Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: p.i.s.sed Off

“Actually… I was forcibly caught by that old man that brought me up here. He said that I have a good root and insisted that I respect him as my shifu. He also said that if I didn't follow him, he would do terrible things to my parents… Wuu…Wuu…” Qi Huan hugged the man and cried. They were so high up in the skies now, she wanted to go down……

Hey, shifu, it's my fault, I'm sorry. For my sake, please just bear with this lie!

“That's really pitiful, but it doesn't matter, that old man is dying soon anyway.” Looking at Qi Huan, who was crying in his arms, a trace of joke flashed in the man's eyes.

“How could that be? My shifu is a wise old man with invincible martial arts and invincible skills. He will never…” Halfway through, Qi Huan shut up abruptly. c.r.a.p, she was tricked! The insidious and contemptuousness of the man in front of her rose up, “Ahem, I mean, haha, how could that old man die so easily? Hahaha.”

The man ignored Qi Huan, and took her up, further into the skies.

“Well, I'll say, even if you want to kidnap me, can't you at least tell me in what ways did I offend you. Everything is unclear now. If I die and go to h.e.l.l now, it will be an unjust death. That's very embarra.s.sing…” Seeing the man didn't seem to want to throw her down yet, Qi Huan couldn't control her mouth any longer. She had to find something to do so that she wouldn't be so tense.

“I want to borrow a treasure from your shifu, so I specially invite you, Ms. Hua Huan Zi to stay with me for a few days.” The man looked at Qi Huan inexplicably and replied unhurriedly.

“Don't call me Hua Huan Zi, my name is Qi Huan, it's Qi Huan!!!” Qi Huan couldn't help but go mad when she heard that devil cultivator called her by her cultivator name. She must apply for a name change when she returns, it is too shameful.

“It turns out that you already had a plan a long time ago… Devil cultivators are really more sinister than the others…” And yet, she had wasted her emotions and shed so much tears to beg for pity, who knew the devil cultivator already knew her true ident.i.ty.

“Thanks.” The man replied tepidly, making Qi Huan grit her teeth again.

“Hey, are you devil cultivators very poor? Why don't we find an inn, why do we have to live in a ruined temple.” The man took Qi Huan and flew for a long time, and finally stopped in a very dilapidated small temple.

“How can an inn compare to our devil cultivator base camp?” The man turned around, with the still hideous mask covering his face, but Qi Huan intuitively felt that the face under the mask must be even more hideous.

“I'm joking…hahahaha…I think we don't need to go to that base camp.” Would she still be alive if she went there? Qi Huan couldn't help but wonder if she died in the base camp of the Devil Realm, would her body still exist in this world? Qi Huan personally believed that all devil cultivators were cannibals, even if they were not cannibals, they should at least be vampires…

“If your shifu reacts fast enough…” The man turned his back and walked into the ruined temple. In fact, Qi Huan wanted to take this chance to escape. However, the man seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. He turned his head towards Qi Huan, squinted and said, “Within a hundred miles of this place are filled with devil cultivators. You can try to escape, if you think you have the ability to do so.”

“Boss, everyone has been caught.” Qi Huan followed the man into the small temple. A man in a black tight-fitting suit, probably for ventilation, a popular bird's nest hairstyle, that was probably not washed for more than a month, purple eyes, blood red lips, looking as if he had eaten too many humans, walked over.

The 21st century has actually fallen behind to this point? If you add up all the non-mainstream people on the Internet, even that cannot be compared with this man's non-mainstream fashion sense! Qi Huan held her forehead and sighed, she had finally fallen to the bottom of fashion.

“Okay, how about Ming Du Tian?”

“Still entangled with Xu Kong Zi, but he should be back soon.”

Hearing that her shifu seemed to be involved in the conversation between the two, Qi Huan couldn't help interrupting, “Don't be so confident. My shifu accidentally won that, that, what sky thunder thing. You better not cry later!”

Qi Huan's words caused both men to turn their eyes to her, but she couldn't see much expression from the masked man. The offbeat man looked at Qi Huan with interest.

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“Boss, this little girl is…”

These people had always thought that Qi Huan was Ling Feng Zi's apprentice, but they didn't know that she was actually Ling Feng Zi's Senior Uncle.

“The disciples of the Qing Yun Sect have always been disrespectful. Shifu, you shouldn't bother to speak to them at all.” Before Qi Huan could speak, a female disciple behind Qing Xiao spoke first. After speaking, she even glared at Qi Huan.

“You cultivators from Kun Lun Sect really think you're all that, do you? Simply bad mouthing other people.” Qi Huan didn't want to sit anymore. She stood beside Qing Xiao with her arms around her chest and sneered.

It is fine to slander her, but they shouldn't slander the entire Qing Yun Sect. Although she only stayed there for less than five months, she really regarded the sect as her home. Before time traveling, her parents had divorced when she was very young, and they would only give her money, not affection. But when she got here, Xu Kong Zi treated her like his own daughter, and the two Senior Uncles were also very kind to her. Even Ling Yun Zi and Ling Feng Zi took care of her, they never made her feel wronged.

She is a little crazy, but she is definitely not heartless. Qi Huan will never forget who was kind to her.

“You, you are presumptuous!” Qing Xiao roared.

“I'm presumptuous, so what, you sissy! Bite me if you can!” Qi Huan raised her chin to provoke. When she came in earlier, she already noticed that everyone had a soul-sealing lock on them. The soul-sealing lock is a very disgusting magic weapon for restraining people refined by the devil cultivators. Anyone who has not reached the dujie tribulation period cannot move as long as they have the lock on them. It not only seals the body, it also seals the soul.

But this thing also has advantages and disadvantages. It must be used when people can't resist, otherwise it will be ineffective. And rumors have it that the refining process is very troublesome, ordinary small households can never do it.

Because Qi Huan's cultivation level was really too low, the masked man didn't seal her cultivation at all. To be honest, even Qi Huan thought that the soul-sealing lock was a waste on her.

Because of this, Qi Huan dared to yell at Qing Xiao, otherwise she would endure it until Xu Kong Zi found her.

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