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Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: I Promise I Will Be With You In My Next Life

When Qi Huan recovered from her unconsciousness, she found that she was lying on a bed, on Lei Gong's bed to be exact. It seemed that she hadn't left the Thunder G.o.d Temple at all, and all the things in infinite h.e.l.l seemed to be a dream.

“Was I dreaming?” Qi Huan sat up and muttered to herself. However, when she dug out the purple bead that Shi gave to Mo Ye from her storage ring, she was surprised, it was not a dream!

“Little Huan, you finally woke up!” Seeing Qi Huan sitting in a daze, Lei Gong, who had just walked into the bedroom, rushed over surprisingly, holding her shoulders with both hands, and looking up and down at her excitedly.

“Uh… what happened?” She remembered that she just fainted and then appeared in the infinite h.e.l.l, and then she was absorbed into some kind of black whirlpool and returned to the Thunder G.o.d Temple.

“You've been lying here for so long, you weren't even breathing.” When Lei Gong said this, he still had a lingering fear in his tone. He only went out for a while, and after returning, he found that Qi Huan had lost all signs of vitality. He even thought it was some random Respected Immortals who sneaked into the Thunder G.o.d Temple and secretly harmed Qi Huan. Had Thunder G.o.d kept stopping him, he would have gone out acting crazy.

“I've been lying here all the time? How long… how long did I lie here?” Qi Huan's eyes widened. She was clearly with Mo Ye in the infinite h.e.l.l, how could she be lying here?

“Not very long, only about half a day.” As soon as Lei Gong finished speaking, Qi Huan heard steady footsteps coming from outside. The person who dared to walk in here without notice, should only be Thunder G.o.d.

“Little Huan, you are awake.” Seeing Qi Huan awake, Thunder G.o.d's tight shoulders also relaxed a little. He, just like Lei Gong, originally thought that someone had secretly broken Qi Huan's core when he found that her core had disappeared from her body. But no one would dare to do such a thing in the Thunder G.o.d Temple.

Therefore, he thought of a legend, the legend of Nine Nether Thunder.

It was a legend whereby when a Nine Nether Thunder appeared, a ghost would also appear, and the Nine Nether Thunder would form a pa.s.sage, which led to the legendary infinite h.e.l.l.

The infinite h.e.l.l was just a rumor in the deity world. No immortal in this generation had seen it, and no one had been in it. Emperor Ming had also never mentioned it. Of course, Thunder G.o.d did not think the Nine Nether Thunder could take Qi Huan to the infinite h.e.l.l, but it would not be impossible for it to transfer her core to the underworld. After all, it was true that Nine Nether Thunder could form a spatial channel.

There was another reason why the 90th floor of the Thunder G.o.d Tower was not open to the outside world. Nine Nether Thunder was very unstable, it occasionally formed a pa.s.sage that no one knew where it led, but all those who entered the pa.s.sage would disappear without exception. Moreover, this kind of thunder attribute was extremely unstable. As of now, there was no one who could control it. Once it was not well controlled, it would easily cause the Thunder G.o.d Tower to shake uncontrollably. This was the reason for the destruction of the Thunder G.o.d Tower. Although the truth was not the case, Qi Huan certainly wouldn't stand up and admit that the tower was destroyed because of her, she was not a fool.

Although Thunder G.o.d had already guessed pretty much of the truth, he could hardly imagine that Qi Huan could not only master the Nine Nether Thunder, but also master all the thunder power in the entire Thunder G.o.d Tower.

Moreover, she actually went to the infinite h.e.l.l for a while.

“Respected Immortal Ming Huo is very worried about you, he is waiting for you outside.” The destruction of the Thunder G.o.d Tower was a big matter, and Thunder G.o.d had to gather all the Respected Immortals to discuss this matter. Ming Huo rushed over when he heard the news. At that time, he only heard that Qi Huan was stuck inside the Thunder G.o.d Tower when it collapsed, but she luckily survived. Thunder G.o.d didn't tell him that she had disappeared inexplicably later.

However, even so, he had been waiting outside.

Thunder G.o.d's words made Qi Huan frown, she had to face Ming Huo, it really wasn't something she wanted to do. Although she appreciated his handsome features, she didn't like that she was forced to marry him, and that he didn't accept no as an answer.

She really didn't understand what the heck did she do, why did Ming Huo like her, and only her?

Seeing Qi Huan grabbing her small face with an unwilling expression, Lei Gong waved his hand, “Brother, Little Huan has just woken up, let her continue to rest for a while, that Ming Huo is really impatient, ugh.” Lei Gong never liked Ming Huo in the first place, but because Thunder G.o.d ordered him not to interfere in Qi Huan's affairs, he just kept quiet, didn't say anything.

“Little Huan, it's better for you to see him first.” Thunder G.o.d sighed. He had never thought that the original deal would have led matters to this. Although he didn't like Ming Huo as well, one thing was certain, Ming Huo really liked Qi Huan, and compared to Mo Ye, Ming Huo was undoubtedly the better choice.

“Okay, I will go see him.” Qi Huan bit her lower lip, determined to make things clear to Ming Huo, she couldn't stand it any longer.

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There were usually not many people in the Thunder G.o.d Temple. And because of the incident this time, most of the disciples were sent out to garrison the Thunder G.o.d Tower, so there was no one here at all. After Qi Huan got out of Lei Gong's bedroom, she followed Thunder G.o.d to look for Ming Huo. Soon, she saw Ming Huo in the garden not far from her bedroom.

“…You are a Respected Immortal. I believe you have the ability to dig out my memory.” Qi Huan quickly recovered from her shock. She wouldn't believe him. It was not uncommon for the dead to be alive again, however, this man was not worthy of being resurrected!

“You are really… as stubborn as before. Without seeing the evidence, you will never believe what others say. Very well…” Ming Huo lowered his eyes, and his long eyelashes left a fan-shaped shadow on the ground.

Qi Huan stared silently at him.

He turned his head to look at her, with a soft smile on his face, “When you were five years old, we met once, and you called me your sister because I had long hair. When we met again, you gave me a purple skirt and said I look good in purple clothes… At the age of twelve, you said you would marry me when you grew up. At the age of sixteen, you said you wanted to earn money to support me. At the age of eighteen…you promised me you'll be with me in your next life, do you remember?”

Qi Huan stared at Ming Huo in a daze. She remembered everything he said. She remembered everything, how could she forget? She would always remember the man with a bright smile, lying in her arms covered in blood, she looked into his eyes at that time, and promised him that she would marry him if they could meet again in their next life, and he promised to make her the happiest girl in the world.

She agreed.

At that time, he was still carrying the birthday cake he bought for her. She never celebrated her birthday. On her thirteenth birthday, her parents divorced. She had nothing left except money, but he was there to keep her company at that time. On her eighteenth birthday, he came all the way to celebrate her birthday but she scolded him instead.

But then she regretted it. When she went out to look for him, she saw him walking on the road alone with the strawberry cake he bought from a long distance, and then…

Then he was gone. He didn't marry her as promised, and he didn't spend the rest of his life with her. Five years later, she came to another world and became a cultivator, but she never forgot that man in her heart, even if she had Mo Ye in her heart now, she would never forget the man that she had made a promise with.

Qi Huan knew in her heart that it was impossible for Ming Huo to read her memory without her noticing it, she just didn't believe it.

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