Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: The Savior

“Huh?” Duan Cen Feng flew with Qi Huan for a long time, but suddenly, not knowing why, he suddenly slowed down, and his face was a little weird, staring forward.

Not only Duan Cen Feng, but even careless people like Qi Huan noticed that something seemed to be wrong, because a black giant sword with a length of more than 20 meters and a width of more than 3 meters was smashing towards the two of them, cutting through the sky, a dark purple band of light was drawn in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the sword unexpectedly appeared in front of the two of them. Duan Cen Feng's expression changed. His first instinct was to throw Qi Huan at the giant sword, and flee.

Seeing that giant sword was getting closer and closer to her, Qi Huan closed her eyes subconsciously. This time, she was in a catastrophe, this was a natural disaster!

However, the result that she imagined did not become realistic. She felt that her waist suddenly tightened, and her fallen body was lifted up again by someone.

“Ah, I'm not dead.” The feeling of being reborn after the catastrophe was really wonderful. If it weren't for the unknown situation, Qi Huan would like to look up to the sky and laugh.

“Do you really want to die?” A low and charming voice rang in Qi Huan's ears. She opened her eyes abruptly. Hearing the voice, she thought it was the masked man from last time, but who knew it was Mo Ye.

“Why is it you?” Qi Huan didn't expect Mo Ye to save her. Thinking of that shocking sword just now, she felt chills down her spine now. How incredible was Mo Ye's strength that he could cleave that giant sword!

“Very disappointed?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows.

“Of course not, I just feel a little surprised.” If Qi Huan encountered this kind of thing, she would definitely hide far away, most people would probably do the same. She just didn't expect Mo Ye to come to save her. If just now his sword didn't force Duan Cen Feng to retreat, perhaps that now the two of them would really be going down the same fate.

“Don't be too grateful. I was just on the way.” Mo Ye held Qi Huan in one hand, turned his head and glanced back, then the corners of his mouth raised. They flew away with the giant sword.

About half an hour later, the three elders of Mount Shu and Dong Yuan only arrived where Qi Huan had just been rescued. However, they only found an unrecognizable corpse.

“This, this is impossible.” Seeing the corpse from a distance, Dong Yuan's face suddenly turned pale. The calmness that he usually had was all forgotten. He stared at the motionless body, shaking uncontrollably.

“Dong Yuan!” Standing beside Dong Yuan, the elder Yuan Ying yelled in his ear after seeing his expression. Dong Yuan reacted and took a breath. He took a closer look and found that the corpse was not Qi Huan at all, but it turned out to be Duan Cen Feng!

“Thank you, elder Yuan Ying.” If it hadn't been for the elder's reminder, he would have been absorbed by the devil's h.e.l.lfire, disordering his meridians and losing all his cultivation powers.

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“Your heart is in a mess.” Elder Yuan Ying glanced at Dong Yuan. His eyes were sharp, as if he was blaming Dong Yuan.

Qi Huan knew nothing about all these things. The only thing she could do now was to use all her strength to wrap around Mo Ye like an octopus. In this kind situation, she didn't care if she was touching him, she could only see several stars spinning in front of her.

“We're here.” Mo Ye's flying sword finally stopped after G.o.d knows how long. After retracting the flying sword, he bowed his head and glanced at Qi Huan who was still wrapped around his body. His voice was very calm, as if he had become accustomed to this kind of thing.

“My legs are weak.” Qi Huan also wanted to stay away from Mo Ye but she had no choice, she was weak now. She really felt that her two legs had no strength at all and that she could only lean against Mo Ye.

“Go to an inn and rest.” Mo Ye bent down and carried Qi Huan. He saw Qi Huan's half-dead appearance, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. He instantly knew that Qi Huan's weak legs were not because of her fear of heights, but because she still had lingering fears as if she had just escaped death.

A young woman who had never experienced life and death before, was only having weak legs after such an incident, it seemed that her courage was much greater than he thought!

“Haih… Really trouble you, sorry.” Qi Huan had never been carried by a man before, and it felt really good to experience it in this life, but she was about 100 kg, but Mo Ye didn't seem to feel anything.

“It's not troublesome.” Mo Ye forced a smile. He was definitely not the one who suffered this time.

After half a day, Qi Huan sat on the bed, gritted her teeth and cursed Mo Ye viciously. That rascal didn't even tell her that they were in a small town, and it was also on the busiest street. The sight of her being carried by Mo Ye and walked into an inn just now had probably spread to the entire town!

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