Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Almost Drained

“I said, Junior Nephew, you think too much.” Qi Huan waved her hand. She admitted that she was close to Dong Yuan for some reasons, but she was already an adult and knew how to distinguish her feelings, at least now she knew she didn't like Dong Yuan, but simply missed that very similar face.

As for whether she would like Dong Yuan in the future, Qi Huan wasn't sure about that. She just hoped that before leaving Mount Shu, she could look at him more.

“Whatever you want then.” He had kindly reminded her, but she didn't appreciate it at all. Ling Yun Zi snorted and left.

Qi Huan also didn't mind. She walked towards the guest room. Her original good mood was destroyed by Qing Xiao's appearance. She was not going to go to the compet.i.tion in the afternoon. Dong Yuan would definitely win anyway, so she would take this opportunity to have a good sleep.

Mount Shu's bed was not as good as her own, Qi Huan never knew that she would miss her bed. After suffering from insomnia for two nights, she finally decided that she would carry her bed wherever she went next time since she had a storage bag now. It would be convenient to lay out her bed if she met a handsome man. Of course, this was just her thinking, even if there really was a handsome guy, she probably wouldn't have the courage to sleep next to him.

After closing the door, Qi Huan took off her clothes and threw them on the side screen, preparing to undress and go to bed. Suddenly, a slight vibration came from her storage bag. Qi Huan curiously opened it and found that the very useful Air Cutting Silk that her Senior Uncle gave, was floating around by itself!

Seeing that the Air Cutting Silk was getting bigger and bigger, as if it could fill up the whole house, Qi Huan hurriedly tried to stop it. Because she needed to sacrifice some blood to control the Air Cutting Silk, but she didn't, so her tactics were of no use at all, and that thing just kept expanding.

“What should I do? What should I do?” Qi Huan was squeezed into a corner, grabbing her short hairs with both hands anxiously, “Ah, yes, why am I so stupid!” What else can I think of?

Qi Huan looked around, stretched out her ten fingers, and finally picked her right index finger. She bit down at it cruelly. It was very painful, but there was no bleeding.

One more bite, still no blood, one last bite, and finally there was a small hole, but the bleeding was not as strong as she imagined. She had to squeeze out the blood, which only produced a tiny drop after much effort.

After the blood dripped on the Air Cutting Silk, it finally gradually calmed down. Just when Qi Huan thought it was finally okay, it suddenly wrapped around Qi Huan's body, and Qi Huan was instantly entangled. At the same time, Qi Huan felt her right hand getting cold, as if something was flowing downward.

…Until she fainted. Qi Huan didn't even know that the blood on the ground was her blood spouting from her finger. Only G.o.d knew how that tiny wound would drip out one-fifth of her body's blood.

After Qi Huan lost consciousness, gradually losing consciousness through her loss of blood, the Taiji pattern that had been lurking in her dantian suddenly swirled around quickly. The subtle thunder and lightning in her odd meridian and eight channels quickly spreaded all over her body, blocking the Air Cutting Silk. Both sides entangled for a while. After a while, the Air Cutting Silk that had been wrapped around her body, gradually became smaller, and finally turned into a red cloth strip and fell on Qi Huan's arm, and the thunder and lightning gradually disappeared.

Actually the reason why Qi Huan had lost too much blood was all because she was completely poisoned by those comprehension novels. It is written in the novels that the magical tools recognize their owner with a drop of their blood. In fact, the blood has to be refined through the dantian stage before it can be used as sacrifice. As for other magical tools, if they are contaminated, at most, their ability will be reduced, or in a more serious case, the magical tools will be destroyed. But Air Cutting Silk was not an ordinary magical tool, as long as it saw blood, it would rush over and absorb the blood. Fortunately, Qi Huan had a special body. Otherwise, she would be a mummy right now.

“Young Master, what's the matter?” The man's voice brought some vicissitudes. It sounded like an old man.

“Ah, I see… the result of losing control of the Air Cutting Silk.” The man's voice was very soft, with a hint of disappointment in his tone.

“Someone already did their sacrifice on the Air Cutting Silk? How is that possible?” Air Cutting Silk was at a different level as compared to other magical tools. Few people in the cultivation world could succeed in their sacrifice, and those with that ability would not care about that thing at all.

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“No, it's just a fool using her blood to dirty it.” The man's slender, pale finger was hooking a strip of white cloth, which at first glance looked exactly like the Air Cutting Silk.

Except for the small wound on her finger, there wasn't any way that she could lose so much blood. And when Qi Huan was lying on the ground, the ground was very clean, there was no blood at all, so no one knew what had happened at all.

Only the man standing in the distance whispered to himself with a clear look, “So it was her.”

“Junior Brother Mo Ye, it's almost time for you to compete.” Someone shouted from not far away.

“Okay, thanks brother.” Mo Ye glanced at Qi Huan again, a weird smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he walked towards the stadium. Now he knew that the thing was with her. Good, he could deal with matters easier then. They would meet again soon.

“What happened?” In a s.p.a.cious room in the courtyard of Kun Lun Sect, Qing Xiao sat cross-legged with his eyes closed and asked the man in black at the window.

“It seems that something happened to Xu Kong Zi's apprentice.”

“Will it interrupt our plan?” Qing Xiao opened his eyes and frowned.

“It only will bring good to us, not harm, don't worry. Since I've promised you, I will make sure to handle the matter cleanly and ensure that no one will doubt you.” The man smiled, his tone was a little savage.

“That's good.” Qing Xiao closed his eyes again with confidence.

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