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Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Yin City

When they came to the Heavenly Devil Realm again, Qi Huan felt that the feelings were no different from the last time they came, except that this time there was an unknown city built in a large skull in the distance when they had just set foot at the place.

The skull was so huge. If the body was still there, perhaps it could be p.r.i.c.ked out this day.

The walls of that city seemed to be piled up with bones. From a distance, it was all off white colour. Qi Huan could feel the devil aura before getting close to it.

“What city is that?” Qi Huan stood beside Mo Ye, pointing at the distant city. After leaving Broken Devil Valley, she was too embarra.s.sed to continue letting him carry her, so she got down and walked on her own.

“That city is called Yin City, bone devils live in it.” Mo Ye took a glance, then looked away.

The bone devil's status in the devil world was very low, their attack power was not high, but the skull outside the city was left by a devil dragon that was almost as advanced to an ancestral dragon. The skull would have a strong influence on anything else other than the bone devils. So as long as the bone devils stayed in this city, other people normally would not come to trouble.

“Do bone devils cultivate skeletons?” Qi Huan had never seen many low-level devils before. The devils she encountered in the Heavenly Devil Realm were basically high-level devils. They all had perfect human forms, which made her mistaken, thinking that the immortals in the Heavenly Devil Realm were similar to the ones in the Immortal Realm.

“No… they are…a little weird.” In fact, Mo Ye wanted to say they were more terrifying. The form of a bone devil was abundant and strange, and somewhat disgusting.

Originally Qi Huan wanted to see them, but seeing Mo Ye's hesitation, she dispelled this idea.

It was better not to admire indiscriminately, otherwise she would get nightmares at night.

Mo Ye had originally led Qi Huan to walk around Yin City, but they were surrounded by a group of bone devils not long later.

Seeing the disgusting creatures with weird colors and carrion skeletons covered all over themselves, Qi Huan almost vomited everything out of her stomach. She stood behind Mo Ye, leaning her head against his shoulder very weakly.

“You are from the immortal world?” The bone devil who led the group, faintly exuded a jade color. There were not too many disgusting things on his body, he looked pretty normal. The soul fire in his skull was also more vigorous than the other bone devils. He seemed to be the leader.

Although they didn't have eyes, it was obvious from their voice that these bone devils seemed to be very hostile to Qi Huan's appearance.

“Yeah.” Qi Huan didn't answer, but Mo Ye said first.

As soon as his voice fell, those bone devils rushed forward without saying a word. Mo Ye didn't even move though, he stood still on the spot. Qi Huan heard some crackling sounds, and when she raised her head, she realized that those bone devils had all broken into pieces in Mo Ye's hands. After being broken, their skulls were directly crushed, and the soul fire inside was scattered in the air. All except for the skull in Mo Ye's hand was shattered. The skull seemed to belong to the leader. A demon's vitality was really uncommonly tenacious, even with just a skull left, he could still speak.

“Answer whatever I ask you, don't talk too much nonsense, understand?”

Mo Ye raised the skull in front of him and spoke to it.

“Yes, yes.” The skeleton's voice was obviously filled with fear. In the Heavenly Devil Realm, the weak respected the strong. As long as one had more strength than the other, one could do anything.

“Is there any news about the Reincarnation King in the Heavenly Devil Realm recently?”

“Yes.” The light blue soul fire in the skull gleamed, “I heard that the Reincarnation King was dead.” Although it was not a big news that the Reincarnation King was seriously injured at the time, the person that dared to kill the King was undoubtedly very courageous. Moreover, no one actually knew how the King died.

“What about the body?” Hearing the news of his father's death, Mo Ye's face remained the same, as if the dead person had nothing to do with him.

“In…It's in the city lord's mansion in Yin City. Bone Devil King brought back the Reincarnation King's body.”

“Very good.” A cold smile flashed on Mo Ye's face. His right hand pressed slightly, and the skull was shattered into powder. After the soul fire fell in his hand, a faint light flashed and then it disappeared.

Although bone devils were cla.s.sified as devils, most devils didn't recognize them at all, because they cultivate yin aura, not devil aura. Yin aura was just a kind of resentment. For Mo Ye, the bone devils in the city were tonics.

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“Are you… okay?” Qi Huan poked Mo Ye's back cautiously. Although she didn't feel any mood changes in Mo Ye, the person that died was his biological father after all. She didn't think anyone could simply accept their father's death.

“No, but more or less I guess. I got this thunder power from the Thunder G.o.d Tower, and then I was inexplicably teleported to the Infinite h.e.l.l.”

“So… what happened to the Thunder G.o.d Tower is related to you?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows. When he went to the Thunder G.o.d Temple to pick up Qi Huan, he didn't miss the busted roof tower at all, and to be honest, he was very happy when he saw the broken tower.

“Actually…it's nothing…it was just an accident. Then, I somehow absorbed all the thunder power on the top few levels.” Qi Huan spoke innocently. It really was an accident, who would have expected the tower to be so fragile after she “absorbed” some of its thunder power.

If Thunder G.o.d heard these words, it would probably cry. That tower had been built for tens of millions of years, if the power inside was really drained, it would be drained forever. Then, he would be known as Thunder G.o.d for nothing!

“And then?” Mo Ye didn't miss Qi Huan's cheeky expression. Every time she picked up a bargain, she would smile like this, especially if the bargain was cheap and good. If Thunder G.o.d knew that the heir he had cultivated with all his heart was the culprit who destroyed the tower, how would he feel?

Mo Ye could only say one sentence about Thunder G.o.d choosing Qi Huan as the heir of the Thunder G.o.d Temple: Thunder G.o.d really didn't understand Qi Huan. If she could stay in one place for a long time, why did her cultivation stop at this point.

This woman had more than a hundred times more opportunities than that of ordinary people, even Mo Ye had to admire her. She had easily but vaguely practised three books from the legendary ancient divine cla.s.sic “Liu Dao”, it was probably not too hard for her to practice the other three books.

Her natural night spirit body made her ascend into a deity in just over a thousand years. Her natural thunder body allowed her to control all kinds of thunder power in the world. If she was more diligent, she could have easily conquered these three realms.

“Then the Thunder G.o.d Tower somehow appeared in my dantian.” Qi Huan didn't dare to tell others about this kind of thing, but she only told Mo Ye. Mo Ye knew a lot. He seemed to be able to answer all her questions.

“A complete one?” Mo Ye's eyes twitched a little, could she really be that powerful? If she had the complete tower in her dantian, this meant that after a few hundred years, perhaps even earlier, her control over her thunder power would be better than Thunder G.o.d himself. Although her cultivation level was not as good, she could still build another complete Thunder G.o.d Temple.

Mo Ye couldn't help trembling, thinking of what if Qi Huan was upset next time, and the world began to flash with thunder. What if she was upset with him one day, and decided to blast him with a thunderbolt when he was sleeping in the middle of the night.

…Is it too late to regret it now?

“Yep, it's quite complete.” The two of them walked into Yin City while chatting. As soon as they reached the gate of the city, they saw a man in a black cloak standing in the middle of the gate.

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