Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 2

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Forcing a Discipleship


People says that if luck is in store for you, nothing will be able to stop it from happening.  Obviously, Qi Huan does not belong to that category. So naturally, when she meets someone, it isn’t a handsome, unparalled beautiful man, but rather an old man who has shrivelled like a walnut.


The Taoist priest stands not far from the well, staring at Qi Huan.  From his rigid and stiff, she can tell that he was taken by surprise by her.


The corner of Xu Kong Zi’s lips twitches lightly.  Deep inside, he curses the entire Song Family with every poisonous words he can find.  That idiot told him the Song Family is being haunted, the one in front of him is clearly a living person.  In fact, it is a woman who isn’t dressed properly.


He is done for.  He is done for!  If this comes out, how can he, Xu Kong ZI face the rest of the cultivating world!  His clean reputation-ah!


Qi Huan also stares at that old man for a long time, and then she looks down at herself that is wearing her white bedsheet.  She feels like she should be screaming, no matter how you look at it, she is the one suffering the losses.  She has no idea how long the old man has been standing there, how much he has seen.


So she takes a deep breath.  Just as she was about to scream, an amulet flies from the old man and latch onto her lips, firmly sealing it.


“*)&&%^&^*(@&)*!”  Qi Huan fiercely stares at that old man, as though trying to make him suffer the death of a thousand cuts from her eyes.


“This….. hehe, little girl, you must not get agitated, I didn’t do it on purpose!  I didn’t see anything just now!”  the old man says with great care and an apologetic smile after he sees the ferocious glare in Qi Huan’s eyes.


“Hmph!”  Qi Huan who can’t speak, humphed very loudly.


“You must not blame me.  You go around outside in the middle of the night, it is inevitable for people to misunderstand you.”


Qi Huan twist her head around at that, protesting in silence.  She naturally knows what the old man is implying.  Even though she didn’t mean to masquerade around as a ghost and scare off people, but this Song Family isn’t a good news either, so she didn’t really feel guilty!


Just, who would’ve thought this old man can tell that she is a person with just one glance, he even sends her a magical incantation that disallows her from speaking.


Before time-travelling, Qi Huan is a fan of novels.  As for novels about cultivation, she more or less has seen them but didn’t really believe them.   Who would’ve thought she will meet a cultivator after time travelling?


But hey, if time travelling is possible, a cultivator isn’t really surprising anymore.   If only she can cultivate to be a celestial…….


Qi Huan’s eyes turn as she grins inwardly.


As if sensing a malicious intention in Qi Huan’s eyes, the old man retreats two steps.  Why does he feels like he is being eyed by a carnivore?  This girl shouldn’t really pose any threats to him.


In the blink of an eye, Qi Huan change her expression.  She opens her eyes wide and force herself to shed a few tears before pitifully looking at the old man.  She changes her face so fast, the old man almost clap his hands and cheers.


“Er, if

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I take away the incantation, you must not scream okay!” the old man hesitantly says after Qi Huan continues making gesture to take the incantation away.  Seeing the old man starting to loosen up, Qi Huan nods repeatedly.


“This- This…..”  From the moment Xu Kong Zi started understanding things (TN: becomes mature), he was already cultivating in a mountain.  He never knows there are such pitiful people in the mortal world.  Qi Huan’s made-up story stirs sympathy from within Xu Kong Zi.


“Why don’t you…… return to the mountain with me?  Even though I can’t bring back your parents from the dead, I can still give you food to eat.”


“Will that be okay?  If other people finds out, they will blame daozhang you,” Qi Huan tries to suppress her lips from curving and wipes her tears that are continuously falling.  (TN: daochang (道长) : the way people address a Taoist priest.)


“Then, do you want to make me your shifu?” Xu Kong Zi delicately inquires.


“This——“  Qi Huan pretends to hesitate but only the heavens know how happy she is inside.


“I know this will inconvenient you, but the reason you can’t continue to stay in the Song Residence is because of me so I should be taking responsibility for that.  Even though I am not that good of a teacher, I will definitely not allow you to suffer from grievance,” the manner Xu Kong Zi speaks with is very honest.  If the disciples from Mount Qing Yun hears that, will they be chopping Qi Huan to pieces?


Xu Kong Zi can be considered as the person with the highest reputation in the cultivating world, becoming his disciple can be considered a blessing from the sky.  Who would’ve thought that he will actually beg someone to be his student?


Qi Huan’s face reddens at Xu Kong Zi’s words.  She didn’t think that old man would actually be so kind.  Oh, she should be calling him shifu now.


Just like that, the first sensational news in the cultivating world this year is Taoist Xu adopting a disciple, a female one at that.  And from then on, the cultivating world ceased from being peaceful.

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