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Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: I Choose Xiao Xiao

“Senior Sister Huan Huan, are you sure we can be out of here in awhile?” Xiao Xiao and Qi Huan were squeezed into a corner by the Air Cutting Silk which had expanded countless times. Although Qi Huan's plan seemed feasible, Xiao Xiao was not sure that they would still be alive by the time the formation was broken.

“Not sure.” Qi Huan replied simply. She was about to suffocate, why hadn't the Air Cutting Silk opened the formation yet.

Well, other people break the formation by looking for the formation eye. Qi Huan didn't know what the formation eye was, so she had to use brute force to break the formation. Fortunately, this was just a confinement formation so it was not impossible if Qi Huan wanted to break through the formation with the Air Cutting Silk.

The only problem was that it was causing the two of them in the house to suffer temporarily. Xiao Xiao was okay. After all, she was relatively skinny. Even if she was squeezed to a corner, she only feltl a little bit of pressure. Qi Huan was more miserable, she had already been squeezed deeply into the corner, but the feeling of suffocation was getting more and more serious. Qi Huan lowered her head and glanced at her chest. They weren't that big to start with, but now they were even out by the pressure, not sure if this would leave any sequelae on her or not.

Finally, gradual fragmentation sounds were heard, and then the whole house began to falter. Qi Huan hurriedly blocked Xiao Xiao in the corner. After a while, the whole house turned into ruins.

“It feels good to be able to see the sun…” Qi Huan stretched her back after recovering the Air Cutting Silk, but then her body froze because she discovered that the demon cultivator who had caught her, was staring at them 5 meters away.

“I just… uh… I think the room was a bit dark…” Qi Huan pulled Xiao Xiao back, forcing a smile that looked uglier than a cry.

That demon cultivator didn't even look at Qi Huan, his cold eyes fell on Xiao Xiao, “Are you the daughter of Yuan Chu and Chi Qing Shuang?”

Xiao Xiao hid behind Qi Huan, looking at the person in fear, she nodded slowly. Her mother died young, and her father changed her surname to Chi to commemorate her mother. Her name was changed to Chi Xiao Xiao.

“Do you know how your mother died?” The man continued to ask, with a hint of trembling and hesitation in his cold tone.

“My dad said it was due to exhaustion… and longing.” Xiao Xiao still remembered her father's ferocious expression when he talked about it, as if he was hating someone. 

“Longing…Longing…Hahahaha, what a joke, he thought I would not kill you if he said that!” The man suddenly looked squalid. He strode towards Qi Huan, reaching out to grab Xiao Xiao.

“Duan Cen Feng. Let go of my daughter.” A loud voice roared from the sky. Subsequently, several flying swords broke through the sky.

Oh my G.o.d. Qi Huan suddenly felt dizzy, how could these n.o.ble cultivators be so “fair-minded”! What are they shouting at this time? You guys should do a sneak attack! There are still hostages in the enemy's hands. They would be a fool if they really let go of the hostages now!

Indeed, Qi Huan was right. That Duan Cen Feng demon cultivator chuckled. With his right arm, he directly grabbed Qi Huan and Xiao Xiao by their necks, blocking in front of him, and using them as his shield. 

“Yuan Chu, if you dare to take a step forward, I will cut your daughter into pieces and give them to you part by part.” Duan Cen Feng's gloomy voice sounded in Qi Huan's ears, making Qi Huan tremble in fear.

After hearing Duan Cen Feng's threat, Yuan Chu didn't dare to move. Several elders in Mount Shu stood angrily behind him. Everyone's eyes were on Xiao Xiao. At this time, no one cared about Qi Huan. Qi Huan couldn't help smiling bitterly. Ling Yun Zi hadn't come, perhaps this would be the end of her. The people in Mount Shu obviously had no plans to save her.

“The things that happened back then were all my fault. It has nothing to do with Xiao Xiao. You let them go and I'll let you punish me.” Yuan Chu was a straightforward person, knowing that Duan Cen Feng's purpose was to find himself, so he went to the point directly.

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“Alright, since you said that, then I also won't harm the juniors, but I will only let one person go.” Duan Cen Feng's eyes fell on Qi Huan and then he moved away. He knew very well in his heart the importance of these two girls in his hand. Although Qi Huan was a member of the Qing Yun Sect, the Qing Yun Sect was also not easy to provoke. If Yuan Chu did not save Qi Huan today, and if this incident was spread, the relationship between the Qing Yun Sect and Mount Shu would definitely be affected.

“I choose Xiao Xiao.” Dong Yuan relaxed his clenched fists, and lowered his eyes, daring not to look at Qi Huan's expression.

“Hahahaha, you n.o.ble cultivators are hypocrites. You could have obviously saved the girl you like, but you just give her up for some kind of master-disciple friendship. Yuan Chu, eat this pill and I will immediately let your daughter go.” Duan Cen Feng threw over a black bottle. After receiving it, Yuan Chu swallowed the pill without any hesitation.

Duan Cen Feng also kept his promise. After seeing Yuan Chu taking the pill, he pushed Xiao Xiao away, grabbed Qi Huan and left. The people in Mount Shu originally wanted to catch up to her, but Yuan Chu suddenly vomited blood and fell to the ground. The elders exchanged glances, and gathered around him. No one mentioned Qi Huan.

“Little girl, how does it feel to be abandoned by your sweetheart?” Duan Cen Feng mocked while flying forward with Qi Huan in his arms.

Qi Huan raised the corner of her mouth, her voice was a little cold, “So you were also abandoned like this last time?” How did it feel? Obviously she only cared about the similar face Dong Yuan had, but when he chose Xiao Xiao, she did feel a little hurt, but she was not a three-year-old child. Since Duan Cen Feng was trying to make her feel bad, she also would not let him feel any better. Anyway, she didn't think she could survive this anymore so she was not afraid at all now.

“Hmph, you are quite an observant one.” Duan Cen Feng did not even deny, “If you were younger, I would have really wanted to accept you as a disciple.”

“Then I'm really unlucky.” This guy, Cen Feng, was really daring enough! Accept her as his disciple? Well, then he would have to see if she wanted or not!

“You are indeed very unlucky. It's not good to offend anyone, but you actually offended that villain Qing Xiao. For the sake of that Ju Yuan Dan, I have to help him get rid of you.”

It really is Qing Xiao! Qi Huan closed her eyes and sighed. Who else can she blame for all this trouble? She can only blame herself for not being strong enough, otherwise she would not be slaughtered. 

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