Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: It's Him

“Let's go.” After booking a room, Liu Mo Yi turned her head and called Qi Huan, Qi Huan reluctantly retracted her gaze, it was a pity that she didn't b.u.mp into him.

She didn't notice him. Just when she turned and followed Liu Mo Yi up to the second floor, in a dark corner, a pair of sharp eyes scanned her back and forth until her figure disappeared upstairs, and the person also disappeared.

“Young Master, I saw her.” In Room 1 on the fifth floor of the inn, Chi Yi lay face flat on the bed, not bothering how he looked, and holding a bunch of grapes that was off season. The masked man that Qi Huan had been eager to see, was lying on the soft couch with his eyes closed, and suddenly a black shadow emerged from the side of the bed.

“Yan Gui, can you please use the d*mn door next time, OK? Don't always crawl out from the shadows!” Chi Yi was taken aback by Yan Gui's sudden appearance of Yan Gui, and mumbled dissatisfiedly.

“It's more convenient this way.” Shadow Escape is an exclusive skill of Yan Gui's clan. As long as there is a shadow, they can use it as a kind of teleportation. It is a terrifying ability. Unfortunately, people who knew Shadow Escape in the cultivation world almost cease to exist. The few who survived rarely show themselves, and Yan Gui was one of the few remaining.

It was because of the man in front of him that he survived that genocide battle, so he dedicated his life to this man with all his loyalty.

“She came here by herself?” All three of them knew who was the “her” Yan Gui mentioned. Chi Yi grinned, moved to Yan Gui's side, pulled his sleeve and asked.

“She's with An Yue Guan's disciples. Two of them, a man and a woman.” Yan Gui answered truthfully.

“Don't worry about her.” After a long silence, a voice sounded from the soft couch.

However, this answer obviously didn't satisfy Chi Yi. He got out of the bed and squatted down in front of the soft couch, “Boss, you are not afraid that the little beauty will be tricked?”

Yan Gui glanced at Chi Yi and stepped back several steps, but still stood in his shadow, so that he could escape easily and at any time. As for why he was not escaping now, although he was not interested in gossip, he would definitely listen to certain things, especially things that he should.

The eyes under the mask remained closed, and the one who answered Chi Yi was silent.

“Boss, if you don't care about the little beauty, then I can go after her. I love to take care of beauties.” Chi Yi would never get tired of taking care of beautiful ladies. Since the last time he helped Ji Wu to take care of his sister-in-law, he didn't have another chance to do so.

And that time, not only was he not appreciated, but he was also hunted down by Ji Wu for half a year. If he hadn't relied on his fast actions, he would have been killed by Ji Wu.

“I'll leave now.” Realizing something was wrong, Yan Gui left after a word, leaving Chi Yi alone.

The blood-red eyes under the mask slowly opened. In the blink of an eye, those eyes became as black as a normal person. The masked man took out his blood-red mask, and raised the corners of his mouth, revealing his bad mood.

“B-Boss, hehe, hehe…” Chi Yi laughed twice, seeing those eyes that didn't have a trace of emotions, and facial muscles that began to twitch. He was just joking, why did his boss stare at him with such horrible eyes, he hadn't done anything yet!

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“You go to host the killer tribulation refination this time, if anything goes wrong, I will send you to Ji Wu.”

Sure enough, the little fox stopped when it jumped to the door. After hesitating for a long time, it stretched out a small white paw and touched the door handle. No surprise, it was bounced back hard at the touch of the door.

Qi Huan stretched out her arms to catch the little fox. Its paw was somehow injured by the blast. Qi Huan's heart trembled. If it was her own hand that had just pushed the door, perhaps, her hand would have been blasted into pieces now.

It seemed that she had miscalculated that woman, thinking that she was a kind devil cultivator.

“Don't cry, don't cry, let's think of another way.” Seeing the little fox pouting, its big eyes full of tears, with its injured little paw, as it slumped on her chest, Qi Huan comforted it softly. She was also distressed.

“Wrap the Air Cutting Silk around you and escape from the window.” Just when Qi Huan was at a loss, a familiar voice suddenly sounded at her ears..

“Mo Ye?!” Qi Huan's heart jumped, hearing this voice actually made her feel relieved inexplicably.

“Hurry up, she is coming back.”

Qi Huan hurriedly took out the Air Cutting Silk according to Mo Ye's instructions, wrapped herself up, and then leaped towards the window. It wasn't until after jumping out that Qi Huan suddenly remembered that she was staying on the second floor. Even if she didn't die, jumping from the second floor would be enough for her to break her arms and legs. She had acted too recklessly just now! She really regretted it now…

Fortunately, before free falling for long, Qi Huan fell into a familiar embrace, “You actually dare to come to the devil cultivators hang out place, that's quite courageous of you, are you tired of living?” It was the familiar face, the familiar voice, and the familiar sarcastic concern.

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