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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Trial Meeting

The dazzling sunlight penetrated into the house through the coloured gla.s.s windows. Qi Huan, who was sitting cross-legged in the soft and comfortable princess bed, finally opened her eyes. A silver-purple electric light flashed across Qi Huan's eyes.

As a result of absorbing the energy in the thunder tribulation (leijie), Qi Huan's cultivation level jumped two levels up in a row. When she first woke up, there was nothing special about it, but after Xu Kong Zi took her back to Qing Yun Mountain, her meridians began to be disordered. Dantian also showed signs of collapse, and her whole body was covered with silver-purple thunder patterns. People of a lower cultivation level were electrocuted when they touched her.

If it weren't for Xu Kong Zi and the three old folks to act together to suppress the energy that her body could not absorb, Qi Huan would definitely be in trouble. Fortunately, she finally survived over it. For the sake of her life, Qi Huan had been practicing desperately these days, intending to absorb the remaining energy.

Although that energy is the purest thunder energy in the world, it is also a time bomb. Who knows what will happen if it explodes, she might be left without bones! After nearly two months of absorption, today she had finally refined the thunder tribulation in her body, and at the same time her cultivation level had stabilized in the initial stage of Qi Focusing (Ningqi).

If it weren't for Xu Kong Zi's fear for this kind of thing happening again in the future, and asking her to use most of her energy to practice, perhaps she would be able in the Jiedan stage now. But Qi Huan didn't mind it, at least she wouldn't be judged by other people's weird glances, as if she was a monster because she had cultivated until the initial stage of Ningqi in less than a year.

Qi Huan stared blankly at the shadows on the ground, suddenly not sure what to do.

After more than two months, the Devil cultivator's side had finally calmed down. She heard from the disciples her sect that this time, they had extorted many rare medicinal materials from major celestial sects. Compared with the 5,000-year-old Tong Tian seeds (Direct Access seeds) and thirty 300-year-old Ju Lin seeds (Miracle seeds) that Mount Shu and Kun Lun used to free their leader and elders, Qing Yun Sect had almost no loss.

Tong Tian seeds could only be grown again in 500 years. Mount Shu gave it away carelessly, were they anxious when they turned their backs and left? The Ju Lin seeds is a special product made by Kun Lun Sect. It is used to clean ones' essence to become pure, anyone from cultivation level as high as the dujie stage, or as low as the ningqi stage, could use it as an ingredient for food. But it is a pity that that thing blooms every 300 years, and there are only three fruits at a time.

Qi Huan sighed, the Devil cultivators really knew how to trick these celestial sects. Why do they need so many of these elixirs anyway?

Of course, these had nothing to do with her, even if all the righteous sects were ready to join forces to teach those Devil cultivators a lesson, it had nothing to do with her. There is a saying that goes, if you are poor, you will only benefit yourself, but if you are rich, you will benefit the world. Her cultivation level was still low, so it was up to others to maintain world justice.

After spending a long time in a daze, Qi Huan finally climbed out of bed, took a small silver sword from her storage bag, and walked out reluctantly. Her shifu started his isolation after her body had returned to normal. Her Senior Uncles acted like a mouse saw a cat, they disappeared in a swish when they saw her, so she had no choice but to support herself.

She could not blame Xu Ling Zi and Xu Yang Zi though. A few days ago, Qi Huan said that she wanted to learn the five element spells, and the two old folks prepared to show their skills. Besides, they could show it off in front of their Junior Nephew, so they wouldn't give up this chance. However, who knew that when Xu Yang Zi was teaching Qi Huan Huoya Jutsu (Flaming Crow Art), Qi Huan actually created a bunch of purple and black thunder crows. And all of them accidentally hit Xu Yang Zi's head. The poor Xu Yang Zi only had little hair to begin with, as a result, all his hair were toasted and dropped from his head.

Later it was Xu Ling Zi's turn. He taught Qi Huan Suiton Jutsu (Water Escaping Art). As a result, Qi Huan not only did not learn the art, she actually created a lightning version of it… To be honest, this Lightning Jutsu was not bad. Xu Ling Zi thought Qi Huan had a superb savvy, but when he saw Qi Huan fired the lightning to the ground and finally digging out dirt that was from ten meters deep, his eyes darkened, Oh, dear ancestors of Qing Yun Sect…!

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Although these two people didn't have the courage to continue teaching Qi Huan, they were still very responsible. They asked Ling Feng Zi to give Qi Huan all the books in the sect that contained the secrets of thunder spells. It seemed that due to absorbing tianjie (heaven tribulation), Qi Huan couldn't feel the aura of the five elements between heaven and earth. Therefore, besides thunder spells, she could not use any kind of celestial spells.

She had a fear of heights and wanted to fly using her sword so much. Her old man was worried, so he asked Ling Yun Zi to watch her. Usually Ling Yun Zi would be at w.a.n.g You Peak as soon as the day started, but today he hadn't even showed up yet.

“Today, Mount Shu had sent someone over to give us an invitation to the trial meeting. Senior Uncle Ling Yun Zi should still be receiving guests on w.a.n.g Feng.” A male disciple replied.

“What trial meeting?” Qi Huan was a little curious.

“It's a meeting where all five sects attended together. Those who partic.i.p.ate in the trial are all elite disciples of their sects. The top ten will be awarded low-grade and medium-grade Spirit Devices. The first placer will get a Xisui Pill specially refined by Dan Sect as a reward.”

The Xisui Pill is the unique pill refined by Dan Sect. Among the four cla.s.ses of Xisui Pills, it is a heavenly pill, although it is only low-level, it is also a priceless thing. An earth-level pill already has high value in the cultivation world. Therefore, a heavenly pill definitely will cause everyone to crack their heads.

“Tsk tsk, what a huge reward, where is the trial meeting held?” Truthfully, Qi Huan had no interest in that spirit device or pill, she just wanted to join in the fun.

“This year happens to be in Mount Shu.”

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