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Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Thrown Into The Nine Floors Monster Mountain

Three years have pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. In the past three years, Qi Huan had not taken half a step out of Qing Yun Mountain. She did not care about the disturbances in the cultivation world. Since the last incident, Xu Kong Zi had been reflecting on himself for a long time, and finally he decided to personally instruct his apprentice to enter the jiedan stage.

Three years seemed to be a long time for ordinary people, but it was even longer for Qi Huan. Not only did she learn the oracle bone inscriptions under the diligent teaching of her shifu, but she also dabbled in practicing how to cultivate dan and its refining tools.

Qi Huan still didn't understand the fact that she was forbidden to enter the training room after she learned how to cultivate dan. Anyway, she just destroyed a few dan furnaces. In fact, Xu Ling Zi also didn't understand. His furnace hadn't been broken even after using it for thousands of years but how could Huan Zi destroy it, and even destroy a few!

As for the refining tools, when Xu Yang Zi saw Qi Huan's flying sword that was made using unnecessary large effort, but still could not even cut a piece of iron, he was completely shocked, and he decided not to let Qi Huan learn from him. He couldn't afford to be embarra.s.sed by this person.

Probably the only person in the entire Sect, who was most satisfied with Qi Huan was Xu Kong Zi. That old man was very satisfied with Qi Huan's cultivation speed. In just three years, Qi Huan's cultivation had steadily risen until the peak of the late stage of ningqi. Now, as long as she had an opportunity, she would step into the jiedan stage.

Qi Huan only took four years to cultivate from an ordinary human to the late stage of ningqi, one can say that she's a monster! Of course, she did not only focus on cultivation, she was also aware of the problems in Qing Yun Mountain.

“Ahem ahem ahem!”

On w.a.n.g You Peak, by the Ling Xi River, Qi Huan sat gracefully on a bamboo chair, squinting at the fruit forest not far away. From time to time, a few brightly colored birds flew up from the tree, circled around and then fell back to the trees.

This fruit forest was probably the only place in Qing Yun Mountain where she could get food for free. Most of the birds on the mountain seemed to like to fly around here.

“Shifu, are you choking?” Qi Huan reached out and picked up a palm-sized purple bamboo fruit from the small coffee table woven from green bamboo, she turned her head and looked towards Xu Kongzi.

“Huan Zi, you are so fast in the late stage of ningqi.” Xu Kong Zi blinked at Qi Huan, noticing that she wasn't paying attention to him at all, he became angry, reached out his hand to s.n.a.t.c.h the purple bamboo fruit from her, and took a fierceful bite.

Qi Huan was dull at first, seeing that the fruit in her hand was stolen. Then she reluctantly took a half-green apple from the table. The purple bamboo fruit was a relatively rare fruit. Although Qi Huan had also planted a few purple bamboo fruit trees, it is a pity that there was no fruit growing on it. But according to them, the maturity period of those fruit trees was about a hundred years.

Qi Huan felt that she could not wait that long, so she grabbed a few earth-level elixir from Xu Kong Zi and buried them under the tree. And that was how she got her trees to bear fruits within a year. Unfortunately, there was only one fruit. And now it was stolen by her shifu.

Qi Huan reluctantly watched Xu Kong Zi swallow the last bit of the fruit into his stomach. She sighed.

“What is it that you wanted to say, shifu?” There's a thing about Xu Kong Zi, is that, every time he speaks, he talks a lot and his sentences are always very windy, so Qi Huan always couldn't find the point in his words.

“I heard some news that is related to you the other day.”

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“Oh? What's it about?” Truthfully, Qi Huan was not very interested. Every time Xu Kong Zi revealed such a flattering smile, whatever he was about to say wouldn't be good. Qi Huan still remembered that the last time he told her to practice talisman making, she was bombed by the charm several times until she finally understood why Xu Kong Zi had emphasized that she must practice it alone.

“You don't have to think about it. I will ask your Senior Uncle to throw you into the Nine Floors Monster Mountain (TLN: Previously translated as Nine Layers of Demonic Mountain) tomorrow.” The old man snorted, flicked his sleeves and left, leaving Qi Huan alone, wanting to cry.

“Stupid old man! I curse you! You won't be able to find a wife ever in your life~~~~” Her wailing voice echoed in the huge forest, alarming countless birds and beasts.

Early the next morning, after Qi Huan woke up, she realized that she was not lying on her familiar soft bed, but hung on the branches of a towering tree.

One of her thighs was just hanging in the air. If she had slept in a slightly different posture, she would have become the first cultivator to fall from a tree and die.

Xu Kong Zi was afraid that she would repent, so he actually got her to the Nine Floors Monster Mountain while she was asleep. Fortunately, he was still kind enough to leave his storage ring for her. Qi Huan flipped through the storage ring and the corners of her mouth rose gradually. She was in an unusually good mood.

The old man was afraid that she would die in the Monster Sect's territory, so he prepared various escape magical tools in the storage ring for her. He even gave Qi Huan two rare Destroyer Thunder (Destroyer Leishi). 

He even feared that Qi Huan's ident.i.ty would be recognized, so he put a piece of Hidden Ling Jade (Yinling Jade) on her body. The only function of the jade was to make Qi Huan transform into a monster cultivator lookalike. She could use this thing to conceal her ident.i.ty, but it could only be used up to three times only.

Xu Kong Zi felt that he had fully prepared Qi Huan, but in the end he forgot one of the most important things: He didn't tell Qi Huan the specific location of the Sacrificial Hall!

Qi Huan didn't know how big the Nine Floors Monster Mountain was, but coming here now, she realized that she didn't even know how to distinguish North, South, East and West!

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