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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: What Explanation Do You Want!

“Good da…” Dong Yuan wanted to greet Qing Xiao, but who knew that before he could finish speaking, that man flung his sleeves and left, surprising Dong Yuan. It seems that the leader of  Kun Lun is in a bad mood!

“Let's go, let's go. Senior Brother, it's best we stay away from those people, otherwise we will be bitten.” Although Qing Xiao had left, his disciples didn't. Qi Huan scanned them and noticed that all of them were the ones she met that day, and they all still held grudges against her. What a coincidence!

However, she didn't believe that those Kun Lun people would dare to do anything to her in Mount Shu. Anyway, Qing Xiao hated her, so as long as he was in a bad mood, Qi Huan was in a good mood.

“Hey you, from Qing Yun Sect, I want to challenge you!” A female disciple from Kun Lun spoke. Qi Huan recognized her. She was the first to provoke her in the ruined temple that day.

“Challenge? I refuse.” Qi Huan was stunned for a moment, and she felt a little helpless. If she was a low-level disciple, then she wouldn't mind accepting the challenge, because she wouldn't be embarra.s.sed if she lost. But now this was not the case. If she really accepted this challenge, and lost, she would embarra.s.s the entire Qing Yun Sect.

In the cultivation world, a friendly fight between disciples is called a discussion in ordinary people's life; an attack with a certain purpose is called a challenge. However, one cannot reject a challenge simply, otherwise one will be laughed at.

“Hmph, the people of Qing Yun Sect are really bullies. You don't even dare to accept my challenge, and yet, you dared to embarra.s.s other people. I think you should go back to Qing Yun Mountain.” The Kun Lun female disciple sneered, and the other disciples behind her also ridiculed.

Seeing the scene gradually getting out of control, Dong Yuan's expression sank, “Dear fellow Kun Lun disciples, don't go too far. If you insult others again, don't blame me for being impolite.”

Dong Yuan's words made the Kun Lun disciples calm down immediately. If other people had said that, they might treat it as a joke but this person was Dong Yuan. He was considered the most famous one among the disciples of their generation, and his strength was comparable to the elders in the sect, standing behind him was the entire Mount Shu Sect. They were clearly aiming at Qi Huan, but this man interrupted them. The Kun Lun disciples looked a little ugly upon hearing Dong Yuan's words.

Kun Lun is indeed a big family, and Mount Shu is no worse than them, so no one dared to talk back to Dong Yuan. Only the female disciple seemed to still haven't given up, “Senior Brother Dong Yuan, I just want to have a discussion with Junior Sister, I have no other intentions.”

Qi Huan pouted after listening to her explanation. Is she joking? Is discussion and challenge the same? A challenge is a matter of life and death. Even if she killed her by mistake, no one would bother her. Qi Huan guessed that this lady must have had the idea of challenging her a long time ago, but she was too naive. Qi Huan already dared to talk back at Qing Xiao, would she still be afraid of this female disciple?

Dong Yuan frowned. He knew that the female disciple was right. Since they changed their words and said they wanted to have a discussion, then he really had no reason to say anything. Thinking of this, he couldn't help looking back at Qi Huan. He knew that Qi Huan's cultivation level was not high, she was only at the early stage of Ningqi. This Kun Lun female disciple was at least at the latter stage of Ningqi, so it was almost impossible for Qi Huan to beat her.

Qi Huan sneered at the Kun Lun female disciple, “First, I said I refused. If you don't give up, you can ask your Great Senior to challenge me. Second, don't call me your Junior Sister, you are not worthy.” She shouldn't a.s.sume that Qi Huan had no temper, if a rabbit is anxious, it will bite people. Since when could a low-level Kun Lun disciple insult and challenge her? Her seniority was not just for show. If Kun Lun really came to challenge her, it would be really interesting.

“You, you are too much! You actually dared to insult our Great Senior! I will tell the leader of this matter! I hope the Qing Yun Sect will give us an explanation.” Qi Huan's words were unceremoniously, which made the female disciple very angry. The most important thing of decency is the concept of hierarchy. Qi Huan's words were undoubtedly a provocation to Kun Lun, but she was right anyway. She was quite a senior!

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“Go ahead.” Qi Huan shrugged indifferently.

When Qi Huan saw this scene, she couldn't help but laugh. Ling Yun Zi was the famous “wood” in Qing Yun Mountain. She wondered if Qing Xiao would feel that he was talking to a wall or not.

“In short, I hope you will give us, Kun Lun, an explanation!” When Qi Huan walked over, she only heard this sentence.

Qi Huan glanced at Qing Xiao and exclaimed. What a pity, he has such a beautiful face but he looks really hideous when he's angry!

“What explanation do you want?” When Ling Yun Zi saw Qi Huan coming back, he gave her a vicious look. He knew that his Senior Uncle was a troublemaker. It was as if she had to cause him trouble every day, otherwise she couldn't live!

“Your low-level disciple insulted my elders, hmph, Ling Yun Zi, don't tell me you're going to speak for her!

Ling Yun Zi watched Qing Xiao calmly for a long time before speaking slowly, “Who told you that she is a low-level disciple? Qing Xiao, please pay attention to your words. She is my Senior Uncle. If you continue to make trouble unreasonably, I don't mind challenging you on behalf of the entire Qing Yun Sect.”

Ling Yun Zi didn't care who the opposite person was. So what if he was the leader of Kun Lun Sect? They were really not so afraid of Kun Lun. Besides, even though this incident was Qi Huan's fault at the beginning, the problem had progressed so much that it was now a problem of reputation between the two sects.

“What are you talking about?!” Ling Yun Zi's words shocked everyone around him. This woman is Ling Yun Zi's Senior Uncle? What is her background?!

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