Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Goodbye

“Hmph, did he think I'm a match, just because he asks me to light this paper, then I can light it on fire?” Qi Huan sighed, sitting under a tree. It was already the fifteenth day, she still couldn't control the lightning in her body at all, let alone ignition. Her thunderball had almost burned the entire forest, but she just couldn't burn this piece of paper!

“Hmph, isn't it just a piece of paper! Well, I'll light it for you, dare to look down on me!” Qi Huan put the piece of paper on the ground and sat down cross-legged.

She closed her eyes and watched from the inside of her dantian the Taiji pattern slowly turning. The power of the thunder and lightning flowed out of the Taiji pattern and spread all over Qi Huan's body. After a week, most of it had returned to the inside of her dantian, only a small part of it finally gathered at her right index finger.

She cautiously led out a faint electric light, silver fine lines flashed on the tip of her right index finger. Qi Huan happily nodded and continued to guide the power of lightning until the electric light gradually turned into lavender, and then the subtle lightning shot out purple electric flowers.

Qi Huan took the paper in one hand and let her finger touch it slowly. The piece of paper turned black first, and then a faint flame appeared. “Mo Ye! Mo Ye! Mo Ye! It's lighted!” Finally, Qi Huan lit the paper without destroying the entire forest!

“Yeeep… Keep going.” Another piece of paper flew down from the tree branch that Mo Ye was resting his back on. He squinted and smiled. The sun shone on him through the dense leaves, a faint red light could be seen shining.

Seeming to have found something fun to do, Qi Huan didn't mind it, she took the paper and continued to struggle. After a long time, Qi Huan felt that the Taiji pattern in her dantian could no longer bring out the power of thunder and lightning, then she finally stopped.

At this time, the sky was completely dark. Because the lingqi in her dantian was completely consumed, the gathered lingqi seemed to have found a catharsis and rushed into Qi Huan's body frantically.

Qi Huan closed her eyes tightly and guided the lingqi slowly into her dantian through her odd meridian and eight channels. But she didn't know why, no matter how many lingqi she directed into her dantian, the Taiji pattern in the dantian didn't accept those lingqi at all.

When she realized that she couldn't control the soaring lingqi in her body, Qi Huan suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, and a pure lingqi forcibly rushed into her body, and entered her dantian after a week of circulation in her meridians. The lingqi that she had guided seemed to have found a leader, they followed the sudden emergence of lingqi slowly flowing into her dantian.

After a while, Qi Huan discovered that those lingqi had turned into a chaotic vortex. At this time, the Taiji pattern finally began to absorb them. After a while, all the lingqi was absorbed into it. With the absorption of the lingqi, the Taiji pattern seemed to start to fade away, transforming from its once half liquid and half mist state into a full liquid state. Qi Huan could even feel that the Taiji pattern was completely filled with liquid lingqi at this moment.

“That's it?” After a long time, when the lingqi no longer poured in, Qi Huan felt refreshed. All the lingqi that had been consumed earlier came back, and it was even more than tripled the amount.

She unexpectedly entered the middle stage of Ningqi. This is too fast! Even Qi Huan couldn't help being speechless. Although the process just now seemed simple, Qi Huan knew that it was also risky, if it weren't for Mo Ye's help during the critical moment, perhaps she would be killed by those lingqi.

“Mo…Huh? Mo Ye?” Qi Huan turned her head, wanting to thank Mo Ye, but she suddenly noticed that his face was a little pale, sitting on the ground and leaning on the tree trunk. This time Qi Huan was absolutely certain of what she was seeing. A red mist was slowly flowing around Mo Ye's body. Wherever the mist went, all the trees and flowers in the surrounding wilted.

Qi Huan's heartbeat suddenly accelerated. Mo Ye…he is a demon cultivator? This is so overbearing!

“You saw it.” After a long time, Mo Ye's complexion returned to normal. After he opened his eyes, the red mist around his body gradually disappeared. The surrounding trees and flowers also came back to life again, as if everything earlier was just an illusion.

“You… You are a demon cultivator?” Although Qi Huan was surprised, she wasn't scared. If this man wanted to kill her, he wouldn't have bothered to save her so many times. If he didn't save her just now, he wouldn't have exposed himself.

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“Why, you want to slay demons and defend celestials?” Mo Ye looked at Qi Huan with a smile, his eyes were looking playful, he neither affirmed nor denied her.

After more than a month, Qi Huan finally stood in front of Qing Yun Sect again. She had a “back to hometown” feeling, perhaps this is called “homesickness”!

“After you go back, learn some escape techniques first before going out on your own. Next time, you won't be so lucky to run into me.” Mo Ye stood behind Qi Huan and whispered.

“Yeah.” Qi Huan did not look back, staring down at her toes.

“If your strength hasn't reached the Yuanying Stage, don't simply open your mouth. After all, your shifi cannot always protect you.”

“I understand……”

“And don't keep having a fascinated expression behind a man's back.” Mo Ye smiled.

“You're long-winded!” Qi Huan was so angry that he caught her looking at him! She was embarra.s.sed!

Seeing the Qing Yun Sect's door open, Mo Ye pushed Qi Huan forward, “Go home.”

“Hey.” When Qi Huan turned around again, Mo Ye's figure had already disappeared. She didn't know why but she felt a little empty.

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