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Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Achieved

Without cultivating the thunder and lightning power on the 90th floor, it was impossible to advance to a higher level unless it was escorted by Thunder G.o.d himself. This was the rule, and Qi Huan had never enjoyed this kind of rule. However, now it seemed that she didn't need his help anymore because the thunder and lightning on the upper nine floors had rushed down from the pa.s.sage.

As if the flood had found a catharsis, Qi Huan stood aside in astonishment and watched the thunder and lightning of different attributes and terrifying power surge into the tower that came out from her body.

When they gathered around the ruined tower, the thunder that had been mixed together actually separated into layers, and fell on to the tower one by one. It didn't take long before it covered the entire tower!

Qi Huan didn't know if there was any difference in the tower, but just looking at its appearance, she could see that her tower was now refined exactly the same as the actual Thunder G.o.d Tower.

Seeing the thunder and lightning rushing in the pa.s.sage getting lesser and lesser, the Thunder G.o.d Tower on her Taiji diagram condensed into a form, and the remaining thunder had nowhere to go. They swirled around in the air, and some even rushed towards Qi Huan.

If it was an ordinary catastrophe, Qi Huan would dare to absorb it, but this was not the case today. The thunder and lightning in the Thunder G.o.d Tower were the purest, and their power was also unparalleled. She believed that her body was not tough enough to absorb it, so she immediately used her thunder to escape after seeing the thunder and lightning from the 90th floor and above rushing towards her.

It's a pity that she didn't escape as quickly as she could. Several brightly colored thunder caught her and threw her into a thunder net. When she fell into the net, the last thought in her mind was: Heck, I am soooooooooo “lucky”…

Those thunder and lightning did not give Qi Huan a chance to breathe. They drilled desperately into her body. Her meridians and blood vessels burst, not with blood, but with thunder and lightning of different attributes everywhere.

When they dealt with Qi Huan, they worked together. When they entered her body, they immediately started fighting.

Qi Huan fainted abruptly by the pain. At times like these, she would get a brick and hit herself unconscious if she couldn't faint. The pain was unbearable.

When she woke up, she looked up and saw the twinkling stars in the sky. She blinked. Wasn't she in the Thunder G.o.d Tower? Why were there stars?

And, the most important thing was that she couldn't move anymore, and her stomach hurt so much that it hurt her heart and lungs.

At this time, Qi Huan sincerely hoped that a few meteorites would fall from the sky and knock her out again.

Unfortunately, her wish was not fulfilled, and she could only look inside herself to see if there was something wrong with her stomach. The problem was serious inside. The four little creatures on her Taiji pattern in her dantian that were once alive and bouncing around, looked as if they were dying now.

Moreover, the other kinds of lightning and thunder from the floors above the 90th floor were mixed and hitting them desperately, Qi Huan suddenly rejoiced, because fortunately, the one who was. .h.i.t was not her. However, every time the thunder and lightning struck, her stomach throbbed. The four little creatures wailed, and she wailed with them.

They were struck by the thunder and lightning, but their injuries were just external. However, it was an internal injury for her. Once four of them were struck to their death. How could she clean up their corpses in her belly? While looking at her dantian inwardly, Qi Huan thought. The more she thought, the more she drifted away from a more important question: how could she see stars from the Thunder G.o.d Tower? She hadn't noticed that the top nine floors of the tower had disappeared out of thin air.

There was a problem with the tower, and the person who should notice this first was the person in the tower itself. Although Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong wanted to go forward to handle the problem, they couldn't get close to the tower at all during the thunderstorm. By the time the thunderstorm pa.s.sed, the tower had already become like this, losing the top nine floors.

The Thunder G.o.d Tower was a heavenly monument that had existed in the ancient times. It had long been standing in the deity world. Losing its nine floors was a very obvious problem.

Everyone rushed to the Thunder G.o.d Temple.

At this time, Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong were standing in front of the heavenly notice that recorded everything that happened in the skies. Looking at the four rows of small characters displayed on the notice, they felt cold sweats rolling down their backs.

An immortal ghost is freed; Liu Dao has collapsed; Thunder G.o.d Tower is destroyed; and the four spirits are destroyed. These few words meant that the deity world would experience a huge movement soon. Everything that was about to happen may cause the deity world to cease to exist.

This heavenly notice not only recorded the number of people who were going to transition, but also showed the exact date and time events or major accidents that might occur in the immortal world. It had always shown the truth. No one ever doubted it.

“The immortal ghost is not dead.” Thunder G.o.d looked at Lei Gong with a trace of terror in his eyes. The immortal ghost that they had attacked with all their strength in the past, was still alive! What is the origin of that immortal ghost? How come no one noticed his presence?

“Forget it, we can only take action one step at a time now. He will still show up in the end.” Although they really wanted to kill the immortal ghost, it seemed that it was impossible at the moment. Only now did Thunder G.o.d remember that he had never seen the true face of that ghost since the beginning, so he couldn't look for him even if he wanted to.

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“Brother, I can feel Little Huan's breath!”

He had never figured out who in the mortal world could do such a thing to his second son. Even if a person dies, his/her thunder core would not disappear out of thin air, it should return to the Thunder G.o.d Tower.

But it had never returned.

This meant that someone had taken his thunder core.

Lei Gong knew what An Ming meant. Over the years, he also felt a little strange. Although a thunder core was invisible, every core had a slot in the Thunder G.o.d Tower, and as long as the owner of the core died, the core would immediately return to its slot in the tower itself. Therefore, there should be some kind of lingering aura of the core in its slot.

However, after An Ming's second son Dark Thunder Lord disappeared from the world, his thunder core also disappeared. It's not that they didn't investigate the matter that day, but everyone in the scene had disappeared as well.

However, Lei Gong still came up with a general survey, and all the spearheads were directed at Qi Huan.

If Qi Huan had nothing to do with the Thunder G.o.d Temple, he might pa.s.s her directly to An Ming. After all, it was unwise to offend a Respected Immortal, but at the moment, Qi Huan was far more important than a Respected Immortal.

“Do you have any evidence, Respected Immortal An Ming? If not, it's better not to talk nonsense.” Lei Gong glanced at An Ming displeased and said with a cold snort.

“Evidence? Hmph, well, I do have evidence, do you want me to bring the witness?” An Ming's cold voice penetrated Qi Huan's eardrums, causing all the hairs on her body to stand up.

“Oh, who is this witness, hmm?”

“There's a First Heaven deity that stays at Dongliu Palace. Dong Yu4an is his name. He personally told me that he saw Qi Huan use blood thunder in the mortal world. Lei Gong, you also practiced blood thunder. If someone like her who claimed not to have the thunder core, can she use blood thunder!” An Ming's tone was getting colder and colder. He had only two sons. The eldest son had just died in the Thunder G.o.d Tower, and his second son somehow died in the mortal world. And both of his sons' deaths seemed to be related to Qi Huan, so it was impossible for him not to hate her.

Dong Yuan… Qi Huan was lying in Lei Gong's arms, her entire face was wrapped in his clothes, so no one could see her expression clearly. She thought she had gotten rid of all the people she should before she soared, but unexpectedly, she missed one person.

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