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Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 Write An IOU (= I Owe You)

“Where are we going?” After eating and drinking, Qi Huan felt very happy. There was no fox around to s.n.a.t.c.h meat from her, which made her appet.i.te greatly increased.

Poor Little Fox was rejected by Qi Huan because he liked to s.n.a.t.c.h her food.

“We are going to the Heavenly Devil Realm.”

“What are we going there for?” Qi Huan frowned. When he mentioned the Heavenly Devil Realm, she couldn't help recalling those bad memories. Although that person was Mo Ye's father, she really hated Mo Yu from the bottom of her heart.

“After I handle some affairs in the Heavenly Devil Realm, we will get married.” Mo Ye embraced Qi Huan and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

“Um…no, no way.” Qi Huan nodded blankly at first, but soon reacted and immediately rejected Mo Ye's proposal.

Mo Ye raised his eyebrows, and asked, not smiling, “Are you regretting it already?” He could listen to her about anything, but not this matter, he absolutely couldn't give in. He had reached his limit waiting for her for more than 800 years, he was not a patient man.

Mo Ye's expression made Qi Huan's hair stand upright, she hurriedly replied, “Of course not.” Having said that, she reflected on herself, isn't it a bit too urgent?

After hearing Qi Huan's answer, Mo Ye's expression became a little more normal. She shrank in the corner and complained to herself. At the beginning, she was very courageous. Why was she getting nervous now?

“That… you haven't given me a bride token yet…” This was the most important thing. After living for more than a thousand years, it was hard for someone to marry her. Of course, Qi Huan wanted to marry him soon, but for the happiness of the marriage, well, she must first have some little moolah in her small vault.

If Mo Ye cheated on her someday, she must take all the valuable things from him before kicking him out. Having this thought, Qi Huan couldn't help chuckling.

Of course, this was just her imagination. If that day really happened, she would most probably kill the other woman first, then break Mo Ye's thing apart. Otherwise, she wouldn't be called Qi Huan.

“Very well, what do you want?” This was how wealthy people married wives. Since he had agreed, Qi Huan was not shameful, she only picked all the legendary treasures. She wanted the 12th-Rank Golden Lotus Terrace, ten bottles of the Celestial Rank Pill, Clear PIlls… and the list went on! 

However, Mo Ye was very obedient. After listening to Qi Huan's requests, he did not object to any of it at all. She even thought perhaps he was shocked by her list.

“That's it?” In the end, Mo Ye, who was still very calm, asked when Qi Huan stopped talking. She really couldn't think of any more valuable treasure. She felt a bit embarra.s.sed, she should have read more ancient books about the valuable items in the deity world.

It was a great disadvantage that her list was so short!

Would Mo Ye vomit blood if he knew this was what she was thinking?

“Um… yea, that's about it.” If she wanted too much, she would suffer a lot if he regretted agreeing to marry her. Qi Huan didn't feel that the betrothal gift she wanted was exaggerated enough to make all men discourage the idea of marrying her though.

“Okay. Then, I will marry you after I check all the items in your list. Give me one hundred thousand years.” The smile on Mo Ye's face was quite brilliant.

One hundred thousand years? She couldn't even accept the fact that she was 1000 years old but still unmarried, if she really had to wait another 100000 years, she would be older than an old woman then! 

“Nooo, how can you take such a long time! No, no!”

Mo Ye shrugged helplessly, “Then I have no other options. I only have one Clear Pill, you want three Clear Pills for the bride price.” Mo Ye spread out his palm, and placed a light cyan Clear Pill in his palm. This was the legendary Clear Pill. Qi Huan once listened to her old ancestor's saying that this pill was a good thing, but Duan Sui12 didn't know how to refine, so there weren't any Clear Pills in the deity world for a long time, but it was right in front of her now.

“Okay, you write me an IOU first, then pay me back slowly.” Qi Huan negotiated. Then she rushed over and grabbed the Clear Pill in Mo Ye's hand, and rudely put it in her storage ring. It was hers now.

“Okay.” The other gifts would be included in the IOU. She trusted that he would get all the things for her. Mo Ye was very obedient. Anyway, he would marry her over to himself first, then only settle the other gifts. He would discuss with her the debts later.

Without any media or drama, Qi Huan was married to him.

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After temporarily settling this matter, Mo Ye took Qi Huan and continued on the road. Along the way, Qi Huan suddenly felt that she was a little bit at a loss, she had just sold herself with one Clear PIll?

Little Fox didn't really look like he was from a fox family. It was rumored that a nine-tailed celestial fox's charming technique could confuse even a Respected Immortal, but Little Fox didn't seem to be able to charm others at all, his appearance was not coquettish enough, on the contrary, he looked totally cute. So whether it was in his fox body or human body, he was so cute that people couldn't help wanting to hold him and nibble him. On the other hand, Little Yin's appearance looked more like he was from a fox family.

“Huh?” Little Yin raised his eyes slightly, and saw Little Fox waving his fists, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Hmph, I hate you, you're not allowed to sleep in my place.” Little Fox got up from Little Yin with his hands and feet, and sat on the bed. He kicked Little Yin hard, intending to kick him down from the bed, so that he could occupy the big bed.

“What are you angry about?” Little Yin stretched out his hand and carried the little fox into his arms, holding his white tail in one hand, and rubbing it lightly. The nine-tailed celestial fox was a very arrogant animal. Their tails were like their weak points. No one could touch them at will. However, Little Fox seemed to like Little Yin touching his tail very much, so he did not refuse him, rather, he lay on him softly, rubbing his face against his body.

“Ming Huo kissed me, and you didn't even stop him.”

“You want me to transform and swallow him up?” Little Yin raised his eyebrows and asked.

“…Anyway, it's your fault.” Of course Little Fox knew that patience was a must at this time. Besides, he also got his little revenge when he slapped Ming Huo! And it was done in front of Thunder G.o.d and the others too. This made him very happy.

He could use his host's ident.i.ty easily, and plus, Mo Ye wasn't around, so he was going to go all out in teaching that nasty guy Ming Huo a lesson. Although Little Fox didn't like Mo Ye very much, Qi Huan seemed to like him very much. In order for him to have more meat in the future, it was more important that he please Mo Ye. If he offended him, he had no doubt that he would be roasted and eaten.

“We will leave tomorrow.” Little Yin held Little Fox in his arms and stretched out his hand over the blanket to cover the two of them.

“What if they find out if we leave?” Little Fox asked inexplicably, his hands subconsciously encircling Little Yin.

“It's too dangerous here, and news of Qi Huan's disappearance will be discovered sooner or later. You will be in a very dangerous situation if you continue to stay here.” Although Little Fox had reached the Fifth Heavens, his combat experience was basically zero. He would have difficulty in escaping if they were discovered.

Little Yin, although he was not an opponent of the Respected Immortal now, but his fighting experience was not something ordinary Respected Immortal could compare since he had been alive for many many years. In the ancient times, if a beast wanted to live, he had to do a ma.s.sacre. He was still alive now, which proved that he was a real big scary beast. Even if he couldn't beat his opponents, he could at least escape safely. In short, he just couldn't be rest a.s.sured to leave Little Fox alone here.

Qi Huan had his master with her, she would never be caught. Little Yin and Little Fox, on the other hand, were in a bit of a troubled situation.

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