Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: I Can Also Light Fire

“Hey, how long are we going to walk around here?” After Mo Ye handed over the formula to Qi Huan, the two of them walked around town for a really long time, but Mo Ye showed no means of stopping.

“Just a little longer.” After a long silence, Mo Ye replied suddenly.

“My G.o.d, a little longer later it will be dawn already. Didn't you say that a lot of people are coming to kill me…” Qi Huan's voice became smaller and smaller, why did the surrounding air suddenly become so thin?

“Let's just say for your sake…, I won't let you die.” Mo Ye's voice was extremely soft, Qi Huan couldn't even hear the front part.

“I don't want to continue to feed the mosquitoes here, you stroll around by yourself!” Qi Huan shook Mo Ye's hand and walked forward on her own, “Ah, by the way, why don't you draw a map for me, I will go back by myself.” Qi Huan suddenly turned her head and said to Mo Ye. It was not the first time that she embarra.s.sed herself in front of him anyway, so she simply let go.

And just now, she had seen the power of Chaos Cauldron. She believed that with this precious item and Air Cutting Silk, she should not be in great danger.

“You, you, you…” Qi Huan's eyes widened, pointing to Mo Ye, she couldn't even finish her sentence. She must have been blind earlier, why are his eyes red?!

Mo Ye lowered his eyes, “What about me?”

“You, you, your eyes…” Qi Huan rubbed her eyes again. It couldn't be her problem, she was still seeing two red lights in his eyes.

“My eyes are good.” When Mo Ye opened his eyes again, his eyes were dark and deep, and there was no red light at all, as if what Qi Huan had just seen was just her illusion.

“Obviously there was a red light…” Qi Huan leaned in front of Mo Ye and stared at him for a long time. She didn't realize that if Mo Ye really had any plot against her, her current behavior seemed to be “a sheep walking into the tiger's mouth”.

“How could there be any light from my eyes? You've seen wrongly.” Mo Ye's thin lips raised, his eyes clear and sincere.

“True.” Qi Huan nodded in agreement, even superheroes can't shoot lasers from their eyes, she must have made a mistake. If Qi Huan knew a little bit more about the cultivation world, she would know that, in fact, anyone who had reached a certain level of cultivation could actually do that. For example, in her shifu's level, the rays of light could even shoot several feet away. However, only a few people could shout red rays of light from their eyes.

“Let's go.” Mo Ye reached out and pulled Qi Huan, who was still leaning close to his chest, studying his eyes. In the palm of his left hand, a black bead silently shattered into powder, disappearing with the evening breeze.

“Are we going back to Qing Yun Mountain?” Qi Huan's eyes were full of expectation. The outside world was full of dangers. Before she had achieved great success in her cultivation, she still wanted to stay in Qing Yun Mountain and not come out. Although after her a.n.a.lysis, Qi Huan felt that Qing Yun Mountain was not that safe, but, at least her old man would be there to help her if the sky fell down.

“We are not going back temporarily.” Mo Ye smiled unpredictably.

“Why?” Qi Huan's expression was a little bleak. He couldn't possibly want to kill me, right?

“You are about to break through the middle stage of ningqi, right? Wait until your cultivation is stable, then we can go back.” Although Mo Ye had never seen Qi Huan practice, he could feel that the surrounding lingqi was moving at a very stable speed, gathering around Qi Huan's body, and it didn't seem that she was aware of it.

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Although Qi Huan's cultivation speed was very fast, and it seemed that those bottlenecks were not difficult for her, celestial cultivation was not the same as diabolism cultivation. Qi Huan's way of cultivation had violated the original intention of celestial cultivation. Her cultivation level had grown too fast, her state of mind couldn't keep up. Besides, she just saw such a b.l.o.o.d.y situation, even if she didn't feel anything different right now, she would inevitably cultivate a demonic heart when she broke through. Mo Ye did this for Qi Huan's sake.

“At least…you have to learn some fire spells too, you can't keep finding me to make a fire for you.” Mo Ye lowered his head and chuckled, snapping his fingers, and four fireb.a.l.l.s of colours red, orange, blue and black appeared in front of him.

Qi Huan didn't know what those colours meant. In her eyes, they were just four fireb.a.l.l.s. It was just fire, she could do it too!

“Don't a.s.sume that I don't know!” Qi Huan waved her hand, and a silver lightning burst on her index finger, exploding a small spark, and then extinguished.

“…As expected of… the direct disciple of Xu Kong Zi.”

“It's okay to insult me, you are not allowed to insult my shifu!” The dark purple thunderball flew past Mo Ye's shoulder, hitting the towering ancient tree behind him, and exploded silently.

In a moment, the old tree burnt into ashes and disappeared.

Mo Ye turned his head, a smile flashed in his eyes, she was really a woman who couldn't stand stimulation.

Looking back at Qi Huan again, he saw her eyes widened, her mouth opened into an O shape, and she stared at her palm incredulously. That…that.. Did I do that?!

“Thunder spell is a variant spell. Its offensive ability ranks first among many spells. Practice it well.” Mo Ye threw a thin piece of paper to Qi Huan, “When you can control the lightning, set the paper on fire, then you've pa.s.sed.”

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