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Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Infinite h.e.l.l

“I see, well, since we are on this topic, then I will also tell you something, Respected Immortal An Ming5.” Lei Gong sneered. Tsk, who didn't know to accuse others by bringing up the past? You want to play that? Okay, I will play with you.

“What is it, Lei Gong?”

“Hmph, let's talk about your eldest son, An Lei Yin. I know you feel sad that you lost your son, but you really can't blame this matter to other people. If it weren't for your son, you think the Thunder G.o.d Tower would become like this now! For your sake, I sent him to the 91st floor to understand and cultivate his Thunder Heart. As a result, he actually ran to the 90th floor without authorization.” Lei Gong's voice was originally loud, so everyone else who rushed over could hear every word from him clearly.

Although the Thunder G.o.d Tower belonged to the Thunder G.o.d Temple, the role of this tower was not trivial. If one wanted to practice tian jie, the Thunder G.o.d Tower was indispensable. It could be regarded as a public tower in the deity world. Now, because of An Ming's son, the tower had collapsed. Although they didn't know what it meant for the tower to collapse, they all knew it was not a small matter. At least, in everyone's eyes, the Thunder G.o.d Tower was more valuable than Respected Immortal An Ming's son.

“You, you talk nonsense, how could Yin'er…” An Ming was not a person who didn't know the seriousness of a matter. He was also shocked when he heard Lei Gong's words. His son was dead and yet, he was charged with such a serious fault, whoever would be able to bear it?

“Whether I am speaking the truth or not, it is obvious, you can see it with your own eyes. Your son's bones are still in there.” After An Lei Yin introduced the Thunder Heart of Nine Nether Thunder into his body, he could not withstand the evil spirit in it, causing his mind to be eroded and swallowed, and condensing into a ghost channel and thus causing the series of incidents to happen afterwards.

Both of An Ming's sons were very talented, especially the eldest son. He was the only one who realized the Thunder Heart of Nine Nether Thunder, not even Lei Gong managed to do it. Unfortunately, his strength was not enough. He was dead just like that. And it even caused his father to carry a scapegoat for him.

Qi Huan was nestled in Lei Gong's clothes, she couldn't help laughing after hearing what Lei Gong said. His ability to change the subject really was extraordinary. Just a few sentences from him was enough to make An Ming forget what he wanted to say, and he could only think of what his son had done.

Lei Gong left with Qi Huan in his arms, leaving Thunder G.o.d alone to handle the rest of the matter.

“Huan Zi, take a good rest, I'll see you later.” Lei Gong was worried that outsiders would simply enter the Thunder G.o.d Palace, so he sent Qi Huan to his house and let her stay there. Before he left, he even asked his wife to look after her.

Qi Huan was lying on the soft bed, groggy, vaguely feeling the scenery in front of her sway, and then she found that she had arrived at another place.

There was a boring odor everywhere. This odor didn't have any peculiar smell, but it made Qi Huan feel very uncomfortable. She raised her head and looked at the sky, the sky here was gray, it felt a bit like the underworld.

It's just that this place was much colder than the underworld, and there was not even a single person. The ground was blood-red. Qi Huan's eyes were a little dizzy. Although there was no b.l.o.o.d.y smell, she still felt the exaggerated squirming of her stomach, rolling in her belly.

“Did I…time travelled again?!” Touching her bare head, Qi Huan sighed helplessly. Never,omd the time travel first, why was she in this appearance again! This place seemed a bit desolate, she couldn't hear any sound at all.

“Roar!” When Qi Huan was touching her bald head and complaining to herself, she suddenly heard a beast roar behind her. She turned to her back and almost inadvertently frightened herself. What the heck is this?

It had a face, but its body looked like a cow? Looking at those four legs again, its four legs looked like horse' legs?

Right now this beast was scratching the ground with its horse's hoofs, seeming to be ready to charge towards Qi Huan. Who did she offend now? Having lived for so many years, she hadn't even pinched an ant to death, but strange things had always chased after her. Of course, ants were so small, and it was not like she had so much free time to play with ants every day.

The beast not only roared, but black fog suddenly began to condense on the blood-stained markings on its body. Qi Huan knew the black thing. It was its resentment, and from the looks of it, it was deepest resentment she had ever seen. The last time she felt this terrifying aura was from Mo Ye, but Mo Ye had not targeted her. But this one looked as if it was about to eat her up.

Qi Huan was pretty confident at first, although her strength was not very strong, her speed was fast. She did not learn Thunder Escape for nothing. However, before she could escape, the beast had already appeared in front of her. Heck, it used teleport, not fair!

Qi Huan shook her hands in the air subconsciously, and summoned a thunder, who cares which thunder spell was it, towards the beast. Although the heavy resentment on the beast blocked most of Qi Huan's attacks, her gray thunder managed to split the resentment on the beast, causing it to suffer a lot of injuries.

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It seemed that it had never been hurt by anyone before, because it had obviously suffered a big blow. Similarly, Qi Huan was also hit. She suddenly discovered a very frightening fact: she actually possessed the Nine Nether Thunder, and could use it! Not just that, she somehow also possessed all the thunder spells from the 90th floor of the Thunder G.o.d Tower. She didn't remember when she cultivated those spells, but somehow at this new place, she was more powerful than the Thunder G.o.d himself.

In the underworld, the bottom of the 18 levels of h.e.l.l, an uninvited guest suddenly appeared.

The man was dressed in white, with black hair draped indiscriminately behind him, and a faint smile on his face, which made him even more unruly.

This person was Mo Ye who lost his trace after coming to the underworld.

“Blood Thunder?” Looking up into the distance, Mo Ye's eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Infinite h.e.l.l was endless, so-called infinite was to torture ghosts and deities with eternal silence. No matter what kind of existence or how high your cultivation level, as long as you stay in this place without any ling qi or grievance, you will eventually be unable to bear it and breed a Devil Heart, which eventually will influence you to commit suicide.

This place had been quiet for a really long time. But right now, there seemed to be someone here, and that someone even possessed the power of thunder.

Originally, Mo Ye didn't care about it. No matter who broke into the infinite h.e.l.l, he or she would just be tortured to the point where his or her soul would be scattered, but because he had seen Qi Huan used this kind of thunder before, Mo Ye subconsciously walked over to the source.

It's not so much walking, he was actually floating, and his speed was really fast. In the blink of an eye, Mo Ye was already at the place. His speed was completely comparable to teleporting.

As Mo Ye approached the place where the thunder radiated more and more, he felt an impulse. That unspeakable and uncontrollable emotion made him frown slightly.

When he was only a few hundred meters away from the thunder center, he suddenly saw several beasts with human faces and horses legs rushing from the opposite side, apparently they were charging towards the thunder center.

“Ya Yu? (TLN: You guys can google it: 猰貐) Isn't this kind of thing extinct? So they have all just been living in the infinite h.e.l.l.” Mo Ye muttered to himself, and then stood quietly watching the Ya Yu rushed towards Qi Huan who was wrapped in the blood thunder.

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