Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Let's Eat Beef Next Time

Hearing the quarrel from the corner, the masked man opened his eyes slightly, and glanced at Qi Huan, with a slight hint of amus.e.m.e.nt in his eyes.

He didn't have any scruples when Qi Huan first opened her mouth. The one with a loud voice was only afraid that other people would not hear him. Sure enough, after hearing her words, the expressions on everyone's faces became weird. They all knew Qing Xiao was a highly respected cultivator, they didn't expect Qi Huan to be so courageous. This was surely a huge embarra.s.sment to Qing Xiao!

Just by seeing Qing Xiao's wrinkled face that was shivering with anger now, it was obvious that he was furious. If he could move, the first thing he would probably do was to crush Qi Huan into pieces.

But Qi Huan didn't think so. By the time he could move, her old man would have already been here. She didn't believe that Qing Xiao would dare to lay a finger on her in front of Xu Kong Zi. Her shifu really adored his apprentice, only he himself was allowed to teach his apprentice a lesson, if others dared to even touch his apprentice, he would definitely slice them into half!

“What are you doing staring at me? Didn't you say that our Qing Yun Sect is disrespectful? Let me show you what is the meaning of disrespectful.” Qi Huan sneered, perceiving Qing Xiao's evil eyes. Anyway, after this time, she would definitely not leave Qing Yun Mountain casually. She guessed that her shifu would also not let her walk around casually, so she was not afraid that anyone would be able to beat her then.

Listening to Qi Huan insulting their sect's leader, the Kun Lun disciples sitting behind Qing Xiao refused to let this matter go. Qing Xiao's self-confidence was so high that it was difficult for him to verbally scold Qi Huan. But the disciples didn't think so. They all glared at Qi Huan and started spitting colorful words at her.

Qi Huan listened blankly to their high-pitched and pa.s.sionate voices, until finally they had no more insulting words to describe Qi Huan. Subsequently, a bright smile appeared on Qi Huan's face, “Alright, you guys are done? Now is my turn.”

Qi Huan rolled up her sleeves, cleared her throat, and started her “speech” with an extremely calm voice. It wasn't until the light in the ruined temple began to slowly dim, and the golden sunset sprinkled into the ruined temple through the ruined roof, that everyone realized that Qi Huan had been talking since midday until sunset.

For more than three hours, Qi Huan used a calm and steady tone to demonstrate all the curses that she had cultivated over the past 20 years. Anyone who listened to it could testify. She had not repeated a single sentence. She didn't even use a single dirty word. Yet, she had tossed Qing Xiao's disciples back and forth dozens of times. If it weren't for Qing Xiao having a strong physical strength as a cultivator, he might be the first to suffer from a heart attack.

“Ah~~~ I'm so thirsty.” Although Qi Huan wasn't happy with the result, she didn't feel much fun anymore. They weren't her opponents, so she didn't want to waste anymore time.

“Hey, are there any living people out there? Give me some water to drink please!” Qi Huan turned away from Qing Xiao, and walked out, swinging her arms. Anyway, those people didn't restrict her freedom. In the past, she was a keyboard warrior in games, so swearing didn't use up a single energy. She didn't expect that after her demonstration today, she would be so tired and exhausted.

If it wasn't for her intention to control her tone, perhaps she would have a sore throat now.

After Qi Huan went out, she found that several people were already standing in the ruined temple, and the masked man, who kidnapped her, was still sitting motionless on the ground with his eyes closed. However, there was an old man behind him this time. The old man also had his eyes closed, but the blood-colored crystal skull in his hand was still spinning. Coupled with the negative aura around him, it was obvious he was not a good person.

Qi Huan glanced around but she couldn't see the non-mainstream man. The newcomers also looked b.l.o.o.d.y. Qi Huan didn't dare to run over to ask them for water, so she had to approach the masked man.

“Hey!” Qi Huan approached in small steps. Several devil cultivators that were standing in the small temple stared at Qi Huan fiercely, but they didn't stop Qi Huan.

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The masked man opened his eyes and looked at Qi Huan.

But she discovered that all those people were looking away from her, only the masked man was still staring at her.

“Was the Qing Yun Sect very harsh to you?” He had never seen a woman eat like a wolf in his whole life. How long has she not eaten?

“Not too bad. I get three meals a day.” Originally Xu Kong Zi said that it was best for a cultivator not to eat meat, but Qi Huan was a carnivorous being. After Xu Kong Zi cut off her meat portion, Qi Huan finally put her target on the spirit beasts that were rare in the Spirit Beast Palace.

One late night, Qi Huan took her flying sword and found her way to the palace where the spirit beasts were kept. She cut off a small half of the three-meter-long wing of a young golden red spirit beast, and happily ran to the back mountain to grill the tip of the wing.

From that day on, the Spirit Beast Palace entered a first-level alert state, and she began a happy life that was blessed with meat.

“Let's have beef in our next meal…” Qi Huan was a natural in being insatiable. After eating her first meal, she began to think what to eat for her second meal.

“I'll invite you to the Demon Gate to have a meal, if we have the chance.” After speaking, the masked man disappeared from the temple with a whistling sound. It took a full half second before Qi Huan felt that there was another person behind her.

“Your shifu is here.” The masked man took Qi Huan by her collar and walked out of the ruined temple with the old man who had stood behind him the whole time.

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