Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 5

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The Legendary Spirit of the Night


After he finished explaining everything, Ling Feng Zi did not wait around for a second longer.  He flies out using a flying sword.  Before Qi Huan gets the chance to even speak, he is already hundreds of miles away.


Seeing the golden flash of Ling Feng Zi’s sword in the sky, Qi Huan gulps; when will she be able to do that?  Once her turn comes, she will choose the flashiest sword and make phoenixes and dragons fly behind her!  But the distance between her and flying is still far away, she should cultivate to build her foundation first.


Qi Huan casually picks a futon and sits on it cross-legged.  According to Ling Feng Zi, the basis to draw in qi is through meditation.


Perhaps, Qi Huan really has no natural gift.  According to Ling Feng Zi, the person who studied this book back then only took one day to draw in the qi.  But Qi Huan used up two months to study the basics and yet she cannot feel even a single thread of lingqi.


“Perhaps, I am born dull,” Qi Huan mutters as she cross her legs in that soft princess bed of hers.  In order to make Qi Huan leaves his abode faster, Ling Feng Zi ordered 100 disciples to build her a castle (as per her request) in the shortest time possible.  Actually, Qi Huan prefers a pyramid even more, but unfortunately, she never has the chance to meet Ling Feng Zi again after the completion of that castle.


“Whatever, let’s sleep.” Qi Huan lazily turns over, yawns and wraps himself in a soft quilt sleepily.


Before long, long blue light slithers out of her body like a smoke, shrouding her entire body.   With the emergence of the blue light, strands of pure lingqi floats in the air and is absorbed by the blue light.  That goes on for the entire night before the blue light re-enters Qi Huan’s body in the morning.


At that very moment, three old men watch the peak where Xu Kong lives from another, solitary peak.  “I say, Junior Brother has never taken any disciple before, but now that you did, you accepted a startling one ah!  You even got the one with the legendary night spirit.”  A healthy looking old man looks at Xu Kong in envy.


“I got lucky…. It’s only luck… hahaha,” even though Xu Kong’s mouth is humble, his expression is full of arrogance.


Night spirit is the way cultivators absorb the lingqi of the heaven and earth in the middle of the night.  People who have that ability can only cultivate at night.  It is said that they can cultivate even in their sleeps; and it is ten times more effective than regular cultivators.


That is why Qi Huan did not feel a single strand of lingqi entering her body when she cultivated in broad daylight. She never tried cultivating at night so she didn’t even know that she had pa.s.sed the stage of drawing in lingqi long ago


Right now, Qi Huan is in the middle of zhuji, building her foundation.  She can already be considered a master when put amongst mortals, but since she is in Qing Yun Sect, a single flick of a finger from another disciple can put her to death.

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Actually, after she chose that manual, Ling Feng Zi did told her about the problem that book has.  But Qi Huan has no plan to change book; and she was not stupid enough to tell Xu Kong that earlier on.


After he finished venting, Xu Kong glued himself to Qi Huan.  He coaxes and pesters her to change manual, he even wants to hand her his Qing Yun’s ancestral manual that has been pa.s.sed down through generation.


Qi Huan ignores him.  You finally realize how precious I am, old man?  Too late!  Who told you to ran off and casts me aside the moment we reached Qing Yun, serve you right!


Qi Huan squandered two days against Xu Kong while holding on to that idea.  In the end, Xu Kong couldn’t take it anymore and invites his two Senior Brothers over.  Does it make any sense?  He is a big expert in the cultivating world and has lived for over 2000 years and yet he has no idea how to deal with his twenty-something disciple.  His two Senior Brothers are pretty ill-tempered.  Before they even show up, their swords already swing over.  Qi Huan is so shocked, her soul almost leaves her body.  But in the end, the two Senior Brothers are defeated by one sentence from Qi Huan.  She tells them that since the entire cultivation world will be shook if the three of them show up together, then why didn’t they go and steal ‘Path Within Heaven’ and ‘Path Within Earth’ to complete the manual?  In the end, the two old men leave in defeat, leaving only Xu Kong swallowing his tears while facing his disciple who is smiling warmly.


It’s not that they didn’t want to steal them.  They are not weak, but the other party is not weak as well.  ‘Path Within Heaven’ and ‘Path Within Earth’ are each in the Sorcery Sect and in the Demonic Sect.  Even if each of the three of them can go against ten at a time, they will not be able to stand against the two sects.  With a wave of hand, the demonic sect and the sorcery sect can pull out tens of thousands of people while they can pull out around ten.  If the other party spits at them one by one, their spits will be enough to drown them.


Lucky Xu Kong has been cultivating for a long time, he knows that the heaven is unpredictable.  Who knows, maybe Qi Huan’s choice isn’t wrong.  Maybe, her fate is deep.  Perhaps, she will be lucky one day and manage to collect all three books.  This is his best guess.  Besides, Qi Huan will have to study Jiedan first, the fastest she can achieve that is around two hundred years.  No need to rush…. No need to rush…..

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