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Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Breed

At the beginning, it was difficult for those Ya Yu to break through the blood thunder because that kind of thunder could cause severe injuries to them so they did not dare to approach it. Later, they somehow became more courageous, and they all rushed in desperately. Several Ya Yu were severely injured but they were quickly swallowed by the other Ya Yu behind them.

Ya Yu was considered to be a divine beast, but after being exiled to the infinite h.e.l.l, a divine beast would eventually become a devil beast. It was a normal thing for creatures of the same species to swallow each other in the infinite h.e.l.l.

Just when there was a small gap in the blood thunder, Mo Ye immediately saw the person inside.

“Qi Huan?!” Mo Ye yelled out in shock, his voice attracted Ya Yu's attention, and some of them turned to Mo Ye and roared, as if they were afraid of him coming to s.n.a.t.c.h their prey.

Because Mo Ye was now a ghost cultivator, the Ya Yu treated him as their same kind. As for Qi Huan, the aura on her body obviously carried a unique charm only from the immortal world. So, she was a delicious meal to those Ya Yu who had been hungry and thirsty all these years trapped in the infinite h.e.l.l.

Mo Ye frowned. Bursts of white mist exuded all over his body. The mist flew to the Ya Yu, and swallowed them upon touching.

At first, the Ya Yu did not notice it as they were just blindly rushing towards Qi Huan. Later, when they discovered that most of their companions had died in Mo Ye's hands without warning, it was too late.

After swallowing the last Ya Yu, Mo Ye walked towards Qi Huan, he stopped a few meters away from her. Although he was now a ghost and his cultivation level had greatly increased, Qi Huan's thunder would still be able to harm him, so he had to wait for her to slowly recover.

Fortunately, Qi Huan's breath was not disturbed, as if she was just asleep. Mo Ye stood quietly and looked at her floating in the air. The power of thunder in her body was getting weaker gradually, and her appearance also appeared in front of Mo Ye.

Seeing Qi Huan's sleek little head, Mo Ye, who was calm earlier, was slightly startled. Although when they first met, Qi Huan also didn't have much hair on her head, her head was not as bald as it was now.

In the dimness, Qi Huan opened her eyes, but suddenly found Mo Ye standing beside her, staring at her with a smile on his face. She dared to say that he was absolutely being seductive. She thought she was dreaming, so she stretched out her hand to pinch Mo Ye's face. Eh? There's temperature, and his skin is pretty smooth. How is his skin better than mine?!

Qi Huan was only pinching at the beginning, but later it became a touch. Anyway, it was all just a dream, so he couldn't do anything to her. She daydreamed happily, but when she touched his face, she suddenly realized that something seemed to be wrong.

He was embracing her? Not just that, why was there another hand at her waist?! Qi Huan, who reacted suddenly, backed away in fright. Mo Ye didn't give her a chance to retreat at all. He held her waist with one hand and brought her back into his arms.

“Why, you want to run after taking advantage of me?”

Hey… look who's taking advantage of who, She had only touched his face, she didn't touch his chest. But now his hands were even in her clothes, these were all the proofs…

Seeing Mo Ye's sly smile, Qi Huan looked sad and indignant. This man was too shameless. “I just wanted to see if I'm dreaming.”

“I see, feels nice right?” Mo Ye asked.

“Yes, well, it's pretty nice.” Wait, what the heck? Why was she admitting that his skin was nicer than hers! Qi Huan lightly slapped herself and returned to a serious expression, “Why are you here?” She knew how to change a subject very well. She had done a good job in her practice. When her shifu wanted to punish her, she would always change the subject, and in the end, she might get lucky that Xu Kong Zi forgot about the punishment.

“Good question. I also want to know, how did you get into the infinite h.e.l.l?” Mo Ye didn't answer Qi Huan, but instead asked her curiously.

He was a ghost. He could go anywhere in the underworld. The underworld was vast, not anyone could enter anywhere casually, but he could.

It's just that there was no entrance to this infinite h.e.l.l. To enter, one would need to force an entrance. How did Qi Huan come here from the immortal world?

“Uh… I don't remember, I was asleep… and then I somehow woke up here.” Ah, so she had somehow brought herself to the infinite h.e.l.l, and she thought she had time travelled. Fortunately, she did not time travel. If she really had to time travel, she would have to bring Mo Ye with her, otherwise she would suffer a lot…

Having this thought, Qi Huan touched her head subconsciously, and then, she was stupefied!

She had forgotten that her black and beautiful short hair was all gone after the Thunder G.o.d Tower was destroyed… Oh no, it was all over, she couldn't live anymore. Her hideous appearance was seen by Mo Ye, she couldn't see him again in the future, she was too embarra.s.sed.

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Seeing Qi Huan crouching on the ground holding her head and wishing to dig a hole to hide in it, Mo Ye couldn't help laughing. It was not the first time he saw her embarra.s.sed appearance. He had seen this woman with a greasy face gnawing on a whole chicken, and even that appearance had moved his heart, let alone missing a few hairs.

“Uh…” Mo Ye's proposal was very tempting to her, but she was a woman. She must control her desires to kiss him, she must not be so easy. So, Qi Huan hadn't thought about fulfilling his wish this time. She wanted to push Mo Ye down and fight with him till she got what she wanted.

However, Mo Ye didn't wait for her to answer at all. He directly lowered his head and sealed her answer with his lips. Their lips and tongues were intertwined, his mouth was filled with his taste, a tingling sensation slowly spread throughout their bodies.

Qi Huan put her hands around Mo Ye's shoulders, feeling her legs becoming soft. She used to read novels, that the female lead's toes would curl up when the male lead kissed her, and she would laugh reading about this, because it was too exaggerated. She was being kissed now, and, well, she wasn't any good compared to those female leads in the novels.

This man's kissing skills were really good. She had no complaints. Having this thought, Qi Huan was upset again. This was her first kiss, it was dedicated to him, but who knew how many times this man had kissed other girls.

The more she thought about it, the more upset she got. She bit her teeth tightly, ah, I didn't bite anything? Opening her eyes, she found Mo Ye squinting at her with a smile.

The two were still hugging each other. In order to support Qi Huan's soft legs, Mo Ye hugged her in the air. At this moment, Qi Huan could clearly feel some suspicious changes.

Originally, everything was perfect, but Qi Huan always had the ability to ruin the mood. Mo Ye had a deep understanding of this, so fortunately he retracted his tongue during the critical moment, otherwise his tongue would have been bitten by her. How terrifying the sound of her teeth colliding each other just now!

“What are you angry about?” With one hand vigorously encircling her slender waist, and the other stroking her hair that had just grown. In fact, it was a small matter for immortals to regrow their hair, but cla.s.sic Qi Huan always learned things different from others, and her shifu also never taught her, so she didn't know a lot of things.

Mo Ye had merely guided the ling qi in her body just now, so that her hair could grow out smoothly.

Originally, he wanted to make her hair longer, but how could his Qi Huan have the same look as others? So he felt short hair suited her most.

“Hmph.” Qi Huan pointed her nose to Mo Ye, and looked up to the sky. 

“Are you satisfied with your hair?” Mo Ye changed the topic. Since she refused to say it, it was probably not a good thing, so Mo Ye was not very curious, and was not interested in making her more unhappy with himself. 

After listening to Mo Ye's question, Qi Huan touched her head in surprise, her hair really grew out! The joy of it made her forget the awkwardness just now, she directly hugged Mo Ye in a bear hug, and gave him a hard kiss on his face, there was even saliva on his face! Well, she did that on purpose…

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