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Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Grounding Mat

“Well, aren't you here too?” After crawling out of the Air Cutting Silk, Qi Huan consciously wrapped her arms around Mo Ye's neck, the little fox in her arms also poked its head out, tilted its head and looked at Mo Ye, and then climbed onto Mo Ye's shoulder and sat down.

“Quick, go, go, she's chasing!” Qi Huan suddenly heard a noise behind her, she looked back and found that Liu Mo Yi was chasing them. Seeing her hideous look, Qi Huan could feel it from a long distance, the murderous aura writhing all over her.

“Tsk, you are still so timid.” Mo Ye said with a smile, and carried Qi Huan over his shoulders. The little fox sat on his shoulders. At first glance, he was just an ordinary person bearing no threat, but those menacing black eyes made Liu Mo Yi hesitate, she stopped.

When the two figures gradually disappeared, an old man who had been sitting at the door of the black shop buckled his pipe on the ground, then he spoke in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice as if he was talking to himself, “A girl from Qing Yun Sect and a devil from Heavenly Devil Sect, ha ha ha, this is interesting.”

“Oh, shopkeeper, is there anything wrong?” After watching the crowd completely dispersed, the shopkeeper, who had been sitting in the middle of the black shop lobby, ran out with his hands on his fat belly, and then stood behind his old boss honestly, with a respectful look.

“The two An Yue Guan's disciples…withdraw their bets.” The old boss stretched out his fingers that looked like dead branches and drew two crosses on the ground.

“But, Liu Mo Yuan is the most likely to win the first prize among the contestants…” The fat shopkeeper hesitated, but he still waved his hand to pa.s.s the order.

“One mistake will cause several mistakes. Jin Qian, you have to know that some people are not to be offended even by people of our status, even if the person is as small as An Yue Guan.” The old boss looked at the direction Mo Ye left and coughed dryly.

“Whatever you say, boss.” Although the fat shopkeeper understood the old man's concern, he was very curious about who could make this man scruple.

Qian Li Town holds a devil killer tribulation refination every five years. It is a compet.i.tion between devil cultivators but it is also a gamble. All sects will send their most outstanding disciples to partic.i.p.ate, and people of the old boss' status, from Jiang Sect, will be in charge. The interests involved are not imaginable by ordinary people. Only a sect like Jiang Sect that had been standing in the devil realm for thousands of years has the ability to preside over such gambling. However, withdrawing bets was a taboo. The sect whose bet was withdrawn was obviously going to become the withdrawer's enemy.

Although An Yue Temple didn't seem to be a big deal in the Jiang Sect's eyes, it was a sect that had been established for hundreds of years, and they had been in the limelight recently, so doing so was no different than slapping his own face.

“Where are you taking me?” After leaving Qian Li Town, Qi Huan realized that the surrounding scenery seemed different from her journey here. The road earlier was a bleak autumn breeze, but this road was covered in snow.

“Why? Afraid that I would sell you?” Mo Ye looked at Qi Huan with a smile. The flying sword under his feet accelerated once again. In the end, it only looked like a golden sword mark in the air from a far distance.

“If you are able to sell me off, don't forget to share your experience with my Senior Uncle.” Qi Huan was still very clear about her worth.

She still remembered that some time back, she accidentally spilled her Senior Uncle Xu Ling Zi's bottle of 100-year-old flower dew that he had taken a long time to craft, and he furiously said that one day he would send Qi Huan to Wu Xia Mountain.

Wu Xia Mountain is a n.o.ble sect. This sect is not only strange in its name, but also strange in its rules. One of the rules is about the punishment when confronting elders, the punishment is actually a death penalty!

“Wu Xia Mountain has always ignored the unprofitable ones. Senior Uncle, you are going to lose money.” Qi Huan didn't take Xu Ling Zi's threat seriously.

“No, wait, Senior Uncle, you will go bankrupt.” Qi Huan's notoriety had spread to all the Sects in the n.o.ble cultivators world. Even if Xu Ling Zi was to sell off Qing Yun together with Qi Huan, Wu Xia Mountain would not want to buy from him either because of Qi Huan. Hua Xian Zi said that to Xu Ling Zi, p.i.s.sing him off for several days.

“Mo Ye, why did you come here?” Although Qi Huan had no evidence of Mo Ye's ident.i.ty, she felt that she was getting closer and closer to the answer.

Mo Ye looked down at Qi Huan thoughtfully, the corners of his mouth raised, “To steal things.”


“Originally, I was going to do it alone, but since you just happened to be here, well, you can treat this as a way of thanking me.” Mo Ye saw Qi Huan's shocked face. He seemed very satisfied with the results he had caused, the smile on his face grew wider.

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“No, I'll repay you another day.” Although she owed Mo Ye twice for favors, now was not the right time to repay him. Even if her debts towards him were a lot, it was not as important as her life. The people here were all devil cultivators, if she helped Mo Ye steal things, that was the same as looking for her own death.

Qi Huan thought that her thunder spell was good, but unfortunately the widest area she could spread her thunder net was limited within one meter of her surroundings, after which they would disappear by themselves.

“Go to the middle as much as possible, there is a thunderstone there, you can break the ground nets after you take it out.” On the top of the cliff, Mo Ye's voice was heard softly.

“What? This is a grounding mat?!” Standing among the black thunder nets, Qi Huan was almost frightened to death.

In the past three years, Qi Huan would occasionally visit the sect's secret library. There, she found a lot of books about the field history of the cultivation world. Although the stories in them were not too many, they were still wonderful.

One of the stories talks about grounding mats. It is said that the real inescapable grounding mat is a special environment formed between heaven and the earth. It is impossible for anyone to survive after entering it, but it is absolutely impossible to actually encounter a real grounding mat in this world. However, two thousand years ago, one person from the Devil Sect somehow managed to make a grounding mat. It is said that there were not more than ten people in the cultivation world who could safely get out of the grounding net at that time.

It is a pity that after that person disappeared, the whereabouts of the grounding mat is unknown. Now Mo Ye actually told her that these thunder nets around her were actually grounding mats!

“They're broken! If you don't hurry to find the thunderstone, be careful you might lose your life, a thunderstorm is coming soon.” On the edge of the cliff, Mo Ye sat on the ground with the little fox honestly putting its two small paws on his stomach, looking dearly at the roasted deer leg in his hand.

“Never judge a book by its cover! I was blind to think that you were a good person…” As soon as Qi Huan heard that her life might be in danger, she didn't bother to study the legendary grounding mats anymore, she hurriedly followed Mo Ye's instructions and looked for the thunderstone.

“You see, she just needs a little push.” When the little fox heard Mo Ye's words earlier, it quickly flipped over, stretched out its paws and pulled his sleeves.

“Don't worry, I'm just scaring her.” Mo Ye seemed to know that the little fox was worried about Qi Huan. He touched its little head and said with a smile. If he didn't know how powerful the thunder in Qi Huan's body was, how could he throw her down. Besides, those grounding mats were broken, and even if they were not, they also would not be able to trap Qi Huan at all. Anyway, her body could already absorb the thunder from the heaven tribulation, so any levels of thunder in this world would not have any affect on her.

Although Mo Ye was preparing to go down on his own at first, he never expected Qi Huan to come over. Since she was a better solution, of course he wouldn't give up this chance.

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