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Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: The Monster Pathway

“My original form is a golden crow, are you sure you want to see it?” A gentle answer came from the tower.

A crow… Little Fox's father is a crow!! Oh my G.o.d, how could it be a bird, that was too disillusioned, too unacceptable. A bird and a fox, how did they give birth to a child in the first place? A big question mark flashed of Qi Huan's mind.

Seeing Qi Huan's face changed from surprise, then disappointed, and finally puzzled. Mo Ye was also at a loss, completely unaware of what she was thinking.


“Don't you think this is weird?” Qi Huan whispered in Mo Ye's ear.

“What's weird?” Mo Ye couldn't understand Qi Huan at all. Although monsters, generally speaking, had children of the same kind, some of them did marry a different kind in rare occasions. Some monsters with ancient blood would only marry monsters of the same blood in order to inherit, no matter what race they belonged to.

Qi Huan wrinkled her little nose. She had already had a generation gap with Mo Ye. During her years of living, she really couldn't fall in love with a man who was many years older than her. Looking back and thinking about it, she really didn't like it. Mo Ye's behavior was totally like an old cow eating tender gra.s.s! (TLN: Usually Chinese use this to describe old men who date young girls.) Heck, she was not a tender gra.s.s…she was a flower. A flower that had grown for more than a thousand years but was still sweet and fresh.

Qi Huan followed Mo Ye into the tower. There was only an invisible staircase in front of them. Golden light radiated beneath the steps. Qi Huan took a closer look and discovered that the staircase was also engraved with curses. Each level they went up, the golden light dimmed a little. She counted the steps under her feet boredly, and found that she had walked a total of 999 steps to reach the top of the tower.

On the top of the tower, she saw countless small chains at a glance. A man in a golden armor was tied to the wall of the tower. The man's limbs were tightly entangled, and he had a black dagger in his chest, golden blood was still dripping from it.

His face was pale, but he was still very handsome. He still had a calm smile on his face even though Qi Huan stared at him impolitely for two minutes straight. He didn't feel embarra.s.sed to be seen tied up so miserably.

Golden Crow, the son of the legendary ancient King of Monsters.

“My name is Shi.”

Shi moved his mouth a little, and said h.e.l.lo to the two of them.

“Mo Ye.”

“How do you know I am here?”

“My mother left a word before she pa.s.sed, saying that if one day I need help, I can come to you.”

“Your mother? You are Mie Xue7's son?” The smile on Shi's face narrowed slightly, and his tone sounded a little bit surprised. Mie Xue, the immortal who sealed him here back then, was also the benefactor who left him with his life after their argument, “No wonder you can cultivate into an immortal ghost, but… why would you do this?”

Mie Xue was the only person in the deity world who knew how to cultivate into an immortal ghost, but why did she make her son an immortal ghost as well, didn't she know that this journey would only eventually lead to a dead end?

In ancient times, there were a few immortal ghosts, not many. Their appearance often brought disasters. At that time, there were many great deities, so no one really took immortal ghosts seriously. But right now, the ancient immortals had been annihilated, and the birth of the immortal ghosts had almost tantamount to her extinction. Those ignorant immortals in the immortal world would probably get rid of him soon.

“I heard that you have practiced “The Monster Pathway.” Mo Ye didn't answer Shi, but directly asked him another question.


“Tell me the training methods of “The Monster Pathway”.”

“…You can't cultivate that. Besides, you've cultivated “The Nether Pathway”, I'm sure it is not inferior to “The Monster Pathway”, right?” Shi shook his head gently. Liu Dao was originally the cultivation method of the six great supernatural powers in ancient times, but it was completely destroyed by these immortals as forbidden books. Seeing that the things he had desperately protected were destroyed in front of his own eyes, Shi did not dare to recall the scene at that time.

There's such a thing as “The Monster Pathway” and “The Nether Pathway”? Qi Huan was confused when she heard it, but she understood that they were definitely talking about the secret books she had practiced.

Mo Ye's mouth rose after hearing Shi's words, “Don't you want to know what will happen after all six books are unified? Maybe you still have a chance to walk out of here alive.”

Mo Ye's words only made Shi shake his head as he smiled bitterly. He had been locked up here for so long, he had already stopped hoping of getting out. “The six realms can't coexist in one person, well, at least “The Heaven Pathway” and “The Devil Pathway” can't coexist.” He once tried to cultivate the all six books, but it was a pity that he only cultivated “The Monster Pathway”.

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It was only a legend, a tale of ancient times that all six books could be unified, no one had ever truly succeeded in that cultivation.

“Hmm.” Qi Huan nodded subconsciously.

Her nod made Shi smile in satisfaction. He didn't ask any more, instead, he slowly closed his eyes, and said, “You guys, may go now.”

Qi Huan was very puzzled by his actions. He doesn't want his son? Why isn't he asking anything about his son?

“Thank you.”

Mo Ye gave a big bow, and then pulled Qi Huan down the steps behind him.

After walking a few steps, Qi Huan finally couldn't hold back, she turned back to ask Shi, “Don't you want to see him?” There couldn't be a father in this world who didn't like his children, right? Let alone, Shi had never seen his own son before.

“Yes.” He had a son. He never really expected it at all. This was something beyond his dreams, but what could he do even if he wanted to see his son? He could never leave the Conferred G.o.d Tower. So there was no point to ask about his son. It was a luxury dream.

Watching Qi Huan and Mo Ye leave, Shi's eyes were a little wet. Seeing the two of them was like seeing himself and Nine back then. He thought that he could protect Nine forever, but as a result, she lost all her cultivation to protect him, to spare their lives, but those pretentious immortals actually went against their promise.

Although he finally recovered Nine's cultivation with his inner dan, and even forcibly empowered her with his cultivation of “The Monster Pathway”, the scene where she was being stomped on fiercely until she was severely bleeding and injured, still haunted him from time to time like a nightmare.

“If it's you guys, maybe you guys can succeed.” Mo Ye could give Qi Huan his cultivation which was already in the da cheng stage of the The Devil Pathway. This showed how brave he was, even if he was not Mie Xue's son, just by his actions, were enough for Shi to give away his last inner dan to them…

After Qi Huan walked out of the Conferred G.o.d Tower, the black tower suddenly became erratic, gradually floating in the air like clouds. However, after this time, the Conferred G.o.d Tower would never appear again.

At the top of the tower, Shi still had a faint smile on his face, but he wasn't breathing anymore. The golden light exploded on him, and after a long time, the golden light was annihilated, and a palm-sized three-legged golden crow lay alone on the floor. He finally broke free of the shackles before his death.

For Shi, perhaps death was the only best ending. He should have been annihilated with the ancients, instead of struggling to survive all these years.

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