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Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Ten Thunder Tribulation

At that moment, Qi Huan felt that life and death were just part of reincarnation, and the cause and effect in this world were determined by reincarnation.

The Taiji pattern in her body seemed to be feeling something, it suddenly became swirled around frantically, and the ling qi in Qi Huan's body that was condensed into droplets was absorbed by the Taiji pattern in an instant. The devil couple seemed to feel the changes in Qi Huan's body because they all looked at her in surprise.

“You…” The woman had just wanted to stretch out her hand to pull Qi Huan, but she was stopped by the young man, “Don't touch her, she seems to be crazy.” Well, Qi Huan wouldn't blame this man for misunderstanding her, after all, no one in the n.o.ble cultivation world could arouse such a large amount of energy.

Qi Huan couldn't feel the situation outside of her body at all at this moment. Her consciousness had completely immersed into the Taiji pattern in her dantian, feeling the pure ling qi madly sucked into her body. Luckily it was a cloudy day, so Qi Huan couldn't absorb much sun spirit, otherwise her night spirit wouldn't be able to withstand it.

Gradually, the two devils discovered that a billowing cloud started to gather on Qi Huan's head. Looking at the dark cloud, they knew that the thunder produced later would definitely not be weak. This scale was actually comparable to that of Xu Kong Zi's transition years ago, they wondered if Qi Huan could endure it or not.

As Qi Huan's strength in absorbing ling qi increased, not only the vicinity of Qing Tang Town, but even the Kun Lun Mountains were affected. At the peak of Kun Lun, in the golden dome, that even Qing Xiao had no right to enter, a middle-aged man of around 40 years old, opened his eyes slightly, and golden rays of light shot out from his eyes, “Who has entered the human world without permission? And actually stupid enough to trigger the Nine Thunder Tribulation (Nine Leijie), he is really looking for death!” The man said softly, closed his eyes again, and was motionless like a rock again.

If he knew who had triggered the Leijie, he wouldn't be able to sit still.

“She is entering the jiedan stage.” The two devil cultivators escaped from the dark cloud, standing in the distance looking at Qi Huan sitting on the ground. The man watched her for a long time before speaking slowly.

“I think there wasn't such a big movement that time when the blood devils were entering the jiedan stage, right? How many people did she kill to produce such a large thunder calamity?” n.o.ble cultivators would never produce such a calamity, only the devil cultivators could produce such a power, that was the reason why the devil woman was so surprised.

But no one knew the truth. In fact, this matter really had nothing to do with Qi Huan. Just now when she realized the way of reincarnation, she broke through, but even so, her breakthrough had only caused the Taiji pattern to absorb several ling qi. At this time, two strange, black and white jindan had already embedded in her Taiji pattern. Although she didn't know how they came about, she didn't really bother too much about it.

It was the little fox in her arms that had her complaining. She didn't know what was wrong with this little fella. The tails that were originally hidden suddenly came out now, and even the fur on its body was turning back to black. And if Qi Huan guessed correctly the leijie in the sky seemed to be produced by this little fella. It wasn't Qi Huan doing all this!

Qi Huan was now considering whether she should just throw the little fox here and run away? Unfortunately, before she could act, the little fox looked at her with pitiful eyes filled with tears, and its little paws were even clinging on to her shirt. Obviously, it was accusing Qi Huan for not being a good-enough friend.

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In the end, Qi Huan looked up at the thunder in the sky, and gave up her idea. The thunder was about to strike, it was too late to run. Forget it. Anyway, the little fox had helped her before, so it was not a big deal to die together with it. Who is afraid, hmph! Anyway, it's just such a large thundercloud, so what! I can create several of it from my stomach!

The thundercloud gradually dissipated as Qi Huan fainted. In the sky, a Thunder G.o.d, in a scarlet golden armor, looked upset, “Hmph, that stinky girl actually dared to protect a nine-tailed celestial fox from my thunderstrike! If I don't teach her a lesson, she would think that we thunder G.o.ds are weak!”

“Anyway that girl is somewhat related to you, why do you have trouble with her.” An elder man with a long beard stood beside the Thunder G.o.d, shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Don't insult the Heavenly Thunder a.s.sociation! I have never seen such a wimpy junior, hmph!” The Thunder G.o.d's loud voice sounded from far away…

Just after Qi Huan fainted, a Taiji pattern in midair rushed into her body, returned to her dantian and turned slowly again. This scene happened in front of the two devils but they didn't seem to see it at all, only the little fox was watching it with a puzzled look.

“She… She's not dead, right?” When the little fox transitioned earlier, Qi Huan's body was surrounded by silver-purple lightning. The man and woman couldn't see the size of the thunders earlier, they only carefully counted the thunders that struck down, there were a total of ten thunders. If Qi Huan was still a normal person, her ash shouldn't even be present now. However, reality was completely the opposite, other than fainting on the ground, her body basically had no damage at all.

“Let's go over and take a look.” The man walked over first. He didn't see the little fox in Qi Huan's arms until he walked to Qi Huan's side. However, the little fox had already turned back to its false appearance. The man was only slightly surprised, but after careful examination, he concluded that it was just an ordinary fox. The little fox was probably protected by Qi Huan from the last thunderstruck earlier. If the man knew that it was this little thing that had absorbed all nine thunders and transitioned, he would surely be frightened.

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