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Chapter 34 – Nine

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Chapter 34: Nine-Tailed Blue Fox

“Haihhhhhh! Why do I have such a hard life!” Qi Huan, who had been walking in circles for the fifth time, sat on the branch of an ancient tree and sighed loudly. How big is this forest?! And why are there so many towering ancient trees covering the skies!

And the worst part is that the trees here are still “in their teens”. They often drool and chase after Qi Huan. Luckily, Qi Huan's thunder spell that she had been practicing for three years did not go in vain, otherwise she would already long be buried inside of those trees' stomachs before she could even get out of the forest.

Suddenly, she vaguely heard a voice coming from the northeast, it sounded like footsteps walking towards her. Qi Huan frowned, then, she took out a yellow charm from her storage bag and placed it in her palm. Her aura from her body was completely concealed as she sat quietly, waiting for the arrival of those people.

After all, this place belonged to the Monster Sect, and any carelessness may cost her life here. Qi Huan didn't want to die before her shifu, so she'd rather be careful.

As the footsteps approached, Qi Huan stretched out her head and looked forward. The first person she saw was Yuan Hui, the elder of Mount Shu. She also recognized the few people behind Yuan Hui. They were all the Yuan elders. In fact, even Dong Yuan and some other inner disciples of Mount Shu were present.

“Senior Brother, is the information they gave accurate? We have encountered many monster cultivators along the way, but we have not seen a spirit of cicada slough (Chantui, a Chinese herb) at all.” Behind Yuan Hui, the pale-faced Yuan Xin, who was dressed like a peac.o.c.k, whispered.

“No matter what, this is our last chance. We can't sit and watch our leader get poisoned and die.” Yuan Hui sighed. The entire Mount Shu still couldn't find the antidote for Yuan Chu, who was poisoned three years ago. (TLN: Lol, and he's still alive after 3 years?) Later, they heard that in order to detoxify the poison, they must find the spirit of cicadas slough, but this thing is very rare. They had only seen it once in 500 years.

Some days ago, they finally heard some news about the presence of the cicada slough spirit, but it was in the Monster Sect's territory. The monster cultivators had never actively fought against the celestial cultivators, but the case was different now, they were invading their territory to find the spirit cicada slough. That was why Yuan Hui had no choice but to bring several people into the Nine Floors Monster Mountain.

He wanted to find it quickly and get out, but he had already received five waves of attacks from the monster cultivators on the third day after he and the other Mount Shu people entered this place. The level of cultivation of those monster cultivators was higher than that of the previous wave. In the last wave, even Yuan Xin, who was equipped with his celestial device, was badly injured.

Standing on the tree, Qi Huan was secretly stunned, listening to what they said. It seemed that her shifu was right to send her alone here, otherwise she would have encountered various attacks on the first day she arrived here. This group of elders in their yuanying stage were basically targets of the monster cultivators.

Qi Huan held the charm in her hand that concealed her aura, while deciding whether she wanted to follow them or not. Although they did not save her last time, she did not think it was a big deal. After all, during critical moments, it was normal to pick your own sect first. Although Qi Huan was a little conflicted about Dong Yuan's choice that time, she did not blame him.

After a while, Qi Huan completely dispelled the idea of following them. Seeing the Mount Shu elders walking towards the tree where she was hiding, Qi Huan suddenly felt a strong and fearful trace of monster cultivators' aura coming from the direction they came.

What kind of monster cultivation is this!? Qi Huan strongly resisted the fear in her heart. Although this aura was comparable to her Senior Brother Hua Xian Zi. But her Senior Brother's aura was far less terrifying. Moreover, Hua Xian Zi's aura was not domineering nor vigorous as compared to the one she was feeling now.

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“Peak stage of Huashen.” Yuan Hui whispered, his expression became extremely ugly. Among them, the one with the highest cultivation level was only at the beginning stage of huashen (G.o.d Transformation). They wouldn't be able to escape even if they tried to escape now. In the blink of an eye, a cyan figure appeared in front of Qi Huan's eyes.

“Thank you, Head Qing Se!” Yuan Hui was already riding on the tiger's back, he had no way down even if he didn't agree with Qing Se. He had no choice but to bite the bullet and agree to follow. He only hoped that Qing Se would show mercy.

“Hey, Miss on the tree, do you want to go together?” Qing Se nodded with satisfaction, seeing how Yuan Hui and the others accepted his kindness, but just as he was about to turn around, a faint blue smoke burst out of Qi Huan's palm.

“Sh*t!” Qi Huan had been patronized by his beauty, she forgot that her charm had a countdown! The time had pa.s.sed and the charm burnt spontaneously. Forged and fake commodities kill people! If she had known that these charms were so useless, she would have asked for a dozen genuine ones from her old man!

Qi Huan jumped down from the tree with a dusty and dirty appearance. When Dong Yuan saw Qi Huan, his face changed, several Mount Shu elders also looked differently after seeing her. They all had experienced Qi Huan's shifu, Xu Kong Zi's unreasonable lesson. Hey, even if your apprentice was kidnapped from our sect, that doesn't mean you can simply throw your Destroyer Leishi at us anytime you like! That day when Xu Kong Zi attacked Mount Shu, at least more than half of the elders from Mount Shu were injured.

“What's your name, Miss?

“Qi Huan…” She obviously didn't want to tell the truth, but when her eyes met Qing Se's eyes, she sort of lost control of her brain and blurted out the truth.

“This way.”

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