Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Reincarnation

The woman in front of Qi Huan looked very ordinary, but her eyes were incredibly beautiful. Qi Huan couldn't describe how she felt. She only knew that she seemed to be able to forget all her worries just by staring at those eyes.

“I was just pa.s.sing by. I wanted to rest in the town but I heard that there was a monster here, so I came to join in the fun.” It took Qi Huan a long time to react from those eyes, finally smiling while explaining to the woman.

At the same time, she secretly warned herself that she must not look at the woman's eyes. Those eyes seemed to have some kind of magical powers, which made her addicted to it uncontrollably.

“The only reason why the Song Family is haunted by monsters is because their master has done too much evil.” The woman calmly looked at Old Master Song, who was fighting with the old Taoist. For a moment, her eyes flashed with strong hostility.

Although Qi Huan didn't know if this strange woman was related to this matter or not, she was not prepared to understand the situation. Old Master Song had done too many damages over the years, otherwise there wouldn't be a crowd of people here to watch, given the supposedly scary situation.

She was just a pa.s.serby, just watching the excitement.

However, one doesn't want to care, doesn't mean that trouble won't find one. Just as Qi Huan was very focused, Old Master Song suddenly lashed out, but the Taoist's movement was quick, he bent over and escaped Old Master Song's sudden move. Qi Huan looked at the old Taoist's twisted S body, she couldn't help being surprised. It was a pity that such a flexible body didn't learn yoga. A normal being's body would be fragile at the age of 50 but this old man was still so flexible at his age, he looked at least 60!

Compared to the old Taoist, Old Master Song was too far behind. The moment he lashed out was very mighty. Unfortunately, he was too fat, so he couldn't control the inertia at all, and in the next second, he landed directly towards Qi Huan's side.

The crowd immediately turned pale when they watched Old Master Song flying over to their side, he looked terrifying and hideous, they were so scared that they couldn't even walk.

Qi Huan couldn't help sighing. He had finally taken his shot. Qi Huan twitched her right hand, and a yellow charm was lightly attached to Old Master Song's head. Under the horrified gaze of the crowd, Old Master Song seemed to suddenly lose all his strength and fell heavily to the ground.

Truthfully, Old Master Song was not deprived of strength, but he was so pressed that he could not get up at all. Qi Huan was not a kind person, she used a Five Sacred Talisman on him, directly suppressing him, so that he couldn't get up and scare everyone again.

Qi Huan also noticed that everyone was staring at her with surprise, except for the old Taoist who was still bent in an S shape, and the woman beside her.

After seeing Old Master Song was “executed”, Song Zhi, the eldest son of the Song Family who had been hiding behind everyone, walked out in sweat, and bowed to Qi Huan gratefully, “Thank you for your help, deity! You are our Song Family's savior!”

“It's nothing, I was just helping out.” Qi Huan waved her hand, and hurried out while the crowd was still in shock, then she randomly found a small alley. Luckily, she had been strolling around the Song Family's house often last time, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to avoid those people easily.

“You've been following me for so long, come out.” After walking into the quiet alley, Qi Huan finally stopped. She was very sure of one thing now. The “monster” here was stronger than her, much, much stronger. If it weren't for the little fox in her arms to signal her that someone was following her, she wouldn't have noticed it.

“I'm very curious, since you have made a move, why don't you help to the end?” It was a young man's voice, but two people walked out from the shadows, one was the old Taoist and the other was that woman.

It must be the old Taoist who spoke. It seemed that he had been wearing a disguise and Qi Huan hadn't noticed it at all.

“Help him give him another shot?” Qi Huan had realized that the talisman she just used on Old Master Song had lost its effectiveness, which meant that Old Master Song was dead. Apart from the two people in front of her, Qi Huan could not think of anyone else who would dare to kill Old Master Song.

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“You really don't look like those n.o.ble hypocrites.” The woman said with a smile.

After leaving Qing Tang Town, the couple didn't seem that they were going to fly, so Qi Huan felt relieved. Although she had flown several times, she still couldn't control her fear of height every time she took off, it was strange, because she felt fine when she was flying with her shifu.

“He killed our mother.” The three people walked in tandem, and the woman, who was at the last, finally spoke.

Qi Huan was surprised. She had heard of how Old Master Song took away the Liu Family's property, but she hadn't heard that Liu Er Niang actually had children. Didn't they say that she hanged herself in the Nunnery?

“My mother died after giving birth to us. In order to prevent that rascal from discovering our existence, she would rather hang herself..” Qi Huan was silent, listening to the woman's choking voice.

This was maternal love. She didn't understand it, she didn't understand at all, because no one had ever loved her.

“Therefore, I won't let him die so easily. I will refine his body into a zombie, refine his soul inch by inch, so that he will never live another life.” The woman's voice became sharp and cold.

Qi Huan didn't doubt the woman's words. With her strength, she didn't need to lie in front of Qi Huan. She didn't have much resistance to the things that Old Master Song was about to face, perhaps she had seen too much life and death that she had begun to feel numb about life now.

“Why are you not angry?” The woman suddenly asked, looking at Qi Huan's expressionless face.

“He had done many evil things, he has to pay it back sooner or later.” Qi Huan was silent for a long time before finally spitting out this sentence. Reincarnation, so this is the so-called reincarnation, huh.

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