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Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Dragon Scale Carp Is Delicious

Early morning on the second day, Qi Huan was dragged out of her comfy bed by Ling Yun Zi. He said that although she did not need to attend the meeting, she still had to give some support for the Qing Yun Sect. After all, she had the highest status among all of them present.

Qi Huan secretly despised Ling Yun Zi. Did he not realize that when the inner disciples saw her, their hands that were holding their Flying Sword, shivered.

Fortunately, the compet.i.tion had just started. Xiao Xiao suddenly appeared out of nowhere, so Qi Huan was able to get away smoothly. Because Dong Yuan's first compet.i.tion was scheduled in the afternoon, everyone unanimously decided to eat barbecue on Qi Huan's suggestion. Of course, Dong Yuan was definitely invited.

The three people were sitting around a tree. Two women stared eagerly at the grilled fish exuding alluring fragrance in Dong Yuan's hands. Qi Huan had long heard that the dragon scale carp raised in the Yue Ling Pond of Mount Shu was extremely delicious. Although Qi Huan had always wanted to grab a few and roast them, it was a pity that Yue Ling Pond was a forbidden place, and non-disciples were not allowed to enter. Fortunately, Xiao Xiao actually had the same hobbies as Qi Huan, so…

Qi Huan swore that she was definitely not instigating a crime, but they were just in line with the principle of having blessings and enjoying hardship together. However, Xiao Xiao was also notable enough. Qi Huan told her to grab two to try, but that little girl almost cleared the whole Yue Ling Pond. If it weren't for fear of causing trouble, Qi Huan really wanted to bring back some with her as well. In the end, she reluctantly let Xiao Xiao put back a male and a female fish, so that they could still reproduce.

As for how she distinguished between male and female fish… Well, the big one is female and the small one is male. This was what she guessed… If she was wrong, then too bad to the fish, why would both male and female fish be of the same size?

“Hey? Come, look! There is someone there.” Qi Huan was staring at the dragon scale carp, drooling, when Xiao Xiao suddenly grabbed her arm.

Qi Huan looked in the direction where Xiao Xiao pointed. She saw a person wandering slowly not far away. Although it was only the person's back view, it was enough to make people imagine things. The man was dressed in white, with long dark hair tied into a casual bun, and his body was a perfect inverted triangle figure… Oh my G.o.d~ Qi Huan suddenly felt that these dragon scale carps were nothing compared to the beauty in the distance!

“It's Mo Ye.” Dong Yuan looked up and said confidently.

“No…” Qi Huan was a little disappointed. As soon as Qi Huan's words fell, the person turned around. Sure enough, it was really Mo Ye.

“Senior Brother Dong.” Mo Ye stopped after seeing the three of them, and arched his hands towards Dong Yuan. Although he was saluting, Qi Huan still felt a little awkward. How could even a salute from him feel so superior?

“Junior Brother Mo Ye, you're too polite.” Dong Yuan hurriedly got up. When he got up, he suddenly remembered that he still had two fish in his hand, so he smiled awkwardly at Mo Ye.

Mo Ye's expression remained the same, but he raised his eyebrows and glanced at Qi Huan again, “Since you're busy, then I won't bother you all.” He nodded slightly, then turned around to leave.

“Senior Brother Mo, why rush to leave? Meeting is fate. It just so happens that there are a lot of fish here. Come and eat together.” When Qi Huan saw that he was about to leave, she hurriedly stopped him. Was he joking? He was a witness, what if he reported them? It would be better to bring him aboard the crime boat, and to die together!

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“If that's the case then…alright.” Mo Ye smiled unpredictably. He didn't refuse. He walked over to them directly.

“That's Dragon scale carp! It will only get less and less if we keep eating…”

Qi Huan's sigh made the two people around her roll their eyes together. You also know that it will get less and less if you keep eating? Then, why did you eat so many just now?

“By the way, Senior Brother, why didn't I see anyone from Kun Lun?” Qi Huan suddenly thought of Qing Xiao. Ling Yun Zi said that he would not come. She also hoped that those Kun Lun disciples, who had seen her that time, would have better not come, that would save her some troubles.

“There, those people in front, aren't they from Kun Lun? Huh, the leader, Qing Xiao is also here?” Dong Yuan stretched out his hand and pointed. Qi Huan's heart skipped a beat immediately. Oh no, why is that sissy here!

Dong Yuan's voice was not loud, but it was enough for Qing Xiao to hear it. Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, Qing Xiao turned around, glanced over at Qi Huan coldly, and then walked away, as if he didn't know her at all.

Qi Huan saw that Qing Xiao didn't react at all when he saw her, which made her couldn't help trembling. There's a saying that goes, a dog that bites, doesn't bark. Qing Xiao must be this kind of person. Qi Huan would not be naive to think that he would really act like an adult, and let her off.

Perhaps it was better that she stayed close with Ling Yun Zi these days. Qi Huan didn't want to walk out of Qing Yun Mountain alive but had to be carried back home from Mount Shu.

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