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Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: The Tomb Robber

More than two hours later, Qi Huan was sitting on the ground, with a purple round stone glowing continuously in her palm. This is the thunderstone that Mo Ye said. After Qi Huan picked it up from the grounding mat, the entire grounding mat disappeared. The only thing that made Qi Huan curious was that this stone seemed unwilling to leave her, no matter how she tried to remove it from her hand, it still stuck there.

“Hey, help me get it down!” Qi Huan glared at Mo Ye and the little fox, who were eating a deer leg happily in front of her. The two of them were even enjoying themselves, eating all kinds of prey while she was down there in the thunder nets! Although Mo Ye was still kind enough to leave a piece of barbecue for her, now was not the time to eat!

“It will unstick from your hand naturally when it is full.” Mo Ye raised his eyelids, glanced at the thunderstone, and continued to munch on his food. A thunderstone is a good thing. The power of thunder contained in it was definitely not ordinary. The reason why the grounding mats had such great power in the first place, was 90% due to this stone.

In fact, that man was lucky. He obtained this thunderstone that had absorbed tianjie once, so that was how he had the power to refine grounding mats. It was a pity that as the number of uses increased, the power of thunder in the thunder stone gradually decreased, which caused the grounding mats to become broken.

Now that Qi Huan was its personal battery, the thunderstone surely would cling on to her.

“When it is full, I will be dried out!” Qi Huan could feel the power of thunder and lightning in her body was slowly depleting. Although the speed was very slow, and it did not pose any threat to her, she couldn't have this stone on her palm all the time, she didn't like it one bit!

“How powerful are the grounding mats?” Mo Ye suddenly asked, looking at Qi Huan with a smile.

“Very powerful.” Qi Huan's eyes lit up when he mentioned the grounding mats. The ground mats should be regarded as a legendary ma.s.s attack weapon. Those who step on it basically have no chance to break free. Of course, prior to that the thunderstone had to be fully charged to its original state first. If she guessed correctly, when thunderstone was fully charged, she would become as dried as a mummy.

“Go back and practice slowly.” Mo Ye pulled Qi Huan's hand over, and his slender finger drew a circle on her palm. The moment their skin touched, her palm trembled slightly. When Mo Ye let go of her hand, the thunderstone also dropped off from her palm.

“You're giving it to me?” Although she was the one to pick it up first, she felt a little guilty for keeping it all to herself, it was a powerful stone afterall. But who knew that before she even opened her mouth, Mo Ye directly gave the stone to her.

“Don't you want it? I'm afraid later you will kill me and take it from me.” Mo Ye turned around and picked up the little fox who was holding a whole deer with its paws and eating it happily. Then, he turned around and smiled at Qi Huan. This gesture, however, made Qi Huan feel that Mo Ye was more and more like the masked man.

“Hmph, I wouldn't do that.” Murdering others for things was not good. Besides, if they really fought for the stone, she might be the one to be murdered. She was not courageous. She didn't dare to do such a thing that would risk her life.

After the grounding mats were kept, Qi Huan looked around again and discovered that there were many caves, they weren't very deep but caves had always given her a sense of horror, as if something was staring at her from inside.

“Don't look.” Just when Qi Huan was staring at a cave intently. Mo Ye suddenly appeared behind her, hugging her into his arms and covering her eyes with one hand.

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Qi Huan's body that had been shivering in fear earlier slowly returned to normal, her voice trembled as she folded her arms and asked “What the heck is inside?” She was just glancing casually just now, and then she realized that her body was a little stiff, but she couldn't control her body at all. If it hadn't been for Mo Ye to suddenly cover her eyes, perhaps she would be completely rigid now.

“What's the matter?” Qi Huan looked up suspiciously.

“You can look later, now focus on the front, it's dangerous here.” Mo Ye pretended not to notice Qi Huan's bewildered eyes earlier.

“Oh~~” Qi Huan turned her eyes away from his body reluctantly, then she thought to herself, Hey, I have lived for 27 years, and I don't even have a boyfriend, so how could I let go of the chance to see such a perfect man's body? Although she was not in a hurry to marry someone, and those who were gotten married at around a hundred years old in the cultivation world were considered very young, this didn't mean that Qi Huan wanted to wait until more than hundreds of years old before she got married.

“Whose tomb is this here?” Qi Huan asked curiously after reluctantly focusing on her surroundings, and followed Mo Ye as they continued walking in the dark cave. Don't most dead people die buried under the ground? Who would bury their tomb in a cave? Isn't this very convenient for those who wanted to rob the tomb?

“I don't know.” Mo Ye's answer was simple, but Qi Huan wasn't sure if he really didn't know or didn't want to tell her.

“Then what are we doing here?” Qi Huan was very dissatisfied with the answer, so she asked again through gritted teeth.

“Take back something that belongs to me.” Mo Ye's eyes became a little strange, his pupils seemed to be rapidly switching between red and black, but when Qi Huan observed it closely, he became normal again.

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