Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Escaped From The Wolf's Claw

“You Monster Sect people are indeed full of talents.” Qi Huan originally thought that her old man living in a cave was already terrifying, but she didn't expect something more terrifying here. This elder actually lives in a Law Enforcement Hall (torture chamber), he looks at broken arms and legs every day, and he can still sleep well!

Liu Ran barely squeezed out a smile, took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

“Er…” The door only opened a small slit, and Qi Huan's expression suddenly changed. How could anyone stay here? This is literally h.e.l.l!

All she could see were mutilated corpses. Judging from the scars on the corpse, it was obvious that it had been tortured during its lifetime. And most of the corpses were monsters. Weren't the Monster Sect the most united sect? How were there so many monster corpses here, and they even used such a cruel method as a death penalty.

Compared to Qi Huan, Liu Ran was much calmer. After all, she had stayed here for a while, but her face didn't look good.

“Come in.” The Law Enforcement Hall didn't have much decorations. The only decorations were probably all kinds of torture equipments hanging on the wall, making Qi Huan dazzled.

Qi Huan followed Liu Ran walking over the corpses at the door. Fortunately, the inside was slightly normal, but the black blood stains on the ground told Qi Huan that the place where she was standing had been piled up with corpses.

“Miss Qi Huan, where are you from?” Qi Huan and Liu Ran were so afraid, they just stood at a corner, only Lang Xi was sitting on the only chair in this room.

“Uh… I am a disciple of Kun Lun Sect, and my master is… the Head of Kun Lun Sect.” Qi Huan glanced around to find an excuse. Since Lang Xi hated the Qing Yun Sect, how could she stupidly tell him that she was from there? This kind of thing certainly must be pushed on to her enemy.

“Oh? But I heard that Miss Qi Huan, you're from Qing Yun Sect?” Lang Xi's green eyes scanned Liu Ran and Qi Huan, and his voice gradually turned cold, “Liu Ran, what do you say?”

“I don't dare to lie to my elders. Miss Qi Huan is indeed a Kun Lun disciple.” Liu Ran lowered her head, her voice trembling slightly.

“Kun Lun disciple…Why didn't I hear that Qing Xiao had taken another female disciple?” Even if Liu Ran confirmed Qi Huan's false ident.i.ty, Lang Xi still didn't seem to believe it.

“My shifu accepted me ten years ago. I have never been out of the mountain gate, so outsiders don't know about me.” Qi Huan lied smoothly. She guessed that Lang Xi should not be so familiar with Qing Xiao. It was impossible that he knew all the disciples he had accepted.

“I see, but I'm very curious, why is it then that the Qing Yun Sect Xu Kong Zi's storage ring is in your hand?” Lang Xi stared at the dark yellow ring on Qi Huan's right index finger. Since Xu Kong Zi threw her to the Nine Floors Monster Mountain, this ring had been on her finger. Qi Huan didn't even think that she would be exposed just because of a ring.

“Xu Kong Zi had this ring with him since he came to Nine Floors Monster Mountain last time. I am quite confident in my memory.” Lang Xi's right hand rubbed back and forth on the arm chair, looking at Qi Huan with a cold expression.

There are many things like this storage ring in the cultivation world, but Celestial Device level of storage rings are very rare, and it happens that Xu Kong Zi has one such ring in his hands. Therefore, Lang Xi didn't need any other evidence to prove that Qi Huan was lying.

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“Recently, it has been rumored that Xu Kong Zi has accepted a female apprentice, and he loved her very much. I guess that girl is you.”

“Elder Lang Xi, you seem to be a little dissatisfied with the guest I invited.” In the moment of life and death, a voice that sounded like a spring breeze was heard. Looking at the cyan figure walking outside the door, Qi Huan, for the first time, felt that it didn't matter whether it was a human or a monster, if Qing Se didn't mind, she would be more than willing to trade her body to be saved now, although it seemed that the person being taken advantage of was Qing Se.

“Head.” After Qing Se appeared, Lang Xi retracted his claws instantly, he backed a few steps, and Qi Huan noticed that his legs were shaking, they were shaking very badly.

Qi Huan turned his head curiously to look at Qing Se. This man is such a soft beauty, could he really frighten Lang Xi that much?

“Elder Lang Xi, I don't want this pampered guest to be harmed in any way on my site. I will leave her safety here to you, can you do it? You know, with Miss Qi Huan's ident.i.ty, if she is harmed, elder Xu Kong Zi of Qing Yun Sect will be very angry.” Qing Se continued to smile as he spoke, even his tone sounded lazy.

“Yes.” Lang Xi replied through gritted teeth. At this moment, Qi Huan felt the fearful killing intent from Lang Xi, but too bad, it was too late. After this, perhaps he wouldn't have the chance to do anything to her anymore in the Nine Floors Monster Mountain.

It seemed that the real cruelty here was Qing Se. If Qi Huan was hurt, it seemed that Lang Xi's life would also be affected. But there was one thing that Qi Huan didn't understand, why is Qing Se protecting her?

“Let's go.” Qing Se smiled brightly at Qi Huan.

Qi Huan shook her head awkwardly, “No can do.”

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