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Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Wood Also Knows How To Fall In Love

“Junior Sister… umm… I…” Mount Shu elders and Qing Se walked in front, Qi Huan, Dong Yuan and the others followed. According to seniority, Qi Huan should be in the forefront, she did some calculations and discovered that this Monster Sect's Head seemed to be less senior than her.

However, they were in other people's territory, it was better to keep a low profile. Qi Huan's strength was still inadequate so she was very happy to let the people of Mount Shu walk at the front.

“Just call me Qi Huan.” Dong Yuan already knew her ident.i.ty when Xu Kong Zi made a fuss in Mount Shu last time, so he couldn't help feeling embarra.s.sed looking at her now.

“Qi Huan, why are you… here?”

“My shifu sent me here…” She mustn't let the Monster Sect's Head know that she came here to steal the book, so she used a more tactful tone to reply to Dong Yuan. However, from Dong Yuan's point of view, Qi Huan seemed to have no intention of telling him the truth, so he forced a smile, but in his eyes, he was a little bit disappointed.

The Mount Shu elders were also very curious about why Qi Huan was here in the Nine Floors Monster Mountain. When Qi Huan and Dong Yuan were talking, they were all listening closely. No one believed that Xu Kong Zi would be willing to send his precious apprentice here to the Monster Sect's territory. Although they were curious of why Qi Huan was here, they couldn't do anything if she was unwilling to tell them.

However, Qing Se turned his head several times and stared at Qi Huan with interest for a long time.

Qi Huan now only knew what aura was, coming to the Monster Sect's territory. While they were walking along the way, no matter who they met, those people would all bow to Qing Se, and the respect they had in their eyes when they were looking at Qing Se was obvious. Qi Huan sighed. Qing Se's capability to deceive people was really not comparable to ordinary people!

Under Qing Se's guidance, the group of people quickly pa.s.sed through the forest. Out of Qi Huan's expectation, the Nine Floors Tower was actually built on a solitary mountain outside the forest. It is known as a lonely mountain because there is not even a single plant on the mountain, and the rocks are also entirely black, not sure what material it is.

Of course, this is just Qi Huan's own thoughts. After seeing the location of the Nine Floors Tower, the Mount Shu elders were wide eyed in astonishment. In the cultivation world, they could only get a palm-sized Dark Sea Crystal. But, there is a mountain of it here!

Moreover, the entire Nine Floors Tower seemed to be built using Dark Sea Crystals. The elders finally understood the true meaning of wealth, looking up at the incredibly tall Nine Floors Tower.

“This building…” Qi Huan stretched out her hand to feel the black wall. Although this building looked magnificent and gave out an aura that stresses people, Qi Huan felt that it looked very strange. When she looked at this building, there seemed to be no trace of light around here.

“Did you see anything, Miss Qi Huan?” Qing Se stood in front of the building, looking back at Qi Huan, eager to hear what she had to say.

“Is not very st.u.r.dy!” Qi Huan was originally curious about the materials of this building. Who knew that when she poked it with her finger, her finger actually went right through the walls. This is too much! How can her finger poke through the wall! This building… is really not st.u.r.dy! Qi Huan thought to herself.

“Uh… it's not too bad. I have lived for hundreds of years. It hasn't fallen yet.” Qing Se's delicate and beautiful face stiffened for a moment. Even if he cracked his head, he would have never expected Qi Huan to say such a thing.

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The elders glanced at each other, and turned their heads away at the same time. The disciple closest to Qi Huan also shifted his body away, vowing not to stand near to her.

“It's okay…” Although Qi Huan didn't know how long “these years” refer to, judging from her tone, it was obvious that she had not been to Qing Yun Sect for many, many years. Where was Qi Huan at that time, she didn't know, but judging by the looks of the Qing Yun Sect's disciples, it seemed that they had been doing well.

“Do you know Ling Yun Zi, Miss Qi Huan?” Liu Ran suddenly stopped and asked, turning around and staring at Qi Huan with some expectation.

“Ling Yun Zi?!” Qi Huan's eyes widened suddenly. This person… could it be that she had a special relationship with my Junior Nephew…! Oh my, so that wood actually knew how to fall in love!

Qi Huan looked at Liu Ran's expression again and felt that there was an 80% possibility that her guess was correct. Qi Huan never mistaken the look of a woman when she mentions someone she likes. It's just that there is a bit of bitterness and expectation in Liu Ran's expression.

“Uh… You know Ling Yun Zi?” Qi Huan raised her eyebrows. Although she was very curious, this was her first time meeting Liu Ran, so she had better be more careful.

Liu Ran nodded lightly, her eyes a little misty, as if she recalled something, “We met on Kun Lun Mountain three hundred years ago.”

Three hundred years ago, she was still an innocent little monster, and he was an elite disciple of the Qing Yun Sect who had just cultivated successfully. The two who shouldn't have met in the first place, met each other. But whatever happened after their meeting was beyond their imagination. In the end, she was taken back to the Nine Floors Monster Mountain by the Monster Sect, and she was forced to swear that she would not leave the Nine Floors Monster Mountain ever again.

The elder of Monster Sect warned that if Ling Yun Zi dares to take a step into the Nine Floors Monster Mountain, he will die.

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