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Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Awareness

Almost as soon as they walked into the bone room, Qi Huan felt something was wrong. There was only one stone platform in the bone room. The corpse on the stone platform was obviously Mo Yu's, but the corpse could still breathe!

Seeing Mo Yu's chest moving up and down, Qi Huan couldn't help taking a few steps back.

“A living corpse…” Mo Ye's mouth raised slightly. He turned to look at Bone Devil King who was smiling weirdly outside the bone room. “No wonder you help Xing Huang9. It seems that he has more value than me.”

Being able to turn Mo Yu into a living corpse was not a trick ordinary people knew. Even him, as a younger brother, didn't know that his dear brother had become a zombie, in fact, he was not an ordinary zombie.

Zombies were also a kind of magic, but the chance of advancing into a zombie was very small, one in tens of thousands.

It was very rare to become a zombie king, let alone an emperor corpse that could be compared with the Devil King. Judging from Mo Yu's current situation, Xing Huang, who turned him into a living corpse, was almost the same level as an emperor corpse even if he hadn't cultivated into an emperor.

“We have no choice. After all, Mo Yu had been wiped out. Of course, I have to find another partner. I have been thinking about it for a long time. Although you are more popular in the outside world, I am more optimistic about Xing Huang.”

“True, no matter how big my development is, I still have a big distance from an emperor.” Mo Ye smiled back, not minding what Bone Devil King said.

“Haha, your courage alone is enough to impress me. It's a pity.” Bone Devil King's hands that were hidden in the black robe, stretched out into the air as they clasped together, and in an instant, the bone room Mo Ye and Qi Huan were in was unexpectedly slowly closing in. Qi Huan looked surprised. Bone Devil King explained very kindly, “This place is built with my bones. This is my bone world, and in my world, you have no chance to escape.”

“It's a pity indeed.” Mo Ye nodded, agreeing with Bone Devil King's words.

Bone Devil King noticed their expression after he finished speaking. Apart from Qi Huan's surprise expression, he noticed that the two did not have the slightest fear at all. Could it be that they have already expected this and had an escape plan?

“What kind of thunder do you think he is afraid of?” Qi Huan possessed too much thunder power, and at such a critical moment, she didn't know which one to use, so she poked Mo Ye and asked for his opinion.

Bone Devil King was also afraid that Mo Ye could overthrow him, so he made a desperate move, and refused to attack the two in close proximity. The bone room didn't close in too quickly, so Qi Huan still had time to chat with Mo Ye.

“The Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder works best.” Mo Ye thought for a while and gave Qi Huan a suggestion.

The att.i.tude of the two people standing and chatting made Bone Devil King feel more and more anxious. Xing Huang had reminded him long ago that he must be careful when dealing with his younger brother, otherwise he would easily fall into Mo Ye's hands.

Bone Devil King admitted that he had been very careful, but he still felt uneasy.

Speaking of Bone Devil King, in fact, he was good in everything, his strength was also very strong, but he was too careful. His caution was good. The only pity was that he stood in the wrong place.

“Okay, then, you stay away a bit.” Pushing Mo Ye aside, Qi Huan's hands slightly closed, and at the moment the bone room was completely closed, Bone Devil King was horrified to find there was a ball of Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder appeared in Qi Huan's hand.

The condensed thunderball was thrown out like a bowling ball, and it exploded on the closed bone door with a m.u.f.fled sound. The bone room that had been built by the Bone Devil King for tens of thousands of years was blown up just like that. There was a big hole. However, even so, the thunderball still showed no means to stop, it rushed directly towards Bone Devil King.

Bone Devil King also saw the horror of the thunderball, he didn't dare to take it hard. Unfortunately, his cultivation level was not just for display, so he easily avoided Qi Huan's thunderball.

In fact, this bone room shouldn't be able to explode even with the strike from the thunderball, but Qi Huan had the Thunder G.o.d Tower in her dantian, so all the thunder power she used now was basically the purest form, so her power was even more powerful than owning a Thunder Heart.

The only thing lacking was that her cultivation level was not enough so she couldn't support the thunderball to make too complicated movements. If she had the strength of Thunder G.o.d, then she could control the movement of the thunderball and wouldn't allow Bone Devil King to avoid it easily.

Mo Ye, who was watching the excitement on the sidelines, was also a bit dumbfounded by this scene. Of course, he was thinking something a little more complicated. He was thinking: if he really married Qi Huan next time, his life would be threatened if he accidentally made her unhappy.

According to Qi Huan's personality, if she was really anxious, she was very likely to blast a few thunders on him even if he was sleeping in the middle of the night. Perhaps he would be toasted when he woke up.

Although she was able to force the bone room to open, Qi Huan still knew a bit of survival skills. She was not so stupid to rush out at this time. If it was dealing with an ordinary bone devil, she wouldn't be so cautious, but they were dealing with the king at the moment, one of the four kings of the Heavenly Devil Realm, she didn't want to act ruthlessly and bring death to herself.

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“I'll leave the rest to you.” Just when Bone Devil King thought Qi Huan was about make another move, he didn't expect that she would run directly behind Mo Ye and even pushed Mo Ye forward smoothly.

“You are Xing Huang?” Qi Huan tried hard to push Mo Yu's sharp black nails away with both of her hands. She felt suffocating, and it seemed very difficult to mobilize her thunder power at this moment.

“I just split my body. At first I wanted to see my dear brother, but I didn't expect to see you, well, you're not too bad either.”

“What do you want to do?” Qi Huan's small face turned purple, but she was able to mobilize the Nine Nether Thunder slightly. Although she didn't know whether this thunder had any effect on a living corpse, she had to try it.

“I want Mo Ye to die.” Mo Yu's face leaned closely to Qi Huan. Her whole body shivered by the words.

“Then, you might be disappointed.” Mo Ye somehow appeared behind Mo Yu.

A hand was impelled directly into the body from Mo Yu's back, grabbing onto his heart. The weakness of a living corpse was his heart. At the same time, Qi Huan smashed the Nine Nether Thunder towards Mo Yu.

The moment Mo Yu's body was touched by the thunder, his body began to corrode rapidly. Without needing Mo Ye to make a move, he had turned into a pile of black ash.

“You are so mean, how can you let me be the bait!” Qi Huan ran to Mo Ye and pinched the soft flesh on his waist, but it was a pity that he didn't respond at all.

Mo Ye spread his hands, and said, “Otherwise you want to fight Bone Devil King?”

“…” Qi Huan had nothing to say. Compared to Bone Devil King, she would rather face a living corpse that was being controlled by others.

As soon as when the two of them walked into the bone room, Mo Ye had already discovered that Mo Yu's body had other people's spirits attached to it. A zombie's spirit could not be detected by ordinary people, but Mo Ye was very sensitive towards resentment. Zombies also needed to inhale resentment to grow, so he was able to detect his dear brother's spirit.

The reason why Mo Ye used Qi Huan as a bait was to find out where the “shennian” came from. When Mo Yu's body was destroyed just now, he happened to capture the fleeing “shennian”.

Xing Huang thought that his plan was perfect, and that everything was under control. The truth, however, was that he was under Mo Ye's control from beginning to the end. If you were an enemy of Mo Ye, you really had to have a certain level of awareness.

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