Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 3

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Determined Not to Live in the Straw Hut



“Senior Great Uncle, you are back.”  Xu Kong brings Qi Huan to the gate of Mount Qing Yun.  Throngs of people raise their heads and gaze towards them in eagerness.


A man who looks like a pale-faced scholar stands at the very front.  Sharp eyebrows, star-like eyes, tall nosebridge, and tightly pursed up lips, even though he looks a little solemn, he still looks handsome.  His entire body is shrouded in blue robes, he really gives off celestial-like air.  He looks more like a celestial than Xu Kong who is standing next to her.


“Xiao Feng Zi, why did you personally come?” seeing the man, Xu Kong lowers the huge gourd and pulls Qi Huan down as well.


“Senior Grandfather and Senior Granduncle has been searching for you.”  Ling Feng Zi helplessly sighs.  This senior granduncle is really good, he has warm personality and can be very generous.  But he has a child-like heart, he likes going on a hide-and-seek at times.


“Alright, I will look for your senior grandfather.  Hehe, this is my disciple, look after her for me,” Xu Kong Zi pushes Qi Huan to Ling Feng Zi and then irresponsibly fly away.


QI Huan blinks, one of her hands tremblingly points at Xu Kong Zi’s back profile that gradually turns smaller.  She can’t believe there is a teacher like him out there.


“Disciple…..” What Xu Kong Zi said not only angers Qi Huan to death, it also takes Ling Feng Zi by surprise.


He now has another Senior Uncle?!


Just as Ling Feng Zi looks over at Qi Huan, Qi Huan does the same; just more blatantly.  Who cares about a woman’s modesty and discretion, she almost glue their faces together.


Cough Cough.  “S-Senior Uncle.”  Ling Feng Zi retreats two steps back from Qi Huan’s enthusiastic gaze, only starting to speak after a while.  His tone is calm, but Qi Huan is certain she can sense grievance in his voice.


These two or three days on the road tells Qi Huan that Xu Kong Zi isn’t a regular cultivator.  While they were on the road, every other cultivators they b.u.mped into, no matter how far would stop and pay respect to him.  Xu Kong Zi only acknowledged them by nodding a little.  She didn’t know Xu Kong Zi has such a high position in Mount Qing Yuan.  The moment she arrives there, she automatically becomes other’s Senior Uncle.


Not only that, this convenient Junior Nephew fits her aesthetical standard.  Not only does he have a handsome face, his body also look like it belongs to a model.  Appreciating the beauty that is her Junior Nephew, Qi Huan does not pay any attention to what he was saying.


“Senior Uncle.”  Qi Huan’s hungry eyes scares Ling Feng Zi so much that he retreats a few steps.


“Ah?  Oh, what?” Qi Huan wipes the corner of her lips.  Once she is sure there is no saliva dripping, she laughs foolishly at Ling Feng Zi.


“I don’t think Senior Granduncle will be back anytime soon, let me bring you to rest first.”


“Then I will have to trouble you.”  QI Huan laughs as she pats Ling Feng Zi’s shoulder, making sure to give them a good squeeze.  Such a nice feel, one look and she can tell he works out a lot.


Being groped by Qi Huan, Ling Feng Zi shivers and upon seeing the look in Qi Huan’s eyes, he becomes more alert.&nbsp

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;  He knew it.  Senior Granduncle is such a peculiar person, the person he takes as a disciple is definitely not normal as well.  He secretly tells himself to get as far away from this Senior Uncle as possible in the future.


“All of you can go for now.”  Ling Feng Zi orders the many disciples behind him before he takes Qi Huan away.

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“Correct.”  Ling Feng Zi says.  Upon seeing Qi Huan’s questioning eyes, Ling Feng Zi opens his mouth once again, “……. But the one I sleep on is Coil Dragon Rope woven into a mat…..”


“……Let’s swap.”


“……..”  A silent protest.


“If you refuse to swap with me, I’ll use the rope to hang myself.  Once I becomes a ghost, I will find shifu and tell him you mistreated me.”  Qi Huan threatens him like it was n.o.body’s business.


Ling Feng Zhi looks at Qi Huan’s shameless face with eyes full of grievance, but she is unmoved.  She always did shameless things like this so she has grown used to it.


Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.  Women are creatures you must never; never offend!   This is the first thing Qi Huan taught Ling Feng Zi.


Qi Huan spends the next two hours and thirty minutes convincing Ling Feng Zi that she is only a weak woman.  It is very dangerous for her to live in a dangerous room, so in the end, she manages to live in Ling Feng Zi’s palace halls in his mountain peak.


So now, Ling Feng Zi has to live in the hut that Qi Huan rejected.   He has to sleep on the cord too.


After Qi Huan happily leaves, he finally understand why his Senior Granduncle flings his newly accepted disciple to him.  Perhaps he already could tell how scary his disciple is.


He made up his mind.  From now on, he must must must avoid this Senior Uncle.

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