Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Grew Eight More Tails

Qi Huan looked at the drooling fox sleeping in her arms with a daze. She was certain that this little fox must be male. But it had helped her to get the book, she couldn't just leave the little fox here!

Without any options left, Qi Huan had to carry the little fox in her arms, turn around and walk out. Fortunately, this time she was wiser, she made a mark in her journey here. Although it took a long time for her to find the marks, she finally found it and followed the marks to the main hall.

This time the door did not disappear. Qi Huan poked her head out, and found that there was no one around, so she ran out of the sacrificial hall on tiptoe.

At first, she thought that stealing this book would mean risking her life but she didn't expect to encounter this little fox, she didn't even have to do anything, she had the little fox help her.

Now that the book was in her hand, she would definitely not stay at the Nine Floors Monster Mountain any longer, who knew what would happen if the elders in the sacrificial hall found out that the book was missing. They might lock the entire mountain! So she had better return to Qing Yun Mountain quickly.

As soon as Qi Huan walked out of the sacrificial hall, the eldest elder of the sacrificial hall, who had been chasing Chi Yi and the masked man, suddenly stopped. With a look of uncertainty on his face, he turned his head to look in the direction of the sacrificial hall in doubt.

“Big Brother, what's the matter?” The third elder also stopped.

“It's out of the sacrificial hall.” The voice of the great elder trembled a bit, trying to sense that familiar breath, but he couldn't sense it.

“How is it possible, it can't go out by itself!”

“Someone took it away, we've been tricked!” After hearing their great elder's words, the four elders' faces became very ugly. They no longer cared about chasing Chi Yi, they rushed back hoping to catch the culprit before he disappeared.

Unfortunately, when they returned, Qi Huan was already standing in the Nine Floors Monster Mountain, looking around her unfamiliar surroundings, unfortunately she had lost her sense of direction again.

Seeing that the four elders of the sacrificial hall that had followed them suddenly turned and left, Chi Yi stopped in surprise. “Boss, why did they stop chasing us?”

“I don't know.”

“Should we go and take a look?” Chi Yi rubbed his hands together with a flattering smile on his face. He was borned to like to watch excitement. The elders' stopping and returning to the sacrificial hall had made him really curious. Except for them, who else had the courage to find trouble in the sacrificial hall and provoke the four elders?


So the three of them turned back again and flew towards the sacrificial hall.

“There's someone.” Suddenly, the man in black, who looked like a shadow and had been flying by Chi Yi's side, suddenly spoke. He glanced sideways at his master behind him and found that he had also stopped.

“It's her.” Just a short sentence, but it seemingly felt very annoyed and tired, who knew they could come across her again here.

When the three men descended from the sky, Qi Huan still had her head lowered, trying to find her footprints.

“Hey beautiful, do you need help?”

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“Um… I forgot which way I took just now…” Halfway speaking, Qi Huan suddenly felt something was wrong, there's someone here!? She suddenly raised her head and realized that three people came out of nowhere and were standing in front of her, and two of them were her acquaintances.

“I don't need a maid.” The man's voice grew deeper.

“Then what do you want?” Turning to look at the sky, the three lights seem to be getting closer and closer. Her little life would really be gone if she didn't leave now!

“Let's go.” With a cold voice, Qi Huan only felt an arm around her waist, and when she reacted, she realized that they were already all flying in the sky.

“Give us back our things, otherwise we won't let you go!” The voice of the three elders of the sacrificial hall pierced the entire sky angrily, but the three old folks seemed to be unable to catch up with Qi Huan.

“What did you take from them?” The masked man lowered his head, looking at Qi Huan, who was clinging to his arms, and asked. Hearing the roar, the devil cultivators immediately understood that the elders were after Qi Huan.

Qi Huan kept quiet, but the little fox's head that just popped out from her arms, told everyone the truth. It was just a fox. The little fox was holding onto Qi Huan's clothes with his paws, and his little head turned around curiously, seemingly feeling strange at the change in the scenery after a nap.

“Ah, what a cute fox!” Chi Yi couldn't help but lean forward when he saw its little head, but because the little fox was close to Qi Huan's chest, he didn't dare to touch it.

“A nine-tailed celestial fox.” The husky voice of the man in black, who had never spoken so far, was heard.

“Nine tails? Obviously, there's only one…” When the little fox got out of her arms, Qi Huan almost screamed. It had only one tail just now. But… it has nine tails now!!

The nine-tailed celestial fox is born with nine tails, and it takes 10,000 years to give birth to one. It's one of a kind, borned to be the best leader. After walking around in the sacrificial hall, Qi Huan had abducted the future ruler of the Monster Clan…

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