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Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: 90th Floor

“Then, could you please tell me the reason for it?” Qi Huan had a smile on her face, but there was no emotion in her eyes. They had no choice but to push her to Ming Huo at will? Since when did she, Qi Huan, become an object that could be pushed around to/by anyone?

Lei Gong looked at Qi Huan for a while and didn't say anything. Qi Huan's face got more and more ugly as time ticked by, and then Lei Gong answered slowly, “Qi Huan, I heard that you met a devil cultivator named Mo Ye in the mortal world?”

Lei Gong's words made Qi Huan's heart startled. Why did he get involved with Mo Ye?

Lei Gong did not wait for Qi Huan to answer, he went on, “His true ident.i.ty is the son of the Reincarnation King of the Heavenly Devil Realm. He is stationed in the Killing Divine Sea and Asura Realms all the year round. He can be regarded as our mortal enemy in the Immortal Realm. Did you know?”

“I know.” Now that the words have been said, she a.s.sumed that they have already investigated the matter so it was not used if she denied it.

“Little Huan, tell me honestly, did you go to see him when you disappeared from the Killing Divine Sea?”

“Yes.” Qi Huan replied simply, even if she said she hadn't seen him, no one would believe it. After all, with her strength at that time, she couldn't get out of the Killing Divine Sea alive. Moreover, she wouldn't have an explanation for her disappearance.

After hearing Qi Huan's answer, Lei Gong sighed, “It's not that there has never been a love between immortals and devils, but you must know that this matter is allowed for other people but you… My brother would never agree. Qi Huan, the next generation of Thunder G.o.d in the Thunder G.o.d Temple, in love with a devil. How ridiculous that must be? You must not have any ties to the devil realm, Little Huan.”

Qi Huan suddenly remembered that when she was in the Heavenly Devil Realm, Mo Ye said that she would not let her go to the Thunder G.o.d Temple. It was probably because of this. The devil realm, the enemy of the immortal deities, as long as any side met, they would hunt and kill the other party. He clearly knew the consequences, but still he sent her to the Thunder G.o.d Temple, just to save her life, that idiot, sheesh, he really knows how to make me angry!!!

“Second Uncle Lei, I did not agree with anything. I will not become the heir of the Thunder G.o.d Temple.”

It's not that she didn't know Thunder G.o.d's ideas. At first, she didn't reject it because she thought that there was nothing wrong with being Thunder G.o.d, but when it became a multiple-choice question, she would not hesitate to abandon this idea for Mo Ye.

If there was a man in this world who would not even want his life for her, there was nothing she wouldn't sacrifice.

“Little Huan, you don't have a choice in this matter.” Lei Gong glanced at Qi Huan apologetically, then he tweaked his index finger, trapping Qi Huan in place with his thunder spell, “You go to the Thunder G.o.d Tower first. Think about it. Although I don't think Ming Huo is a good man, his feelings for you are sincere.”

Qi Huan looked at Lei Gong coldly and didn't say any more. Whether it was sincere or not was up to her to judge. No one had the right to call the shots for her.

Thunder and lightning covered the Thunder G.o.d Tower, and as soon as she was sent inside, the gate was tightly closed. She had heard before that if one hadn't cultivated to the 98th floor, it would be impossible to open that door. In other words, she was now under house arrest in the Thunder G.o.d Tower.

Walking slowly up the steps, lightning of various attributes surrounded Qi Huan's body, as if they were greeting her. She stopped when she reached the 89th floor. She had cultivated until this level so far.

She had no intention of fighting before. Even if she had an enviable talent, she never thought of having to fight for one, she never thought of stepping everyone under her feet. But now, if she didn't resist, she would be pushed around by everyone, and no mercy would be given to her. She didn't like her life to be arranged by others.

As she walked to the 90th floor, Qi Huan suddenly discovered that someone was sitting there, cultivating on the floor. The Thunder G.o.d Tower was not normally open to the public. Even ordinary Thunder G.o.d Temple disciples did not have the qualifications to enter the 90th floor and above. Qi Huan did not recognize this person, which meant that he was not a Thunder G.o.d Temple disciple.

The person seemed to notice Qi Huan's surprised gaze. He opened his eyes and quickly scanned her, and then closed his eyes and continued practicing.

Seeing that the other party didn't mean to chat with her, Qi Huan didn't go forward to talk to the person. She just found a corner and sat down. If she wanted to control the thunder and lightning above the 90th floor, she would have to concentrate her aura and thoughts.

Qi Huan sat cross-legged, a little regretful. When she came, she should have brought both LIttle Yin and Little Fox. At least then she had someone to chat with. Although there was a person sitting opposite of her, it was a pity that he was as still as wood. Ten days had pa.s.sed since then. The man was still motionless and silent. If it weren't for the thunder and lightning gathered around his body, she would have thought he was dead.

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There was nothing fun to sit in a s.p.a.ce full of thunder and lightning. She was bored for a time, and absorbed all the nether attributes of the Nine Nether Thunder in the 90th floor into her body. This action was very dangerous especially for someone who hadn't gotten the Thunder Core. If not careful, one might destroy one's yuan ying core in one's dantian after losing control of the thunder and lightning.

Qi Huan completely forgot that she had become a deity. Why didn't her teacher tell her how should a deity deal with an earthquake~

“Something's wrong. Both of them are on the 90th floor?” In the Thunder G.o.d Temple, Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong, who had been looking at the tower, saw that the tower was shaking and stood up solemnly.

It was not a big problem for two people to practice on the same level. It was only a problem if an outsider took something from the 90th floor. Lei Gong did not expect that person would not abide by the agreement.

“Brother, is there any way to stop it?” Lei Gong, who had always been careless, was rarely nervous, but now he was anxious.

Thunder G.o.d shook his head, “It's all down to destiny now. The tower is on self-locked now, even I can't enter.” Except for Thunder G.o.d, no one could stay and practice on the 90th floor without authorization. Lei Gong never told this to Qi Huan because they had always treated her as the heir.

And they only let that man in because they were friends with his father. They didn't expect that he would stay on the 90th floor, and cultivate there. No one could predict what would happen now.

Perhaps only Qi Huan knew what was going to happen. Seeing the gray misty Thunder Core entering the man's forehead, she was shocked to find that the man's body had turned into a skeleton, but he didn't notice it at all, and he was still excited.

Then the entire Nine Nether Thunder of the 90th floor rushed towards the man, and soon wrapped him up, and then the man disappeared out of thin air in front of Qi Huan's eyes.

Standing in the tower that looked a little empty after losing the power of thunder and lightning. Qi Huan looked sluggish, thinking that there must be something wrong with her eyes because she was seeing her Taiji pattern and Thunder G.o.d Tower in her belly in front of her eyes now.

Seeing the 89-story Thunder G.o.d Tower spinning wildly and rapidly in the Taiji pattern. After a long time, Qi Huan finally saw it clearly with her naked eyes. She saw the Nine Nether Thunder actually opened a dark pa.s.sage on the top of the tower.

From time to time, thunder and lightning were struck in the pa.s.sage. Qi Huan did not recognize most of the thunder and lightning, but she knew two of them, the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder and the Blood Thunder!

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