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Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Bone Devil King

“You came uninvited and killed my bone devils. What is the meaning of this?” The man in black robe demanded in a cold tone, he did not hide his hostility towards Mo Ye.

“I just want to look at the late Reincarnation King's body.” Mo Ye was not polite to him. In the Heavenly Devil Realm, if you showed weakness, you would be ridden on your head. Therefore, no matter how strong or weak you were, you should never take a step back.

“Who are you?” The black cloak that was draped on that person suddenly moved in the wind. Even with the Nine Nether Thunder wrapped around her body, Qi Huan could still feel the cold wind that made her tremble.

“Hmph, who do you think?” Mo Ye raised his hand, and a bladeless golden sword slashed a graceful arc, grazing the ear of the man, and after a while of silence, the black cloak suddenly tore into pieces, falling down from the person, like black b.u.t.terflies flying all over the sky.

“Heaven Devil Sword? You are Mo Ye!” It seemed that this sword was much more famous than Mo Ye. Qi Huan looked at the golden sword that had disappeared in the city, wondering if she should run over to pick it up. It was such a waste to throw such a precious item!

Qi Huan secretly let go of Mo Ye's hand, as she was just about to rush forward, she was pulled back by Mo Ye. He knew what she was thinking about, then suddenly the long golden sword appeared in Qi Huan's hands silently.

Seeing the Heavenly Devil Sword appearing in her hands, Qi Huan touched it lovingly for a long time, she even kissed it. Qi Huan's greed for money hadn't changed at all after all these years.

Mo Ye saw clearly under the black cloak, a very ordinary face with slightly peachy brows. This person was definitely a bone devil, but he could actually regenerate flesh and blood. If he guessed right, he should be the Bone Devil King whom he had never seen the real face.

Among the four kings in the Devil Realm, the Bone Devil King was the most mysterious one. He had never done anything in the Devil Realm, and rumours had it that he was only named king because he occupied Yin City. However, after seeing him with his own eyes, Mo Ye could immediately feel that the Bone Devil King's strength would definitely not be inferior to Mo Yu, and might even surpa.s.s him.

Last time, Mo Ye would not be able to tell this. After all, although he was strong at that time, his cultivation level was still inferior to his father Mo Yu, but now he had cultivated into an immortal ghost and successfully survived tianjie. If he really wanted to fight, his strength was definitely not weaker than Mo Yu. Everyone thought that an immortal ghost's strength was just a relatively higher than one's current strength before turning to an immortal ghost. In fact, the real scary thing about immortal ghosts was that they could mobilize resentment in the eighteen layers of h.e.l.l in the underworld. That endless resentment was the attack method of an immortal ghost, even if an immortal was dragged into the resentment, there would basically only be one ending for that person, and that was death.

Therefore, for a typical immortal, it was basically impossible to eliminate immortal ghosts nowadays.

Unless someone could kill Mo Ye in seconds and completely destroy his ghost form, then the person would be able to get rid of an immortal ghost.

“I advise you not to look for it.” Knowing Mo Ye's ident.i.ty, Bone Devil King's expression became a little relaxed, as if he was no longer hostile to Mo Ye. In fact, he didn't care about those dead bone devils, but Mo Ye's appearance made him feel a sense of crisis for no reason, so he came forward to block them.

“It's okay, I want to know how my dear brother dealt with my father.” Mo Ye smiled, just listening to Bone Devil King's words, he knew that his guess should be right, otherwise he would not say that.

After hearing Mo Ye's words, Bone Devil King's expression was a little dazed, and then he burst into laughter, “Xing Huang9 really can't compare to you.”

The conversation between the two made Qi Huan stunned. How could it be related to Xing Huang? Could it be that Xing Huang killed Mo Yu? Qi Huan, who was still innocent in this world, couldn't accept the meaning of their conversation at all. It was too fake. Killing his father? Even if they were all devils, they had lived with each other as a family for several thousands of years, how could they not have any mercy at all?

When she lived in the Mo Residence, she didn't even notice that Xing Huang hated his father.

“Since you insist, let's go take a look.” Bone Devil King looked like someone easy to talk to. He actually turned around and took Mo Ye and Qi Huan into the city. The black cloak covering his face was torn into pieces so he swiftly took another cloak with a twist of his fingers. He wrapped himself tightly, and then walked forward.

“What's the matter?” Mo Ye found that Qi Huan's expression looked a bit wrong so he asked softly in her ear.

Qi Huan shivered subconsciously, then turned her head abruptly, staring at Mo Ye with a weird expression, “Your father… was really killed by Xing Huang?”

Mo Ye was silent for a while and then he nodded, “He had this idea for a long time, he just found the opportunity to do so.” Actually he was the real culprit, If it weren't for him, Mo Yu wouldn't have been so badly injured, and Xing Huang wouldn't have the chance to kill him.

Although Qi Huan had been to the Heavenly Devil Realm, she never knew that this world would be so dark. This made her suddenly shrink in fear. Was Mo Ye also such a person? Qi Huan raised her head, looking at Mo Ye, and it so happened that his eyes were blood red at this moment.

Mo Ye pinched Qi Huan's cheeks with both hands, lowered his head and pressed a kiss on her lips, “Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person.” If it was before meeting her, perhaps the person who would make a move on Mo Yu would be Mo Ye himself, but ever since he met Qi Huan, his world was full of colors, it wasn't just darkness anymore. He wouldn't do things that she couldn't accept.

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Mo Ye always knew that Qi Huan hated his b.l.o.o.d.y hands, but she never said anything when they were in the mortal world. But some things had their bottom line. Perhaps even at that time, even if Qi Huan hated Mo Yu to the core, and wanted to cut him several times, she would never have thought about asking Mo Ye to do it for her, after all, they were father and son.

“Hey, do you think…” Qi Huan raised her head to ask, but before she could finish her question, she was interrupted by Mo Ye.

“These skulls are worthless.” If he told her truthfully that these colored skulls were the top refining materials of the Heavenly Devil Realm, she would probably force him to kidnap Bone Devil King.

The more Mo Ye thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. Others maybe he would need to think, but for someone like Qi Huan…

It was quite obvious what she would do. These skeletons were a symbol of the rights of the Bone Devil King and they were his trophies. Anyone who dared to take the skull without authorization would be chased down by the king himself. And Mo Ye was not ready to be a king's enemy when he had just returned to the Heavenly Devil Realm even though this enemy may not be his opponent.

“Okay, okay, chill, I didn't say anything, why are you so worked up.” Qi Huan looked innocent. She didn't say anything but her thoughts were written all over on her face.

Upon hearing Mo Ye said that these skulls were worthless, Qi Huan kicked the purple skull at her feet very uncomfortably, so flashy for nothing, hmph!

The underground of the cave where the Bone Devil King lived was not at all gloomy, and the place was very s.p.a.cious.

Qi Huan was curious about why the underground light was so abundant. After looking around, she found that there were several colorful skeletons piled up in the corner of the cave. The skeletons were put in different poses, illuminating the cave.

Seeing that Qi Huan was very interested in those skeletons, Bone Devil King smiled gloomily, “They are all the city masters of Yin City in the past. I place their skulls here after they died. They are very beautiful.”

“…” Qi Huan didn't comment on the king's unique hobby.

“Your father is right here. You can go have a look.” Bone Devil King pointed to a separate bone room. It was called a bone room because it was basically a small room piled up with bones. It seemed that the only thing Yin City was rich in was bones, even the house was made of bones.

Seeing Mo Ye holding Qi Huan's hand as they walked into the bone room, a cold smile appeared on Bone Devil King's face.

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