Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 4

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The Incomplete Secret Technique



She must say, this Ling Feng Zi treats Qi Huan, this Senior Uncle really well.  Rather than looking down on her for having no prior experience in cultivation, he tries his best to send all the powerful cultivating manuals in the sect for her.


No other new recruits have the luxury to choose any high grade manuals.  Xu Kong Zi’s position is just too high, so naturally, Qi Huan receives preferential treatment as his disciple.


But, after receiving the books, Qi Huan is not happy.  She even wonders if she could release some amulets on Ling Feng Zi.  What does he mean by this?  Nevermind the ancient calligraphy style, after exerting quite an effort, she can only recognize a few characters.  The oracles characters are still okay since it’s integrated with image.  But the tadpole characters are too much!  He clearly wants to mock her illiteracy.


No matter what, she is a still a graduate from a famous university, but after time-travelling, she can’t even recognize the character ‘big’.  That Ling Feng Zi even gives her a thin purple and gold booklet.  It seems to have only a couple of pages.  Purple and golden color seems to glimmers in the pages.  Even though Qi Huan doesn’t know what it is, she knows it’s a treasure.


Ling Feng Zi told her this is a treasure from their Qing Yun Sect.  He especially took it out to let her have a look at it.


When Qi Huan excitedly turns over to look at the first page, she finally understands why Ling Feng Zi said ‘to have a look’, this is an empty heavenly book.  Her eyes almost pop out and she still couldn’t spot a single character.


In the end, Qi Huan understands.  Even people like Xu Kong have to exert energy and still only understood half of the page.


After she leaf over all those books, Qi Huan curses Ling Feng Zi.  In the end, after a morning filled with anger, Qi Huan choose the thinnest book about constructing the foundation called, ‘Path within Human’



Don’t think for a minute that Qi Huan knows how to choose the book that suits her best, she only chose it because it is the only book where the t.i.tle contains all the characters she recognize.  The thinness of the book is a contributing factor as well.


When it comes to cultivation, Qi Huan didn’t really have the wish to become the strongest one out of the lot.  She only hopes she can live a little longer, have a healthier body, and fly here and there in the sky.  She has never been greedy, this is enough to satisfy her.


Seeing Qi Huan choosing that book, Ling Feng Zi is surprised.  He hesitates for a moment, wanting to say something to Qi Huan.  But after pondering, he didn’t open his mouth.


Celestial figures trust on fate the most.  So he considers Qi Huan selecting a book as a fate as well.  He sent over so many books about building the foundation and she chose that one, this is clearly her fate.


Not that the book isn’t good. On the contrary, it’s a really powerful book.  Years ago, the entire realm had a b.l.o.o.d.y battle over this technique.  In the end, the people who s.n.a.t.c.hed that technique all died, leaving only three.  And those three people split the book into three parts, each of them taking one.  Since they can’t cultivate with that technique, they naturally won’t let others as well.


Out of the three people, one of them is Xu Kong’s Senior Gr

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anduncle, Qi Huan’s Senior Grand Ancestor.   He renamed that book as ‘Path Within People.’  This part of the book teaches Zhuji, Ningqi, and Jiedan.  Yuanying, Huashen, Dujie and Dacheng are in the other two books.

Thinking of that, Ling Feng Zi wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.  He really shouldn’t look down on this Senior Uncle.  Even the most promising of new recruits who are not scared of tigers are not as courageous as her.  She actually pulls out off of her shifu’s spiritual roots nice and clean.


If Senior Granduncle Xu Kong finds out that the thousand year old magnolia had been cut off by Qi Huan with a sickle and brought back to her room to represent her elegance and temperament, will he vomit blood out of anger?


These kind of things could only be done by Qi Huan.  He can’t do anything, she entered the sect through the back door.  Her position is so high it can strangle others to death.  Right now, all the powerful ancestors are either in a retreat or had gone down the mountain to cultivate.  So other than him, this sect leader, the person with the highest position is Qi Huan.  n.o.body dares to seek trouble with her.


At this moment, Ling Feng Zi is thankful he sees things ahead.  After Qi Huan lives in his mountain peak, he puts all of his valuables and treasures in his own s.p.a.ce bags, he didn’t left Qi Huan a single hair strand.  This is also why Qi Huan has been looking disgruntled upon meeting him.


After getting the book, Qi Huan did not ask Ling Feng Zi to leave.  What a joke, the characters inside looks familiar, they know Qi Huan, but Qi Huan didn’t know them.


In the end, it is Ling Feng Zi who has to explain every single word to her.  In the end, he even gives her the details on how to draw in qi to her body, he almost cultivates on the behalf of Qi Huan.


The two people were at it until evening.  By then, Qi Huan finally understands Zhuji and how to draw in qi.  As for Ling Feng Zi, seeing Qi Huan in satisfaction and awe, he finally sees someone so stupid that she startles the sky and shakes the earth.


Not even 1000 characters in, she actually needs him to explain everything one by one twenty times.  Of course, Qi Huan would never tell Ling Feng Zi that she already understood everything by the fifth explanation.  She just like seeing his expression when he is so helpless and yet have to endure.

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