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Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Don't Be Too Greedy

“Nine… nine-tailed celestial fox?!” Qi Huan was a little dumbfounded. As slow as she was, she also knew what the nine tails represented. Qing Se, the most respected in the Monster Sect, was only born with seven tails. Qi Huan had really gotten a great deal! Now, she was just not sure if her shifu would throw her back to Nine Floors Monster Mountain in a fit of anger.

Anyway, she couldn't return to Qing Yun Mountain for the time being now. She didn't want to risk the others if the elders of the sacrificial hall followed her all the way to her sect, so it was safer to follow these three devil cultivators for now.

Qi Huan didn't know how long they had been flying, anyway, she finally felt her heart slowly calming down after she could no longer see the three old folks.

“Phew~ That was too dangerous!”

“Heh, that's just the beginning.” The masked man put his arm around Qi Huan and whispered. The three of them who were flying side by side suddenly swooped down towards the ground. The sudden move made Qi Huan unstable, and she immediately wrapped her legs around the masked man's waist. She swore that she was definitely not trying to seduce him, it was just a reflex in the face of danger.

Qi Huan's movements made the masked man stunned for a moment, and then his eyes looked at her weirdly. “Why, why are we suddenly going down!” In order to dispel the embarra.s.sing situation between them, Qi Huan simply turned her head away from him, and complained. However, she still clinged on to the masked man, showing no means of letting go.

“They are catching up on us.” A golden light shone in the sky, but the golden light was actually mixed with blood red colour. The three elders somehow used some kind of magical tools that had abnormally fast speed, and in just a blink of an eye, the distance between them and Qi Huan had shortened more than half.

“Chi Yi, Yan Gui, you two go first, see you in Qian Li Town three days later.”

“Understood.” The two said in unison, and then escaped separately.

Qi Huan stared at the backs of the two dumbfoundedly. When encountering danger, shouldn't the younger brothers go up and block the danger, while the boss escaped for his life? Why had it completely reversed? She thought it was safer to stay with the masked man, if she had known that the boss would be the one blocking the danger, she would have held on to Chi Yi instead.

“Hey, I haven't lived long enough yet!” One has no chance of winning against three, okay?! Even if you want to die, you don't have to get me involved!

“Relax. I don't plan to die yet.” The masked man took Qi Huan and flew up and down, like a rollercoaster, making Qi Huan see stars. Luckily, she hadn't eaten yet, otherwise, all those food would go to waste!

The three old folks chased the two of them for about two miles, and finally they caught up to them. Qi Huan's eyes were blurred, and her entire body was stuck close to the man next to her. She couldn't be bothered anymore. She only had one thing in mind now, and that was she would fall if she let go. However, the little fox seemed to be really enjoying flying through the air, it even jumped out of Qi Huan's chest and stood on her head.

It had really lived up its name of being the nine-tailed celestial fox. Its sense of balance was so good that Qi Huan actually felt jealous.

“Hand over our nine-tailed celestial fox, and we will spare your life!” The three elders of the sacrificial hall stood on their ray of light side by side, forming a golden giant sword. The sword had no defined shape. Qi Huan could only tell from the outline of the golden light that it was a flying sword, and also from how it was emanating waves of ling qi. This made Qi Huan feel even more scared.

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“I will die sooner if I hand it over.” She was not a fool, so she wouldn't do such a stupid thing. Nevermind the nine-tailed celestial fox, even if she stole a stone from the sacrificial hall, those elders also wouldn't let her go easily, let alone abducting the future hope of the Monster Sect. These three old folks wouldn't be able to relieve their hatred if they didn't kill her.

“Third brother, run!” The second elder yelled, pulling the fourth elder and retreating. However, it was too late, the third elder couldn't avoid it, and his head was cut into half.

Qi Huan covered her mouth in horror as the third elder twitched and turned into a black giant wolf with only half of his head left.

“Third brother! I'll avenge you!” The fourth elder, standing in the distance, saw that his brother who had been with him for a thousand years, was killed. He broke free from the second elder and wanted to rush back but the masked man showed no mercy. With a twitch in his hand, another sword appeared suddenly.

Fortunately, the second elder's movements were fairly fast, he used one arm in exchange for the fourth elder's life. But it was a pity. Qi Huan glanced at the half-dead fourth elder and knew that his Monster ying had been destroyed so even if he survived by chance, he would never be able to recover his strength that was already in the dujie stage.

Qi Huan heard from Xu Kong Zi that the man next to her now was at most in his huashen stage. She did not expect that he could attack the three elders in their dujie stage just by some weird flying swords in his hand. He had not only seriously injured two elders, but also killed one of the elders. No wonder the people in the cultivation world were always coming up with ways to steal magical tools. Qi Huan finally knew the value of these tools.

Truthfully, the consequences of these elders could only be blamed on their greed. If they hadn't covet the Heavenly Devil Sect's things, how could they have fallen to this result?

Therefore, one must not be too greedy! Qi Huan couldn't help but glanced at the golden flying sword held by the masked man, and drooled a little at its power.

TLN: The levels of cultivation, from the weakest, are: zhuji, ningqi, jiedan, yuanying, huashen, dujie, dacheng

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