of expression?

“Yeah.” Mo Ye stretched out his hand and patted the snake's head, then looked back at Qi Huan, “Let's go.” After speaking, he walked around the pool and continued ahead.

Qi Huan also wanted to move forward but the thing was, when she took a step, the snake immediately turned its eyes to her, watching her, “Are you sure it won't eat me?”

“Don't worry. If I were the snake, I would definitely not eat you.”


“I'm afraid it will cause indigestion.”

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